Chapter 3423: Chicken Soup

“Many have come to understand it including brilliant Heavenly Sovereigns…” Qing Shi was surprised to hear Li Qiye.

“Dog fart, that’s all.” Li Qiye continued: “The future descendants aren’t that much better, so foolish.”

Qing Shi didn’t expect this response before no one else would dare to say this.

“Golem Ancestor let this behind.” He lowered his voice, afraid of others listening. After all, Golem Ancestor had a supreme status in their race. Other golems would try to fight Li Qiye after hearing this.

“So what? Do you think your Golem Ancestor’s fart smells good?” Li Qiye said.

“Uh…” Qing Shi couldn’t say anything. The comment was logical despite the vulgarity.

“So what is the meaning of this tablet?” He asked.

“Only to trick fools like you.” Li Qiye smiled: “You think there’s a peerless merit law there?”

In history, most assumed that this tablet contained something amazing because Golem Ancestor was indeed the one who wrote the runes. Why would he bother to trick others?

“Really? There’s nothing there?” Qing Shi remained skeptical.

“Go ask Golem Ancestor.” Li Qiye shook his head: “This isn’t really a bad thing. The night is long so to have something different like this adds color to the world.”  He turned and left after ending it with this.

Qing Shi didn’t quite understand but noticed that Li Qiye was far ahead and gave chase.

Li Qiye entered the street again, seemingly very familiar with the place.

“You’ve been here before?” This surprised Qing Shi. It looked as if the guy had been here a thousand times before and could find his way around blindfolded.

“No, first time.” Li Qiye said.

Others wouldn’t believe him at all due to his familiarity with the complex streets and alleys. However, Qing Shi trusted him because Li Qiye had no reason to lie.

After following Li Qiye for a while, he himself became lost. He never knew that Ancestral City had a place like this. The trip seemed to be taking him to a new world.

Finally, Li Qiye stopped before a small alley. Qing Shi stopped as well and saw an old restaurant. The pillars and tiles had a thick layer of dust.

An old plaque was hung in a crooked manner above the entrance, on the verge of falling down. The wind would make it creak. “Chicken soup” was written on it.

The writer put a lot of effort into writing these characters. Unfortunately, it wasn’t masterfully done when judging strictly in a calligraphic manner. They weren’t exceptional nor powerful.  

Nonetheless, it looked like a new learner trying their best to write. This made the ancient restaurant stand out in an interesting manner.

Li Qiye smirked after seeing the plaque then entered. Qing Shi didn’t understand why Li Qiye came here, to have some chicken soup?

He has been here long enough to know the city very well, especially the peculiar areas. This restaurant wasn’t one of them. Of course, he didn’t know every single restaurant here due to the sheer number.

He saw five small tables or so. The top was black and smooth, perhaps from too much oil and cleaning across the years.

To the corner was the front counter. The owner could rest here on a slow day.

Only a statue was there now. Well, it was too coarse to be called a statue. “Boulder” was the better word.

It had the shape of a muscular man. The carver seemed to be lazy during the creation process, only adding a few things before giving up.

It wasn’t possible to tell the sex of the statue. It must have been here for a long time because it had the same aging looks as the tables - a glossy black.

There was a backroom as well, hidden behind a curtain. However, there were boiling noises coming from there. An amazing fragrance of chicken soup oozed out. People couldn’t help salivating.

There seemed to be a kitchen back there specialized in chicken soup.

Qing Shi didn’t know how Li Qiye was aware of this place despite it being his first time in Ancestral City.

“Boss.” Li Qiye sat down and shouted.

Qing Shi sat down again, not really liking it due to the layer of fat and oil on the seat. The sanitation of this place could use some work. 

He had never eaten at such a shabby place before, especially not chicken soups consumed by mortals. Nonetheless, it was fine after he sat down. It wasn’t too bad outside of this layer.

At this time, an old man pushed up the curtain and walked out of the backroom.

He wore a simple robe and kept it clean unlike the rest of the restaurant. It looked a bit old with patches here and there. However, it was white due to being washed so many times.

His hands were clean as well. No dirt could be seen in his fingertips. It had plenty of calluses.

The contrast between his cleanliness and the shop made people think of a lotus flower growing in the mud.

This wasn’t a perfect analogy but people certainly got this impression.

The old man only glanced at Qing Shi for a second and stopped on Li Qiye. His eyes suddenly became profound like the flow of time flashing by. Qing Shi didn’t notice this.

“Customer, would you like a bowl of chicken soup?” The old man bowed and put a smile on his wrinkly face, looking very friendly: “A new batch is done, hot and delicious. How about two bowls?”

“Sure.” Qing Shi blurted out because of the tempting fragrance earlier. He found it strange that he was interested in the food of mortals.

“No, I only want duck soup.” Li Qiye said.

“?” Qing Shi didn’t expect this. He quietly reminded Li Qiye: “This place is for chicken soup, I don’t think they have duck soup.” 

Li Qiye didn’t seem to care.

“I’m sorry to say that we only have chicken soup here.” The old man smiled and said: “Would you like to try? We have been doing this for eight generations, the broth is incredible with a rich aftertaste.”

Qing Shi salivated again, still confused about his sudden voracious appetite.

“No, I only want a soup made from a three-year-old duck simmered over a weak fire using a tile pot and stone water.” Li Qiye repeated.

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