Chapter 3330: Climbing The Ancestral Peak

“You don’t want to pick one or two?” The elder in charge found it awkward when Li Qiye returned everything.

“Right, just take a few.” Another elder nearby jumped in: “It’s fine if you can’t use them, just keep them as souvenirs.” 

They felt bad because he managed to summon all the weapons yet didn’t keep any for himself. Others would think that their sect was rather stingy.

“How about this, keep a dao lord weapon with you. Maybe it’ll be useful later on.” One more elder nodded.

The upper echelon wouldn’t have a problem with Li Qiye taking several weapons. This was completely acceptable and how it should be. He was being too nice already for giving them all back.

The audience was lost in envy. Not to mention a dao lord weapon, they would be more than happy with a low-level heaven weapon. That would be a real opportunity for celebration.

Now, the elders had to beg him to keep a couple of them. Remember, being rewarded a dao lord weapon normally required some brilliant contributions. This was definitely an exception.

The stark difference between him and themselves was impossible for the disciples to handle.

“Just scrap metals, not interested.” Li Qiye repeated what he had said in the beginning.

“Uhh…” The elders became speechless, the same with the ones hiding above and the disciples on the ground.

They exchanged glances and didn’t know what to do. Some of the weapons in there, especially those at the sovereign and dao lord level would be considered heirlooms for most sects. Alas, they were nothing more than scrap metals according to Li Qiye.

“I don’t even have one piece of scrap metal then.” An elder mumbled.

This was indeed the case. Only a few members of Divine Black had a dao lord weapon. That’s why these top cultivators had a bitter smile on their face.

A while ago, the majority thought that he was being arrogant and careless with his words by calling them scrap metals. This was no longer the case now since he refused to take a single one. He backed up his statement with action.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Li Qiye ignored the pit and turned his sight towards the peak.

“Virtuous Nephew, you’re trying to?” The elder in charge caught this; his heart skipped a beat.

“Yes, up there. Do you know what your patriarch left up there?” Li Qiye glanced at the clouds and smiled.

He was talking to both the elders and the ones hiding above.

All of them glanced towards the pinnacle. Ping Suoweng’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t know much about this.” The elder in charge smiled wryly and told the truth. In reality, no one in their sect had a clue.

The upper echelon began scouting the top of the peak, curious about what lies beyond. The place has always been sealed and suppressed by a mighty power since the foundation of the sect.

According to the rumors, no disciple has ever made it up there outside of their patriarch and South Conch Dao Lord. The dao lord didn’t talk about this matter at all, not even to his closest disciples. Thus, the mystery remained unsolved to this point.

Nonetheless, Ping Suoweng had a worried gleam in his eyes since he knew more about Divine Black than anyone else in the contemporary. He didn’t want certain things to happen but was powerless to stop them anyway.

“I’ll be going up there for a look.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You wish to ascend?” The elder in charge had expected this but still became surprised after Li Qiye expressed his intent.

“No one else has been up there outside of South Conch Forefather…” One elder blurted before stopping.

Li Qiye couldn’t be judged with conventional wisdom. He climbed up three hundred steps and summoned all the weapons in the pit. No one else could do this but he did it with such ease.

That’s why it seemed quite possible for him to reach the top of the ancestral peak.

As the disciples and the elders held their words, Li Qiye stretched then started walking up the steps.

“Please be careful, just get down at the first sight of danger.” The elder in charge warned because Li Qiye was alone.

In fact, no one else could help him anyway. The suppressive affinity above was insane. Their sect master couldn’t handle it either.

“Is it possible? I heard that the power up there can instantly reduce someone to blood.” One demon still questioned it.

“He deserves it in that case.” Someone who hated him snorted, hoping for this to happen.

“Shut up!” A shout came from above with total authority.

It wasn’t loud but still erupted like thunder in everyone’s ears. Many disciples turned pale, especially the gossiping ones. They fell down to their knees and lowered their head, not daring to look up or utter a single word.

“The sect master…” 

Ping Suoweng, the strongest cultivator of Divine Black. 

He rarely showed himself normally but still had more than enough authority in the sect. His shout deterred the disciples from further rash comments.

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