Chapter 3419: Unfathomable

“Rea-really?” Shi Wawa stammered from shock while looking at the stone hatchet. Despite his inexperience, he still knew that a source stone from a beetle king was a big deal.

Qing Shi was startled as well with his mouth agape. He was knowledgeable and had seen plenty of treasures before. 

This stone hatchet was still a top treasure in his eyes, definitely priceless and only a bit inferior to a dao lord weapon. This would become the defining treasure for a top country like Wu.

However, Li Qiye still tossed it away like nothing. Qing Shi didn’t think that Li Qiye was unaware of its value.

Not to mention an ordinary expert, even those from the Yin Yang Gate would never be so generous. Qing Shi has never seen someone going so big on a present before.

“Young Master, this is too valuable.” Wawa didn’t dare to accept it.

“Take it.” Li Qiye stared at him and demanded.

“Thank you, Young Master.” Wawa regained his wits and finally accepted while bowing.

Qing Shi watched the whole thing and took a deep breath in order to calm down.

“Zi, Zi-” The beetle king circled around Li Qiye and cried out.

Li Qiye glanced at it along with its kins. He gently stroked the king and said: “A fateful meeting indeed but unfortunately, I can’t take you all along. This is your home with a fortune meant for you.”

He then stared at the bottomless cave. The fog was no longer there.

The beetle king cried out again, seemingly reluctant to leave.

“You really know how to speak with insects?” Qing Shi watched how close the beetle king was to Li Qiye and thought that this was the case.

“No.” Li Qiye said.

“Then why does it understand you and listen to your orders?” Qing Shi asked, confused. 

“Because it’s smart enough to know its own fortune and who it is meeting.” Li Qiye said.

Qing Shi carefully analyzed this statement. As for Wawa, he didn’t care at all and laughed while holding the stone hatchet.

The youth never questioned Li Qiye’s abilities after seeing him surviving the fog. There was nothing he couldn't do.

Eventually, the beetle king and the others unhappily returned to the ground. The valley became peaceful once more.

No one would know that a great battle had happened here if it wasn’t for the blood and corpses.

“Okay, let’s go to Ancestral City.” Li Qiye told Shi Wawa and moved on.

They didn’t get far before Li Qiye stopped and stared at Qing Shi: “Why are you following us?”

“I’m actually heading there too, so why not travel together, hehe?” Qing Shi responded.

“Why are you going there?” Wawa became skeptical.

“What about you?” Qing Shi was craftier and wanted to get more information.

“Oh, I’m just seeing the world.” Wawa smiled and said: “I’ve never been there before so I’m following Young Master.”

Qing Shi thought about the relationship between these two. It didn’t look like a master-servant scenario despite all the signs. How strange.

“Fine.” Li Qiye ignored him and moved on.

Qing Shi tagged along with Wawa and asked: “This is your Young Master’s first time going to Ancestral City too?”

“I don’t know. He knows the way though, so probably not his first time.” Wawa shook his head. He actually didn’t know the answer to this question.

“How long have you been following your Young Master?” Qing Shi’s curiosity grew.

This was an interrogation yet Li Qiye who was walking in front didn’t seem to care.

“One day.” Wawa honestly said without thinking.

“One day?!” Qing Shi blurted out and realized that he had misspoken. He calmed down and said: “Really, just one day?”

“Yes, is there a problem?” Wawa responded.

Questions were popping inside Qing Shi’s head. Words couldn’t explain his current emotions.

Wawa followed Li Qiye for one day and had obtained a peerless hatchet. The whole story became even more ridiculous.

No one in the northern West King - no, in all of Eight Desolaces - would have done something like this, not even the richest and mightiest Heavenly Sovereigns.

Qing Shi started thinking about Li Qiye’s true identity. He had met many talents and heroes before but none should be on the same level as Li Qiye.

Qing Shi kept on asking during the journey and found out how the two of them met. The more he knew, the more confused he became. Everything about Li Qiye remained a mystery.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didn’t mind the prying at all.

“Young Master, why are you going to Ancestral City?” Qing Shi knew why Wawa was heading there but not Li Qiye.

“To see if there are some good treasures there.” Li Qiye commented.

Qing Shi naturally didn’t buy this. The guy didn’t seem to care for treasures after the case of the hatchet.

Qing Shi even had a bold prediction - that he would have given away a dao lord weapon too, treating it like scrap metals.

“No, you’re tricking me, Young Master.” Qing Shi said bluntly.

“Tell me where you’re from then.” Li Qiye smiled and asked while staring at Qing Shi.

Qing Shi became afraid because Li Qiye’s eyes made him feel naked. He turned red and staggered backward.

“My, my house isn’t too far away, it’s pretty close.” He hastily answered.

Li Qiye didn’t pursue this issue.

“I heard something like this, hmm, the platform of Immortal Assailant Emperor fell into the stone forest, is this true? Have you heard about this?” He stared at Li Qiye in order to read the guy’s reaction.

“Randoms aren’t privy to this information.” Li Qiye said.

“Haha, I came across it randomly. I don’t know if it’s true or not.” Qing Shi laughed and tried to change the topic.

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