Chapter 3416: Fox Tail

The Wu Prince winked at one of the high officials. This person came over to Li Qiye and cupped his fist: “Greetings, Fellow Daoist.”

The sudden conversational prompt in such a polite manner naturally interested the crowd. This was as obvious as can be. The atmosphere became different right away.

“What?” Li Qiye said flatly.

“I see that you’re a man with a great ability, perhaps you can communicate with insects?” The high official seemed like he did Li Qiye a favor by addressing him as an equal despite the status disparity.

Some nodded in agreement after hearing him. Earlier, Li Qiye whistled and managed to get the beetle king to give him its source stone. Being able to communicate with insects was one plausible explanation.

“Perhaps.” Li Qiye said.

The high official maintained the respectful tone and continued: “Fellow Daoist, the truth is that our kingdom always searches for talents and we truly appreciate them. Are you interested in...?”

Most have expected this recruiting process from Wu. After all, Li Qiye has shown his worth just now if he could actually communicate with insects.

“Not interested.” Li Qiye didn’t wait for the guy to finish.

The high official didn’t become dejected at all and went on: “Don’t be so hasty, Fellow Daoist. Wu is a great country in the northern region. We have a wise ruler and many capable officials. If you were to join us, you will receive the respect you deserve from our ruler. You’ll be an esteemed guest…”

He was certainly being persuasive, seemingly desperate for talents.

Hearts started beating faster among the audience. After all, Wu was mighty on top of being a branch of Yin Yang Gate. To be an esteemed guest there was a great honor.

“This is a case of the weasel offering a new year gift to the chicken. Nothing good will come from this.” The older generation remained clear-headed and snorted.

Those nearby immediately became startled and carefully thought about something else.

Remember, Li Qiye had just gotten the source stone of the beetle king. If he were to accept the invitation to the royal palace of Wu, he would instantly lose his advantages and value.

Leaving aside becoming an esteemed guest there, he would become a fish on the chopping board.

It became obvious that the high official was only trying to bait Li Qiye. That stone hatchet would be theirs as long as the guy accepted.

“Not interested, stop wasting my time.” Li Qiye didn’t give the guy any face.

The high official found this hard to tolerate. He coughed and continued: “I’m actually thinking for your sake, Fellow Daoist. You’re a man with a treasure now, it’s very dangerous to be alone. It’s better to come with us. It’s fine if you don’t want to go to Wu, we’ll take you to whatever destination you wish…”

“He’s revealing his fox tail.” An older cultivator murmured after hearing this.

Of course, this high official said this line for a reason. The way the crowd looked at Li Qiye instantly changed after this line. 

In actuality, some have thought about robbing him but didn’t express it. Their eyes became different right away because that stone hatchet was just too tempting.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye had a smirk on his face.

Others didn’t think much about this smile, not even Shi Wawa. The youth was just too pure.

This wasn’t the case for Qing Shi. He suddenly got a chill and could smell a thick stench of blood.

“Are you selling your stone hatchet or not?!” The prince lost his patience after seeing the delay and lack of results.

They simply wanted the stone hatchet. All of this talk about visiting Wu was just an excuse.

“Not for sale.” Li Qiye refused.

“Don’t be so quick to say no, our country will give you enough to spend for more than a lifetime. Eighty chests of treasures and a prefecture for that hatchet.” The prince reiterated.

“An entire prefecture?” The crowd clamored. They naturally understood the significance of an entire prefecture in Wu.

“You will live in luxury and wealth for the rest of your life, even your descendants will enjoy this lifestyle. You’ll be the lord of this prefecture, able to do whatever you want within your domain, all the pleasures in life…” The prince elaborated.

This was a tantalizing offer. Many here always dreamed about this type of life.

“Wu is going all out, eighty treasure chests is one thing but a prefecture too?” Even some powerful experts felt their heart beating faster. They wanted to have their own domain.

“Hah, as if he can live to enjoy it.” Someone who was aware of the prince’s plan snorted: “But an entire prefecture is nothing compared to a defining treasure like that hatchet.”

Moreover, people realized that so what if this trade actually happened. What if one day Li Qiye were to die? The prefecture would return to Wu anyway.

“Still not interested.” Li Qiye didn’t let the prince finish.

The prince’s expression turned ugly after the lack of reciprocation. He scowled and coldly uttered: “You’ll die for sure without protectors.”

“So soft doesn’t work, you want to do it the hard way now? Thinking about robbing me?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Wu’s scheme was as obvious as can be. Of course, they wouldn’t dare to blatantly do it in public. This wouldn’t be the case once they were in another location.

“We won’t take your treasure but someone else will push you to death. You’re better off selling it to us…” 

“I don’t mind people trying in the slightest. Feel free to come now since it doesn’t matter. A bunch of rabbles can’t do anything anyway.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What are you trying to say?” The prince’s expression soured.

“I’m trying to do you a favor, come get this stone hatchet that you want so much. Unfortunately, your country, Wu or whatever, doesn’t have the power to take it. The same with this crowd.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“So confident, aren’t you?!” A crowd member shouted back.

They cared about face earlier and couldn’t blatantly rob him. Now, he had offended everyone here.

“You think we’re nobody?” Another shouted.

Most were livid and red, feeling tempted to jump at any opportunity shown in order to grab that stone hatchet.

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