Chapter 3417: Devoured

The atmosphere in the valley became quite strange, the same as the greedy eyes on Li Qiye.

Everyone could see that Li Qiye was weak. His biggest fault was having a treasure, looking just like a fat sheep among wolves and tigers.

“You’re in danger, they’re looking at you like a piece of meat.” Qing Shi quietly told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t care.

“No mercy for those who insult Wu!” The prince shouted, ready to kill.

The rest of the crowd had a greedy expression as well. The prince needed to take the initiative now because it would be more problematic if someone else were to get the hatchet first.

“I’ll spare you if you hand it over.” He no longer needed to act like a gentleman.

“Finally show your true intention, huh?” Li Qiye chuckled: “And if I refuse?”

“You’ll be a dead man.” The prince threatened.

The crowd shuddered because they could see how much he wanted to kill Li Qiye and take that hatchet.

“Aren’t you afraid of being attacked by others after getting it?” Li Qiye playfully swung the hatchet around.

The prince glared at the crowd. Others stared back at him but most were focused on the hatchet. They were trying their best to remain patient.

“Who dares to take on Wu? Be smart and stand to the side or face the consequences.” The prince strongly declared.

Many exchanged glances. Most were still unwilling to give up on the stone hatchet.

The prince scowled and the six officials stepped forward. The golden bell floated up again and exuded the same invincible aura.

Others had no choice but to retreat before this pressure. No one among them could withstand a sovereign’s power.

“How about now? Anyone dares to take us on?” The prince said with disdain.

No one took the challenge because that artifact being controlled by six masters was too much.

Moreover, the prince had publicly made a statement. To go against him now was the same as provoking Wu. Most importantly, Yin Yang Gate was behind this country.

Some backed off and kept a distance in order to show their stance, not intending on competing for the hatchet. They were naturally annoyed to see the prince getting this great artifact. A few even gritted their teeth.

Alas, they could only blame themselves for being weaker and swallow this perceived indignation.

“This brat is done, he’s not flexible at all.” One spectator shook his head while staring at Li Qiye.

The prince felt amazing as the crowd backed off after his threat. 

“Brat, hand it over. Not only will we spare you, but we’ll also even guarantee that you’ll leave this place alive.” The prince looked down at Li Qiye and laughed.

“In my opinion, you should kneel and beg for forgiveness or your death will be very, very gruesome.” Li Qiye smirked and casually commented.

“Idiot, and I actually thought about sparing you earlier. Seems like I’ll have to take your hatchet and torture you too. That’s what you deserve for insulting me.” The prince’s eyes became fierce.

“Can’t wait to see you try.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Go, capture him. Break his limbs and tear out his tendons.” The prince told the high officials in the back.

“Junior, don’t blame us for doing this since you asked for it.” One of them stepped up.

“That’s my line.” Li Qiye smiled then whistled. The sound was inscrutable with a strange rhythm striking at the heart.

“Buzz.” The Stoneshell Beetle King flew up.

“Shit!” Everyone became alarmed including the prince’s group.

They were too focused on the treasure earlier and forgot about the beetles.

“Zii-” The king gave the order to all the beetles present.

The sky turned dark right away in the next second because the beetles flew up into the air. This looked like a terrible locust swarm. Nothing would be left in an area ravaged by them.

“Retreat!” The six high officials immediately ran while using the golden bell and its dao laws for protection.

“Buzz.” The beetles swept over this group like a tsunami, instantly drowning them.

“An ocean of insects…” The faraway spectators trembled with fear, unable to stand straight.

“Rumble!” The beetles smashed the bell repeatedly.

One must admit that this artifact was amazing. The six officials did their best and managed to stop waves of attack.

“Keep on trying!” They shouted, completely aghast. The bell was the last line of defense, the only thing saving them from being buried by the beetles.

Unfortunately for them, the beetle king didn’t join until now. 

“Shit!” They saw the king in action and became pale.

“Boom!” A golden light engulfed the area before the first move of this wondrous beetle.

The bell instantly got blown away. The group became exposed.

The result was obvious. The swarm of beetles instantly drowned them.

“Ahh! Nooo!” Screams echoed across the valley; blood splashed everywhere.

The six high officials were devoured. Only their skeletons were left behind.

“...” The inexperienced cultivators vomited after seeing the horrifying event.

“Don’t, don’t!” A shriek could be heard.

They noticed that the prince was still alive. The swarm of beetles brought him before Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, the king circled around Li Qiye, wanting to curry favor.

By this point, everyone finally realized that Li Qiye had complete control of the beetles in the valley. 

The prince couldn’t move at all and shouted: “Don’t, don’t come over here…” He soiled his pants from fear.

Li Qiye squashed down and stared at the prince with a smirk: “What’s going on? Not acting cool anymore?”

Now, this smirk of his frightened everyone. No one dared to provoke Li Qiye at this point after witnessing the horrific death of the six officials.

They thought that he really told the truth - that the people from Wu were the suicidal ones. Alas, it was too late for regrets.

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