Chapter 3415: Stone Hatchet

The beetle king didn’t actually pursue the six assailants and planted its foot on the source stone again. It was as if it thought that it was real only when it maintained contact with the stone.

The crowd became anxious since Wu had lost. No one else had the ability to take the source stone from this beetle king.

The six high-officials have already tried their best. Attempting again might infuriate the king, resulting in death. The Wu Prince stared at them and they responded by shaking their head.

Thus, it became apparent that no one here could take the stone from the king. They could only watch it roll the stone into its hole.

“Hah, brat, didn’t you say you want this stone earlier? Go for it, it’s right there.” The prince calmed down and mocked Li Qiye.

In the beginning, he was confident in seizing this stone. Now, the failure made it hard for him so he wanted to take it out on Li Qiye.

All eyes were on Li Qiye. Of course, none thought that he could actually do it.

“Right, no one else is attempting, it’s your opportunity.” Someone else instigated, wanting to watch Li Qiye die.

“Forget it, only death awaits.” A kind cultivator told Li Qiye to do otherwise.

“Hey, no one is forcing him, he’s the one who said he could do it. Stop boasting if you can’t back it up.” Another snorted.

“Nothing is difficult in grabbing a source stone.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

Everyone thought that Li Qiye would back off after he was called out for his ridiculous statement. Not doing so would result in certain death. Now, he actually took his boasting to the next level instead.

“So tired of living.” An expert criticized.

“Oh?” The prince snorted and continued: “Come get the stone and prove us wrong, otherwise, you’re…”

“As easy as pie.” Li Qiye replied before whistling. It had an inscrutable rhythm and order containing a supreme power.

At the very least, the experts here didn’t understand it.

This wasn’t the case for the beetle king. It was strong enough as the lord of insects and had plenty of intelligence.

It seemed to be struck by lightning after hearing the whistle. It calmed down and started rolling the source stone towards Li Qiye.

This sudden development stunned the crowd. Everyone became frozen.

Once the king got its stone beneath Li Qiye’s feet, it started carrying it up. Remember, the stone was far larger than the beetle but it had zero difficulties doing so. 

Li Qiye spread his palm and the king placed the stone right there just like a gift.

A while ago, so many experts were killed while trying to obtain this incredible source stone. Now, Li Qiye only needed to whistle and the beetle king obediently handed it over.

No one would believe this but the crowd saw it with their own eyes. This resembled a legend or a fairy tale. Their head remained empty, still confused and speechless.

Some started pinching themselves and found that they weren’t dreaming. 

“How can this be? Why did the beetle king give its source stone away? I don’t get it.” One spectator said.

Even Qing Shi standing close to Li Qiye found this astounding, nothing short of magic.

“Mmm, not bad.” Li Qiye nodded while looking at the stone in his hand.

Others salivated at its sight. Some thought about taking it from him.

Li Qiye took out a knife and removed the outer layer with incredible speed, revealing the treasure within.

A blinding light flashed, signaling the emergence of a great treasure.

Inside the radiance was a stone hatchet. It didn’t look that sharp yet everyone felt that it was perfectly made. It stole the fortunes and creations of heaven.

As Li Qiye wielded the weapon, they thought that just one swing would be enough to open the firmaments and kill anyone. It should be unbeatable.

“Damn, what a weapon!” Someone couldn’t help blurting out.

“Yes, enough to be the defining treasure of a sect.” An elder from a big sect had saliva streaming down his mouth.

Most were really tempted at this point but didn’t take action due to certain qualms. After all, who wouldn’t want this incredible weapon?

Li Qiye seemed pleased with the hatchet, evident by the smile on his face.

The beetle king happily cried out, seemingly excited as if earning praise from Li Qiye was an honor. It looked like a pet trying to please its master.

The story became more ridiculous. A Stoneshell Beetle King acting like a sycophant? Logics couldn’t explain this.

“Young Master, is this actually your pet?” Shi Wawa stared at the beetle king with a curious glint in his eyes.

The crowd thought so too but it shouldn’t be possible. Stoneshell Beetles were indigenous to this area. Moreover, how could this powerful beetle king be Li Qiye’s pet?

“Strange things happen every day, but not to this level. I have no explanation for this.” One knowledgeable cultivator gave up. The rest felt the same way.

Meanwhile, Qing Shi tilted his head in contemplation.

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