Chapter 3412: Source Stones

The waves of Stoneshell Beetles surged into the cave to the astonishment of the spectators.

“What an incredible insect army, just imagine being able to control them.” One elder shuddered.

This definitely gave people some idea. They all saw the power of these beetles and the sheer number. If someone could actually control this army, they would gain immense power.

“This group is enough to flatten an entire sect.” One expert commented.

It was apparent that controlling this army would result in an insane battle potential, enough to take on anyone. However, no one should be able to do so or someone would have done it long ago.

“Buzz.” The petrification power also invaded the beetles. Alas, it seemed ineffective and the army moved into the cave.

Everyone watched with bated breath, waiting for them to bring out the source stones.

“Get ready.” An experienced cultivator whispered to his friends.

They have made preparation to seize the source stones the moment these beetles came back out.

In fact, this was the case for the majority of groups present. The valley became strangely quiet since everyone held their breath. One could hear the drop of a needle right now.

After a while, one shadow finally showed up by the entrance. “Buzz.” The petrification force struck again to no avail.

“Click. Click.” One beetle rolled a source stone out of the cave. The shell has been cut down to a thin layer. The treasure inside was almost visible.

It emitted a ruby glow. The actual item remained unknown but it should be precious enough given the beautiful light.

“Go!” One expert instantly made his move and threw his rope forward. It instantly coiled around the source stone and he pulled it back into his grasp.

The beetle naturally flew towards this thief but the guy was ready. He fled for his life the moment he grabbed the source stone and disappeared from sight. The furious beetle had no choice but to return to the cave.

“Click. Click.” More beetles came out with source stones from the dark entrance.

They have also polished the stones, leaving behind just a thin shell with a glow within. Some even issued powerful roars, indicating the value of the innate treasures.

It didn’t take long before thousands of them came out. This meant that thousands of treasures were also made available.

Different colors, rainbows, roars, and weapon flashes could be seen. A great treasury had just opened and started rolling out of the cave.

Some spectators salivated; their eyes reddened with greed.

“Now!” They all made their moves with haste.

The treasures were simply too tempting and made their heart skip a beast. Even those who only wanted to watch for fun couldn’t keep this mindset and followed the mass.

“Ah! Ah!” Numerous died for nothing during the attempted theft since the beetles didn’t play nice and naturally retaliated.

A few managed to grab their stone but unfortunately, not all were strong enough to escape the incoming attacks.

Blood splashed everywhere as limbs and heads were torn by the beetles.

Some elders and sect masters came with sufficient preparation. They activated a powerful defensive artifact during the attempt, allowing them to escape unscathed.

The beetle victims had no choice but to go back to the cave for another stone.

“Rumble!” The old men behind Prince Wu made their move together and instantly got several stones while fending against the beetles. These stones were definitely top-notch according to their pulsing light.

“Hurry up!” A few people who got stones the first time became greedy and returned. They didn’t want to leave right away when more treasures were up for grab.

Unfortunately, they weren’t as lucky this time around and faced mightier beetles, resulting in death.

“Ah!” Limbs, heads, and blood were all over the valley in just a short time.

“The price of avarice is death, they’re courting death for being so greedy.” The youth named Qing Shi told Li Qiye.

Virtually everyone has joined the fray out of greed. This wasn’t the case for Qing Shi. He was one of the few waiting patiently just like Li Qiye. A young one like him having this strong mentality was exceptional indeed.

Meanwhile, the valley was as lively as can be. The successful cultivators couldn’t help but cheer. The ones losing died before they could utter a scream.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Loud noises suddenly came from the cave in a rhythmic manner. Something heavy seemed to be crushing the ground.

Rays of light shone in the dark cave, looking like the glow of the finest cornelian. It chased the fog away from the entrance.

Sure enough, people looked over and saw the beetle king pushing a massive source stone. The other beetles stopped right away; the same with other cultivators.

All eyes were on this new source stone - definitely the largest one yet, around the size of a basin. This was after a full polishment too; the unnecessary parts have been cut and discarded.

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