Chapter 3414: Youthful Audacity

The tyrannical and endless flame surrounded the beetle king.

The cultivators present exchanged glances, impressed by the power of a Heavenly Sovereign artifact. This golden bell could easily refine any of them.

“The king will die at this rate.” One cultivator murmured.

“Not necessarily, it is quite strong.” An older cultivator raised his brows.

Of course, they had to admit that the six old men from Wu were mighty as well. They were probably the pillars of that country yet still came here with the prince. It looked like their clan truly wanted this source stone from the king beetle, perhaps the creature as well.

This was akin to getting two birds with one stone - an incredible harvest.

“Chain Seal!” The six men shouted in unison.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The flames turned into thick, long chains - seemingly made from thousands of dao laws twisted together. They surrounded the beetle king before anyone could react.

Though it was trapped, the flames still couldn’t refine it in the slightest. 

“Even the flame of a Heavenly Sovereign treasure can’t take it down?” One spectator took a deep breath.

These six were attempting to use these fire laws to capture the beetle king alive.

“Creak. Creak. Creak.” The golden bell exuded a brilliance containing the totems of a sovereign.

This power spread across the realm and began pushing the king up into the air. It didn’t take long before it was lifted three meters up.

“They’re actually doing it?” Some gasped in response.

“Yes, it looks like it.” Others became envious and jealous. Capturing the source stone alone was insane enough. To capture the beetle king too? That could drive people crazy.

The six high-officials of Wu were ecstatic since this would be a great contribution, hence their meticulous preparation.

Unfortunately, the beetle king didn’t let this go so smoothly. It struggled, causing loud clunks from the chains. They became stretched to the limit.

“Don’t let up!” The officials became nervous and channeled all of their power and vitality into the golden bell, wanting to pull the king into the bell itself.

At this exact second, the king added more force and it instantly dropped to the ground, pulling the bell with it.

“Boom!” This created a large pit after a deafening blast. However, the bell still ended up on top and trapping the beetle king within.

“Thank heaven.” The officials heaved a sigh of relief. “Almost let it get away.”

“Rumble!” They only got to relax for a short moment before loud explosions ensued.

The beetle king inside the bell was obviously furious and smashed into the wall. The bell shook continuously and was forced off the ground, on the verge of turning over.

“Suppress it!” The officials chanted a special mantra in order to use their merit laws. A golden radiance consisting of runes emerged around the bell.

It became as large as a mountain, capable of suppressing gods and devils. Unfortunately, despite their best effort, the bell was still shaking from the king’s rampage.

The six started sweating, aware that this wouldn’t last much longer.

“What does it look like now?” Everyone held their breath.

“Hard to say.” A master concluded.

Of course, most didn’t want Wu to be successful. Alas, Wu was powerful and had a good chance of succeeding.

“They’re impressive.” Qing Shi praised the golden bell.

“Just a sovereign’s bell, it can’t trap the beetle king.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

The prince of Wu just happened to hear him. His eyes became fierce and shouted: “Ignorant brat, watch your mouth!” 

It took considerable effort for them to bring this bell here. Now, a commoner dared to run his mouth like this?

“Ignorant how? It’s the truth.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Such impudence! You deserve a good slapping for running your mouth in my presence.” The Wu Prince threatened.

“Now’s not the time to act cool, wait till you capture the beetle king and boast all you want.” Qing Shi joined in with a sneer.

“Hmph, who else but us will be able to do so here?” The Wu Prince stood proudly with his hands behind his back, gazing at the crowd.

This naturally annoyed some but they didn’t say anything. The six officials and that bell were definitely the strongest here.

“Maybe in your dream.” Li Qiye shook his head: “You’re not qualified to take this item, it’s not too late to give up. You’re in my way.”

“You want the source stone?” The prince thought that this was the most ridiculous thing ever. He burst out in laughter: “You? Haha, a frog wanting to eat swan meat, hahahaha, fool!”

Others stared at Li Qiye; most scoffed in response. 

“How naive.” One expert said: “Suicidal to do so given his cultivation.”

Everyone saw Li Qiye’s cultivation - simply not worth mentioning. Even an ordinary beetle could kill him, let alone the king.

“A youth’s first time away from home, it’s better to speak less to avoid further trouble.” An older cultivator said.

“Don’t stop someone from wanting to die.” A young one gloated.

Li Qiye ignored them and glanced at the bell: “Enough. Stand to the side, I’ll be taking the stone.”

“The audacity!” The crowd thought that Li Qiye was just running his mouth, not expecting him to actually do it.

“If he can get that source stone, I’ll eat an entire cliff.” One youth mocked him.

“Idiot, you’re asking for it.” The prince became murderous: “Stop interfering with our official business or I’ll cut you to pie-...”

“Boom!” He was interrupted by an explosion. The golden bell was sent flying.

“Bump! Bump! Bump!” The six high-officials staggered backward from the shockwaves, paled.

“So strong!” One of them cried out.

The beetle king was free now. It looked around with a flash in its eyes. The officials were intimidated and faltered even more.

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