Chapter 3331: On Ancestral Peak

Li Qiye sauntered up the steps before bewildered eyes.

“So is there actually a seal and strong suppression power?” One disciple had to ask.

This prohibition has been well documented for millions of years now. Thus, only South Conch Dao Lord has been up there.

However, Li Qiye appeared so leisurely right now as if there was no power affecting him.

The whole thing felt so bizarre and cast a shadow of doubts on their knowledge. They thought that the grave of weapons was the highest location. Everyone needed to stop here.

“Go take a look then.” An elder glared at one doubter.

The disciple immediately became afraid and didn’t have the courage to give it a shot. However, one of his peers didn’t buy it.

The guy was relatively strong and said: “I’ll give it a shot, maybe the pressure is gone.” He walked over to the steps.

“Boom!” The moment he came out of the grave’s area, the suppression didn’t show any mercy.

The guy got repelled backward and went flying. He smashed into the ground and vomited blood, falling unconscious.

“It’s still there!” The ones nearby were horrified. One guy already lifted his foot up and was about to take another step. He immediately pulled back and thanked his luck.

No one else said anything after the confirmation. Meanwhile, the elders were still staring at Li Qiye.

“So goddamn devilish.” One elder eventually concluded, saying what’s on everyone’s mind.

Li Qiye didn’t exude any power nor was there anything protecting him. He looked like a mortal climbing up the mountain for fun.

No one here knew why he was impervious to the suppressive power of their ancestral peak.

Ping Suoweng stared intensely at the guy’s back for a long time. He came up with numerous speculations and thought that the answer was unfathomable.

“Maybe he’s really the son of miracle, that’s why he can do something like this.” One disciple murmured.

In the beginning, this sarcastic title was meant to mock him. Now, it turned out to be fascinatingly apt.

Finally, Li Qiye disappeared from sight after he entered the clouds.

“Okay, this is the end of the examination. Take your leave.” Zhang Yue stopped watching and told the crowd.

“We can finally take it easy now!” Some regained their wits and cheered. Others left in dejection with their head hanging low.

The examination ended with both happiness and disappointment. Those who didn’t do so well needed to wait for the next one.

Some protectors and elders also began leaving. A few chose to stay and stared at the peak: “Will the brat be able to reach the top?”

“No point in being surprised now, what miracle can’t happen when he’s around?” A different elder smiled wryly.

Some time passed and everyone left the ancestral peak. Of course, some still paid attention to this area, such as Ping Suoweng and the bodhi king.

There was another definite loser after the examination. One elder moaned and groaned: “I’m gonna have to sell my coffin to make up for this! Who the hell bet on Li Qiye to be number one?!”

He screamed in his own courtyard while bleeding inside.

Bets have been placed before the examination. Li Qiye had very favorable odds because no one thought that he would win. Thus, few betted on him. In fact, they were considered fools for doing so.

Lu Daowei was one of these fools. He was afraid of the house reneging while coming to pick up his winnings.

However, he didn’t win as big as the children from Liu Village. He chose to spread his money over various bets, a little bit of everything.

On the other hand, the children placed everything they got on Li Qiye being number one.

The house was as sad as can be during their exchange but it was already too late.

“May the heaven smite you, Li Qiye! Three thousand years of saving… all gone in one night, damn you! Damn you!” The elder shouted at the sky.

He was in charge of the gambling house and lost everything after the examination. He nearly went mad.

On the other hand, the children from Liu were ecstatic. Not to mention the treasures Li Qiye gave them, just their winnings alone turned them into rich men overnight.

“Shit, I should have betted on Li Qiye too.” Other disciples saw this and regretted their inaction. They just needed to bet something and the winnings would have been monumental.


People have been speculating the items sealed on top of the peak for generations now. 

A devil king who used to be the nemesis of their patriarch? A supreme item of a grand emperor waiting for the fateful one? An immortal medicinal tree that has yet to reach full maturity? It was impossible to verify these legends.

Li Qiye continued walking up the steps covered in clouds and mist. There was still a long way to go but he was in no hurry.

He eventually reached the top and was met with a refreshing breeze. The hike was rather enjoyable.

He could see all of Divine Black from this vantage point. The scenes were truly gorgeous but he only gave them a quick glance before focusing on the center of the peak.

No devil king, no supreme medicinal material and artifact, only a fair-sized lake.

This was quite strange because there shouldn’t be any source of water here. This place was the highest area of Divine Black. However, the lake didn’t dry up in the slightest. It seemed to maintain this state across the years.

It didn’t look magical or special in any way. The only stand out thing was something akin to an altar.

“The old geezer is lucky indeed, able to find the entrance to the grand vein. No wonder why it could start a sect. This vein definitely boosted its fortune.” Li Qiye chuckled while looking at the lake. He then walked towards the altar.

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