Chapter 3329: Stomp

Li Qiye paid no mind to the demon king’s wrath. He glanced down at Zhan Hu and smiled: “I hate sore losers the most so I will make an example out of you today.”

“You dare?!” Zhan Hu bellowed with fear.

“Crack!” Li Qiye’s foot crushed his cheekbones.

“Ahh!” His miserable cries echoed across the sect; his blood stained the ground. His face was disfigured from the blow.

Another thunderous scowl came from Furious Tiger Peak. The demon king naturally didn’t like this development but still chose against taking action.

Zhan Hu fainted right away from the pain. A cultivator at the conqueror realm could withstand this level of pain.

However, his pride took quite a blow. He was one of the top geniuses of Divine Black yet he lost utterly to a random disciple today.

His injuries could be healed but not this humiliation. Thus, the indignation rendered him unconscious.

Others immediately carried him back to Furious Tiger Peak. Li Qiye didn’t bother to stop them.

The ancestral peak fell into a hush. No one dared to breathe loudly.

A while ago, the prejudice towards Li Qiye still remained. Sure, they acknowledged that he was extraordinary and devilish but ultimately, this was still inconsequential.

The top geniuses certainly looked down on him despite his repeated miracles. The stronger disciples still made fun of him all the same.

This was no longer the case. Their feeling of disdain shattered just like Zhan Hu’s cheekbones, replaced by apprehension and dread.

Their eyes became filled with anxiety; their hands drenched with sweat. This was doubly true for those who mocked him earlier.

The reason why they felt superior compared to him was due to his cultivation realm and mediocre talents. They could say whatever they wanted without being in danger.

They believed that his miracles were due to some other methods, not his actual power.

Alas, a violent realization had dawned upon them. Even the great demon king couldn’t stop his son from being brutalized.

They found out that Li Qiye was a merciless monster. Their backing wouldn’t be enough to save them. This left some drenched in a cold sweat.

Of course, a few were celebrating the fact that they didn’t offend Li Qiye earlier as well.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye raised his hand again and the rotation of the weapons began.

They seemed to be circling around him in order to win his attention, wanting to be chosen. The dao lord weapons were no exceptions.

This scene was beyond reasonable limits. Other disciples, even the geniuses, would be happy with just one. The heaven weapons were extremely hard to get.

As for the dao lord weapons? They didn’t even dare to think about it. The older experts of their sect have failed in this regard.

Comparing themselves to Li Qiye left them in despair.

“I tried so hard during my youth to get a dao lord weapon and got nothing from it. They look like toys in his hand now.” The bodhi king up in the air smiled wryly after seeing this.

“So many weapons.” Li Qiye only glanced at them, not really paying attention.

“Virtuous Nephew, pick one if you’re in the mood. No, actually, pick several, take whatever you fancy.” The elder in charge smiled while rubbing his palms together, looking slightly like a sycophant.

Many couldn’t believe this. This chief elder wasn’t weaker than the peak lords at all.

Of course, the other hiding seniors were nervous for a different reason. They knew what this elder was doing - he was afraid of Li Qiye taking everything away.

“Afraid that I’ll take them all?” Li Qiye casually revealed his true intention.

“Well…” The elder coughed after being revealed.

Yes, the treasury would be useless if this were to happen. The “grave of weapons” would be weaponless.

The worst part was, none of them would be able to prevent him from doing so. After all, he was playing by the rules.

“Hmm, how to make a little money from this, maybe pawn all of them?” Li Qiye mused.

“...” Ping Suoweng himself became anxious just like the other elders.

The disciples present were astounded. Who would actually do something like this?

“Well, that’s certainly one option.” The elder in charge had a weird expression as he tried to convince Li Qiye. “But, this grave is left behind by the sages and ancestors of the sect, it is our legacy. Removing all the weapons would be very disrespectful to both the ancestors and future generations. Virtuous Nephew, maybe just take that into consideration, leave a little behind for the young ones. The sect needs a place like this, don’t you think?” 

He was basically begging at this point while putting up a miserable expression for an emotional appeal. As a chief elder, he never had to do something like this before.

Alas, this was for the sake of the sect. He had no choice but to throw away his face and beg Li Qiye.

The other elders and Ping Suoweng didn’t dare to say anything in order to not provoke Li Qiye. That would be a big blow to Divine Black.

“Alright, don’t act all pitiful now, you’re about to cry and make this awkward. I’m just playing around.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“You’re right, Virtuous Nephew.” The elder in charge smiled right away.

“If I were to take them away, I’m sure none of you will be able to eat for days. Fine.” Li Qiye chuckled and waved his hand.

“Boom!” The thousands of weapons flew back into the pit like birds returning to their nest. Their auras and powers created a massive rainbow, causing the ancestral peak to shake.

This lasted for a while. The grave returned to its original state, still brimming with weapon energies.

The disciples stared at the grave and found the whole thing surreal. It was as if they had just woken up from a dream.

The guy they looked down upon stole the spotlight. He could summon all of these weapons in such an effortless manner, truly enviable.

The elders heaved a sigh of relief. They could have become sinners of the sect and wouldn’t be able to meet their ancestors down in the Yellow River.

Li Qiye’s generosity was actually unexpected as well. He actually returned all the weapons to the pit.

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