Chapter 335: The Prescription

Chapter 335: The Prescription

Keep in mind that the alliance was completely captured in the battle two days prior. All the men dressed in black were trapped in the God Punishing Formation before being killed. Not even one managed to escape!

Without a doubt, it was no secret to the academy regarding those who participated in this alliance. The bodies in the academy’s possession were irrefutable evidence.

So even if the academy decided to maneuver against these sects, righteousness was still on their side!

Now, since the evidence was in the hands of the academy, it would be strange if it allowed these sects to enter the portal. The fact that they didn’t outright attack their enemies was already kind enough!

“To any sect that has any objections about this list, our academy welcomes you to speak up!” The academy elder’s attitude was extremely tough. The academy decided to change its policy and no longer chose to compromise!

The disciples of the blacklisted powers were present, but they didn’t dare to say a word at this moment.

The Heavenly Dao Academy had the power to destroy the alliance’s plot, and it also had the ability to slaughter all of them at this moment. At this time, who would dare to touch the academy’s inverted scale? [1. Dragons have inverted scales. If you touch them, they will go crazy, which is the meaning behind this sentence. Do not touch the academy for they are an angry dragon at the moment.]

A few neutral great powers were secretly laughing at this list. The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom and some others formed a huge alliance, and the neutral great powers felt a great pressure from not joining. This alliance could destroy the academy, and tomorrow, it could be their turn next.

But today, the academy destroyed the alliance so the neutral great powers became delighted.

The academy’s decision was a direct attack to many great powers while — at the same time — giving the weaker sects the most benefits. The Idle Era Hall and Grand Era Hall also gained from this matter since many of the Zenith Era and Sacred Era students lost their privilege to enter the portal.

Intelligent people understood that the academy wanted to knock out external enemies while grooming the Grand Era and Idle Era students. It was clear during the storm two days ago; the Grand Era and Idle Era students were much more loyal to the academy compared to the other halls, so the academy purposely intending to give them an opportunity inside the portal was not surprising.

Once the portal was opened, the hot-blooded youths excitedly competed to rush in.

“Go, it is almost time for us to be the second Immortal Emperor Hao Hai!” The Grand Era students were especially ecstatic and shouted out: “Timeless fortunes, here I come!”

After the signal from the academy elder, all the students rushed in.

Those who were blacklisted could only watch the group of young ones scramble to rush inside. The group that was discontent with the academy wanted to go crazy, but they could only endure because they understood how terrifying the academy was. To oppose them, at this moment, was a foolish and suicidal choice!

On the second day after the portal opened, Li Qiye left the Realm God’s dwelling.

“Well?” Seeing Li Qiye come out, Old Daoist Peng hurriedly asked.

The academy elders couldn’t help but stare at Li Qiye. They were helpless without any solution, so they all placed their hopes on Li Qiye.

“You all were mistaken, the Realm God did not become crazy due to its inner demon.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

“If this was not the case, then what else could it have been?” Old Daoist Peng asked in surprise.

“Do you know the real origin of the Realm God?” Li Qiye glanced at the old daoist and answered with a question instead.

Old Daoist Peng didn’t know what to say; he and the other elders glanced at each other.

“I heard a senior say that the Realm God was taken out by an early ancestor from the Void Gate.” The oldest man here answered.

Although the elders here were not the seven Ancient Ancestors of the academy, a few of them were extremely old. They only came into being in order to dispel the Realm God’s inner demon.

“Yes, to be more exact, the Realm God and the World Tree have a close relationship.” Li Qiye said.

“The World Tree!?” Old Daoist Peng and the rest of the elders were shocked.

After being sent into a long daze, Old Daoist Peng quietly murmured: “The World Tree — this is another legend. Amongst us old bones, some had entered the portal, but none of us had seen the World Tree.”

“This is not a legend, the World Tree truly exists.” Li Qiye lightly said: “To be more specific, even if the Realm God was not born under the World Tree, its origin source still has a lot to do with the World Tree. It is a certainty that it was born inside the timeless portal and was taken out at a young age before growing up in your academy. Outside of being nurtured by countless wise sages, the Realm God also absorbed the worldly energy of the ancestral vein under the academy to form its dao!”

“This is where the issue lies. Before, the Realm God was fine because the World Tree never appeared, but this time is different. The World Tree’s life energy quickly encompassed the Realm God’s origin source. However, the Realm God’s grand dao was cultivated from the blood energy and the worldly energy from the academy’s ancestral ground. The two sides conflicted; if it was an ordinary conflict, then with the Realm God’s supreme cultivation, it would be able to suppress it. However, the World Tree’s life energy is too powerful! The Realm God’s origin source and the World Tree’s origin source have too big of a gap between them. The Realm God could not stop the World Tree’s brimming life energy, so this resulted in the Realm God suffering a great backlash, and this was the cause of its sudden explosion.” Li Qiye spoke as if he knew everything beforehand.

“What would happen if this continues?” The elders lost their colors, and one of them quickly inquired.

Li Qiye answered: “If the two forces continue to collide, then the Realm God will die from an inner explosion. In my most conservative estimate, the aftermath will destroy more than half of the ancestral ground below your academy!”

This answer left the elders aghast. The ancestral ground beneath the academy was its foundation. Without the ancestral ground, the academy would be no more.

If the academy itself was destroyed and the ancestral ground remained intact, there would still be a chance for recovery.

“Is there no remedy to this situation?” Old Daoist Peng quickly asked. Intuition told him that Li Qiye must have a way.

Li Qiye was all smiles as he said: “The first solution is to move the Realm God from the academy — this is the simplest method. Or, let the Realm God return to the timeless portal!”

“Who can move the Realm God? Outside of the Realm God itself, no one can move it. Plus, we have no way of communicating with it at the moment.” An old man couldn’t help but say with a wry smile.

An existence as great as the Realm God had rooted itself inside the academy’s ancestral ground, so even an invincible character in this world would have difficulty moving it. It might be possible if there was someone strong enough to uproot both the ancestral vein and the Realm God, but such a powerful being most likely did not exist in this world!

“There is another way.” Li Qiye leisurely spoke.

“My Little Ancestor, please, just tell us. If you keep on scaring us like this, our old bones will not be able to handle it!” An old man started to beg after seeing Li Qiye’s confident attitude.

“It’s very easy, we just have to harmonize the two forces. I have a prescription.” Li Qiye smilingly continued: “However, these two things are very rare — Myriad Star Water and a young leaf from the World Tree. One leaf, and one drop of water!”

“Myriad Star Water?” Old Daoist Peng pitifully smiled: “Impossible! We cannot find Myriad Star Water in this world.”

“Yes, I heard that since the beginning of time, whenever any Myriad Star Water appeared, Immortal Emperors would personally take action. This is something that even Immortal Emperors lust for.” The elders shook their heads in lamentation.

“Well… I have one drop of Myriad Star Water.” Li Qiye said with a wide smile.

After hearing such words, the elders and the old daoist became spirited once more. The old daoist immediately asked: “Little Ancestor, what do you want in exchange for the Myriad Star Water? Please, do not be too cruel, or else our academy will be completely robbed by you!”

“I can provide a drop of Myriad Star Water, and I will not need anything from your academy. However, I want a promise from the Realm God. I can save it, but I need a promise from it!” Li Qiye calmly spoke.

The elders were caught off guard, but having thought about it more carefully, this demand was not too unreasonable. In the end, although Myriad Star Water was a priceless treasure, the Realm God was also an existence that could dominate the heavens above and hell below. A drop of Myriad Star Water for a promise was not unfair.

The old daoist and the rest of the elders talked it over. It could be said that all of the most powerful old men from the academy were here. After their discussion, Old Daoist Peng agreed: “Our academy can accept your condition on behalf of the Realm God!”

“This is for the best.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “One thing for sure is that the World Tree will appear inside the portal in this generation. Plucking a young leaf from it is harder than reaching the heavens, but your academy has something that can accomplish such a task. I want this thing from the academy.”

“What thing?” Old Daoist Peng and the elders glanced at each other and asked.

“Old Man, don’t play dumb with me. Regarding the amount of hair the academy has, I’m definitely more knowledgeable than you. Don’t tell me that Immortal Emperor Hao Hai didn’t take this thing back from the World Tree that year! Don’t tell me that your academy didn’t make a deal with Immortal Emperor Hao Hai that year! Without this thing that was brought back by him, it would be impossible to pluck a young leaf from the World Tree!” Li Qiye looked at the old daoist with one eye and said.

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