Chapter 3410: Stoneshell Beetles

They kept their plans to themselves, whether to do it by force or otherwise. They didn’t want to express their intent in order to not become clear targets.

Now, Shi Wawa’s comment broke through this thin veil and made everyone stare at each other.

He also stared at Li Qiye with wishful eyes. He had heard the seniors in his village praise the source stone from the beetle king before, that it was amazing and priceless, etc…

To be able to see one in person would be incredible and exciting. He would also be happy for Li Qiye.

“Just one source stone, no big deal. I’ll do it if I feel like it then.” Li Qiye smiled at the youth and casually told the truth.

However, others found this grating and became uncomfortable after listening. A few older cultivators had a frown on their face.

Dealing with the beetle king was difficult due to its immense power. This was akin to taking food from a tiger’s mouth. Moreover, other cultivators were waiting too. Whoever obtained the stone first might become public enemy number one.

Therefore, seizing this source stone required ample planning even for the strongest ones here.

Now, Li Qiye spoke as if he could grab one akin to bending down and picking up a random pebble on the street. They felt as if he was being too haughty and contemptuous.

“Hmph, quite a confident fella.” One expert here scowled.

“Just wait and see, it’s too early to talk big and declare victory.” Another sneered.

“No, the source stone of the beetle king will be mine!” A cold and arrogant voice suddenly interrupted the crowd.

Everyone looked over and saw a youth standing on a peak outside of the valley. Five old men stood behind him, looking extremely powerful due to their bright eyes - certainly experts among experts.

The youth looked like a crane among a flock of chickens. He wore an embroidered robe with a four-claw true dragon. His nobility was oppressive and in full display.

“A prince from Wu.” Someone quietly said.

The audience started pointing and gossiping. A few experts had apprehension on their face while looking at this prince.

“A branch of Yin Yang Gate.” Some have heard of this country before.

This was a large and mighty country in the northern West King, a branch of Yin Yang Gate. It always had the support of this behemoth so it became quite influential.

“So overbearing.” Most were annoyed at the prince.

To declare this in front of those who covet it was quite a disdainful action, a challenge to the crowd.

“His brother has a prestigious position in Yin Yang Gate, he’s close to Bai Jianchan.” A knowledgeable expert said.

“Young Lord Bai.” People shuddered after hearing this title since it was thunderously famous right now.

Bai Jianchan of Yin Yang Gate was known by all in the northern West King. People said that Yin Yang Gate would definitely have a dao lord this generation, and this generation was none other than Bai Jianchan.

Realizing these little connections made some give up. Prince Wu was already prestigious alone on his own accord. His older brother would definitely be a big shot later, being from Yin Yang Gate and all.

This was before mentioning the close relationship between his brother and Bai Jianchan. The former might become Jianchan’s right-hand man. That’s enough to make him a big shot all over Eight Desolaces. This made it hard for anyone to provoke Prince Wu.

Furthermore, the old men behind Prince Wu were strong. He himself was no slouch.

“Of course, I don’t mind a little competition.” Prince Wu smiled; his eyes swept through the crowd with a cold glint.

This appearance of his intimidated most. Everyone could see that he was ready to kill those who tried to compete against him for the beetle king’s source stone.

His eyes stopped on Li Qiye. He noticed that the guy was only a Silver Carapace cultivator and sneered: “A firefly trying to compete with the moon.”

This animosity was due to Li Qiye’s comment earlier. Alas, he no longer gave a damn about this weakling. Just one finger would be enough to kill him.

Li Qiye only chuckled in response.

“You better watch it, you’re the first on his list once the action starts.” A kind youth nearby warned Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at him. He looked around eighteen years of age - an ordinary appearance but also scholarly and clean, relatively average in terms of cultivation.

“I got it.” Li Qiye smiled.

“My name is Qing Shi, may I have yours?” The youth was quite enthusiastic and introduced himself.

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye replied without looking.

“I see, I see, it’s been a while.” The youth pondered for a bit before responding.

“We’ve never met before, so it can’t be a while.” Li Qiye broke the small talks.

“You’re right…” The youth turned red, not expecting to be called out for making pleasantries.

Li Qiye only smiled in response. Someone like Qing Shi didn’t attract any attention. No one else gave him a second glance.

“It’s about time.” An experienced expert from the last generation stared at the sky and noticed the time.

“Buzz.” Small noises came from the ground.

“Pop! Pop! Boom!” Next, holes suddenly appeared on the rocky ground in the valley. Little insect feelers dug out of the tiny holes.

This numbered in the several hundred thousand. The feelers moved back and forth, enough to creep the crowd out. The stone beetles finally came out of the holes, completely filling the valley. 

Those who have never seen this before became afraid with chills coursing down their spine.

These beetles had powerful claws and legs with a pair of blade-like horns. They had a gray color. If they were to stay on the ground without moving, people might mistake them for being stones.

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