Chapter 3328: Iron Whip Demon King

Zhan Hu looked like a mad dog at the end of its rope. Nonetheless, his threat still carried relative weight.

He was the First Brother of Jade Bird and had his own group. Moreover, his father was a peak lord and their tiger clan had a pivotal position here. Offending them would make it hard for one to stay around in the sect.

Thus, all eyes were on Li Qiye. They wanted to see what he would do.

Anyone else would exercise restraint because he had already won in a perfect manner. Sparing Zhan Hu now would actually add to his reputation for being merciful. This would also solve the grievance.

Unfortunately, the person in question here was Li Qiye, not someone else!

“Is that so? I want to see how that’ll happen.” Li Qiye answered with a smile and added more force to his foot.

“Boom!” He stomped Zhan Hu’s face down to the ground.

“You!” Zhan Hu couldn’t handle the intolerable humiliation. This was happening in front of his peers and seniors.

The spectators took a deep breath, astounded. They exchanged glances and became afraid.

This Li Qiye was too ferocious and actually went so far. How could Zhan Hu ever keep his head up from now on when walking in public?

“Yes, me.” Li Qiye smiled: “Still not giving up? Then here you go.” Li Qiye stomped down harder.

“Don’t injure him!” A roar came from the far Furious Tiger Peak.

This tiger roar was torrential and could drown everything. Many became frozen before this bestial sound wave.

A massive figure emerged on the horizon and soared through the sky. Li Qiye seemed like an ant versus the shadow.

Everyone looked up and found themselves to be insignificant as well. The thing above them turned out to be a massive palm.

Iron Whip Demon King had performed a technique crossing through a thousand miles. This power far exceeded any regular disciple. Zhang Yue himself wouldn’t be able to block it.

“A grand avatar!” Many pale spectators shouted and became horrified.

This was a technique gained after reaching the Myriad-form Sanctity realm. A user at this realm could grow to an immense size capable of stomping on the sun and moon.

Thus, Iron Whip Demon King could traverse the distance for an attack. This palm was filled with billowing chaos true energy. Everything below would be reduced to dust.

Li Qiye slightly raised his eyebrow in response to this mighty move.

“Scram.” He waved and the weapons floating above him focused their power together in a dazzling manner.

“Pluff!” A heavenly sword materialized and pierced through the gigantic palm, spilling blood in the process.

“You dare?!” The demon king pulled his hand back and furiously shouted while feeling a sharp pain.

The spectators couldn’t believe it. That sword actually managed to pierce through the demon king’s hand?

“This combination is too powerful.” They stared in awe at the countless weapons.

These weapons pulsed brightly and emitted mighty auras, especially the dao lord ones forcing people down on their knees. They started drooling at the combined might of this arsenal.

It made sense for the sword to be able to pierce through the demon king’s palm. The question here was how an Iron Skin cultivator managed to control all of them? No one else in Divine Black could do so.

“Rumble!” Gales and black clouds coiled around Furious Tiger Peak - the sign of a storm. It was as if a thousand tigers were roaring in there.

“The demon king is furious!” Many spectators trembled and glanced at Li Qiye. It seemed that the great expert would attack again soon.

“It has been a long time since Furious Tiger Peak Lord fought someone. It’ll be an incredible move.” One disciple said as his legs trembled.

“His wrath will be as strong as a heavenly tribulation.” A few gloated again at Li Qiye.

The demon king was famous for protecting his own. Now, his son was being stomped on the ground by Li Qiye. He might want to kill the guy.

“Senior Brother, let the young ones deal with their own matters. No need to exercise our old bones.” A voice came from Eight Zhang. Strands of radiance brimming with power seemingly tore the azure apart.

A middle-aged man appeared in this radiance, looking scholarly and refined. However, his ordinary frame seemed capable of shouldering the heaven and earth - tough and unyielding.

“Mountainbearer King!” Many young humans bowed towards him.

He was one of the strongest humans in Divine Black, a pillar of this race. Its prosperity relied on him.

Why? Another top expert of the human race was their sect master. However, because of his position, he rarely showed himself and maintained neutrality. That’s why Mountainbearer King was more popular with the human disciples.

The demon king snorted after seeing him. Two suns seemingly emerged within the misty peak of Furious Tiger. They pulsed brightly, eager to devour people.

“That’s the demon king’s eyes.” An older disciple shuddered.

The others found this horrifying. Just his eyes were that large? What about the rest of his body?

A storm was coming due to his wrath. Black clouds blotted out the sky, resulting in a tense atmosphere.

Everyone held their breath and got far away from Li Qiye, not wanting to be dragged into this mess.

Eventually, the black clouds dissipated. It seemed that the demon king had restrained his anger and chose not to take action.

The radiance back in Eight Zhang also dispersed. Both the peak lords disappeared from sight.

The spectators exchanged glances. The older disciples understood that Eight Zhang Peak has chosen Li Qiye’s side and would always back him up.

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