Chapter 3422: That Stone Tablet

“Creak.” The noise of a carriage grinding on the stone path could be heard. A group of royal soldiers arrived at the entrance of the Shi.

The group had several hundred powerful elites. They crowded around a carriage with dragon and phoenix carvings, looking quite luxurious with bright embedded gems. Auspicious clouds hovered above along with an impressive momentum deterring others from getting close.

“The royal guards of Skylight.” Other visitors stopped and watched the incoming group.

“Who is it?” Discussions sprung up.

“Maybe their princess?” All eyes were on the carriage.

The royal guard finally stopped in front of the gate.

Skylight was the strongest country in the northern West King, famous alongside Yin Yang Gate. Their royal ancestor was extremely talented and mighty.

Despite the power of this country, the troops still showed respect by getting off their horses.

A youth came down from the carriage. He wore a four-clawed dragon robe. His eyes were fierce and his steps powerful. An awe-inspiring aura circled around him. It was obvious that he was part of the nobility.

“The First Prince of Skylight.” Many recognized him.

This prestigious prince didn’t dare to put on an act as he moved towards the stone steps. The disciples of the Shi Clan came over to greet him.

“The reason for my visit today is to request a pill from your clan.” The prince said politely and also prepared a gift.

This was the proper way for a prince to act - both noble and generous. It was hard not to like him.

The disciples from the Shi immediately let him in.

Many became surprised, not about the fact that the prince was granted entry but rather, what pill did he want?

“A pill for the royal ancestor, maybe?” People quietly talked among themselves in order to not cause trouble.

“I didn’t expect for the first prince to come himself.” Another expert found this surprising.

“He’s not the only one. I heard the city is quite lively recently. Even Dragon-phoenix Maiden is here, the same with the godchild of Firmaments.” A knowledgeable cultivator revealed.

“You’re talking about the maiden, famous alongside Pearlstone Saintess and Skylight Princess?” Another immediately asked.

Many didn’t care about the godchild, only the maiden. After all, she was one of the three top beauties in the northern region.

“Who else can it be?” The initial speaker glanced at the guy as if he was stupid.

“All these big shots are here, is something about to happen?” One soul became curious.

However, those privy to this information chose against divulging it.

Li Qiye had no interest in the gossip. He smiled and continued onward.

Qing Shi gave chase and smiled: “There’s a place here that might interest you, Young Master.”

Li Qiye stopped and Qing Shi was smart enough to not waste time: “The ancestral tablet left behind by our Golem Ancestor, how about it?”

“Why not?” Li Qiye let the guy lead the way.

The two of them made numerous turns and twists before reaching this tablet. It was located in a large field covered with stones and rocks. It lacked any decoration and exquisite carvings. It looked simple yet stately.

Unfortunately, it seemed relatively abandoned. Weeds were growing from the cracks between the rocks. No one was here today with the exception of Qing Shi and Li Qiye.

The tablet was erected in the middle, large and majestic. It had numerous words and ancient runes, virtually impossible to understand from the distance.

Normally, such a tablet should be revered by all. In this case, once someone got a closer look at the runes, they would find them quite strange. They looked like the scribbles of a child, drawing worms and such…

All in all, they could be described with one word - ugly, extremely ugly.

A new cultivator could do a better job drawing these runes. Thus, carving them on a tablet was ridiculous and invited jeers.

Of course, no one would dare to laugh after hearing about the originator of these runes.

“This is personally written by our Golem Ancestor.” Qing Shi said with respect: “Unfortunately, no one has been able to understand their meanings.”

So it turned out that the runes were left behind by Golem Ancestor. However, the tablet was created by his disciple. It remained unknown which of the two wanted to create this tablet.

One particular rumor stated that either way, they must have purposely left this secret for future descendants.

As for what this secret actually was, no one really had an answer. Some speculation included a peerless merit law. This went on to say that even the disciple of Golem Ancestor didn’t have it. It was meant for the fateful one capable of understanding the runes. Thus, the disciple left this tablet here so that everyone in the world could take a look.

Another described it as a treasure map. Golem Ancestor hid his treasury somewhere unbeknownst to all. The clues were hidden in the runes. A supreme weapon was another possibility.

All in all, regardless of the actual content, the tablet definitely contained a top-secret. Ancestral City confirmed this.

Back in the old eras during its early days, many came to take a look. The field was filled with thousands of spectators and geniuses.

This liveliness lasted for generations. Alas, no one figured out anything from these runes.

To put it bluntly, the lines resembled the silly drawings of a child and weren’t worth a single coin. No one dared to say this because it came from Golem Ancestor.

The place eventually became deserted. Only the golems kept on continuing here; some still trying to figure it out, others to show their respect. As more time passed, even the golems gave up due to a lack of yield after millions of years. 

“This tablet has a heaven-shaking secret, are you interested in taking a look, Young Master? Maybe you’ll be the first to figure it out given your abilities.” Qing Shi said.

“You’re the one who wants to figure it out.” Li Qiye looked at him.

Qing Shi coughed awkwardly and admitted: “I was very interested in this during my youth and did ample research, reading old manuals and different perspectives. I didn’t get anything out of it though.”

He was confident in his abilities and talents on top of possessing rich knowledge. Alas, he didn’t fare better than those before him. Fortunately, no one else did better and he found solace in this.

“What’s the point? It’s worthless, not worth a fart.” Li Qiye glanced at the tablet and smiled.

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