Chapter 3418: Too Late To Surrender

“What do you want?!” The prince was scared out of his mind, as pale as can be. The swarm of beetles had made him soil his pants.

The six high officials of Wu were alive and well a moment ago. Now, nothing was left of them outside of white bones. The prince saw the entire thing since he was the closest to them.

In fact, the cultivators here didn’t know that these beetles would eat flesh. Thus, the swarm became increasingly terrifying.

“Tell me, what should I do to you?” Li Qiye smirked, causing others to see him as a smiling devil.

“Fellow-, Young Master… please forgive this insignificant one.” The prince calmed down and started smiling. Of course, this forced smile was as unsightly as can be.

He still tried to smile sincerely and continued: “I’m but an ant compared to you, a frog under the well, I have eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai, that’s why I offended you, a crime deserving of death, please, be benevolent and forgive this dog…”

He immediately apologized and no longer looked imperious like before. He threw his face away in order to beg for forgiveness. 

For a noble used to luxury and wealth like him, nothing was more important than staying alive. That’s why he threw away his reputation and honor. These things weren’t worth a coin in comparison.

A few spectators naturally snorted with disdain after seeing the quick shift in attitude.

“He brought this upon himself.” A knowledgeable cultivator saw this coming from a mile away and shook his head.

Of course, most found this to be understandable. Very few heroes would fight to the death against a mightier foe. Most would just ask for mercy and forgiveness.

“Mmm…” Li Qiye still had the same smile on.

“Young Master, Wu will handsomely pay you for sparing my insignificant life, whether it be treasures or women. Just say the words and we’ll satisfy your demands…” The prince continued begging.

“How shameless.” Qing Shi nearby commented. Others shared the same sentiment.

Of course, a few thought that he was smart and flexible for doing so.

“Unfortunately, I’m not interested in those things.” Li Qiye said.

“Then what would you like, Young master, we can definitely get you whatever you want.” The prince hurriedly said.

“I’m only interested in your dog life.” Li Qiye smirked.

“You!” The prince froze for a second but tried his best to maintain the forced smile: “You’re kidding, Young Master, my dog life means nothing, not worthy of your attention.”

Many have been in this situation with Li Qiye before but only a selected few were as shameless as this prince.

“Sorry to say that it is indeed the truth. Where should I start?” Li Qiye looked at the prince from top to bottom.

“...” The prince was furious and afraid since his shamelessness didn’t work: “Young Master, what’s the point in killing me? Spare me and all will be well.”

“You’re actually quite smart, able to change your tune at a moment’s notice. It’s too bad that this isn’t enough to save you today.” Li Qiye said.

A few in the audience actually felt bad for the prince. The guy begged like a dog yet nothing came of it, what a waste of effort.

The prince turned white then red, falling into a daze. He eventually shouted: “You can’t kill me! I, I am a prince of Wu, I’ll be in charge of it later…”

“And?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Our army consists of a million elites, then we have the ancestors of Yin Yang backing us up. My older brother is Young Lord Bai’s confidante! Kill me and suffer their wrath! There will be no place for you to go in all of Eight Desolaces…” Begging didn’t work so the prince turned to threats instead. He wanted Li Qiye to know how strong his backers were.

The crowd exchanged glances. This was definitely more effective than the subservient act earlier. He was indeed telling the truth.

Wu wouldn’t let their prince be killed without trying to exact revenge. This was akin to poking a bee’s nest.

“It’s better to be careful.” The older members of the audience thought. No one liked being threatened like this but prudence should be the top priority.

Unfortunately, the prince was threatening the wrong person.

“Really now? My interest is growing more and more.” Li Qiye said: “We’ll see how strong your country is. I wouldn’t mind a little exercise.” Having said that, he kicked the prince forward.

“Nooo!” The prince screamed after being kicked into the swarm: “You can’t do this! You can’t-”

The beetles immediately crawled all over his body. “Ah!” Only a skeleton was left behind in no time at all. 

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him and turned towards the crowd: “Anyone else wants this stone hatchet? Feel free to come.” He started waving it back and forth.

“No, no, of course not.” Virtually everyone retreated far away from him like the receding tide.

No one dared to stay close because if he were to misunderstand their intention, that swarm of beetles would drown them. The prince was the best example.

“In that case, get the hell out of my sight.” He stopped smiling and glared at them.

They trembled in fear and ran away in droves. Their greed disappeared quickly seeing the swarm of beetles.

It didn’t take long before no one was left in the valley outside of Li Qiye, Shi Wawa, and wait - Qing Shi.

“What about you?” Li Qiye stared at him.

“I have no intention of taking your hatchet, Young Master. A good guy like me doesn’t need to run. I’m sure you don’t mind me being around.” Qing Shi smiled.

Li Qiye ignored him and handed the stone hatchet to Shi Wawa: “This will be relatively useful for you before atavism.”

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