Chapter 3326: Losing?

The horn emitted a golden light along with the presence of a heavenly demon. This great being seemed to be on the verge of awakening.

Zhan Hu had it tied to his back. No one was blowing on it yet but one could still faintly hear the horn.

It demanded attention and fear. The disciples here felt their soul trembling from the indistinct sound waves.

“Senior Brother Zhan Hu actually did it, he got the horn.” Some started cheering, especially the demons who were quite rowdy and ready to blow off steam.

This horn was left behind by an ancestral demon of the sect. Many demons have thought about obtaining in the past because it was an incredible artifact.

Unfortunately, they were met with failure. That’s why Zhan Hu’s success came as a surprise.

Of course, the demons took pride in this since it was stronger than Huang Ning’s Sun Moon Disk.

This was the reason why Zhan Hu chose the fifth trial despite being weaker than Huang Ning.

Zhan Hu had the ability to get this horn due to two reasons, his power and bloodline. The latter played a larger role.

He looked around in an arrogant manner. Obtaining this horn emboldened his confidence in victory.

“Senior Brother Zhan Hu got this for sure, nothing below dao lord weapon can compare to it.” A demon became elated and said.

The other demons started staring at Li Qiye with a sneer on their face.

“Hmph, let’s see what he’s gonna do now. Senior Brother Zhan Hu will make him kneel.” One of them gloated.

“He deserves this for not knowing any better. Does he think he’s an unbeatable general or something?” One more added.

The neutral group became nervous for Li Qiye. One side had an amazing artifact while the other had nothing. This wasn’t a contest at all.

Huang Ning sneered, finally gaining full confidence this time. A miracle wasn’t possible without an actual attempt.

“You’ve lost.” Zhan Hu walked over towards Li Qiye and declared.

“Who says?” Li Qiye lazily lay there and only opened his eyes slightly.

Virtually all of his opponents so far were offended by Li Qiye’s nonchalant and lazy attitude. He wanted to stomp down on Li Qiye’s face to let the guy know his place in society!

Nonetheless, he calmed down and saw that Li Qiye was empty-handed. He snorted and said: “You have no weapon, how are you going to beat me?”

“Oh? Time’s up?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Very well, I can wait until the end, you won’t be able to prolong this.” Zhan Hu was slightly surprised before adding.

The elders and the protectors found it weird too. What was Li Qiye up to? He needed a dao lord weapon right now but it seemed too late at this point.

“There’s not much time left, you should go now and try for one.” The elder in charge reminded Li Qiye again. He did it once at the start but Li Qiye didn’t listen to him.

“Can’t accept defeat and wants to buy time?” Those on Zhan Hu’s side started laughing at him.

“Hmph, it’s no use because there’s a time limit to the fifth trial.” Another sneered.

“Stop embarrassing yourself, just accept defeat already.” The crowd became louder with whistles, boos, and jeers.

“Junior Brother, where is your dao lord weapon? You can’t beat Brother Zhan Hu without one.” Huang Ning mocked him.

“Haha, dao lord weapon? Maybe in his dream.” A female disciple immediately helped Huang Ning.

The girls disliked Li Qiye because he defeated Huang Ning in the previous trial. Thus, they naturally picked Huang Ning’s side right now.

“He can’t even get a black weapon given his cultivation, let alone a dao lord weapon. Never in his lifetime.” Another girl snorted with disdain.

“That’s right, just concede instead of dawdling around like a woman.” His enemies took advantage of this chance to kick him while he’s down.

“It’s not too late to give up because if we wait till time’s up, I’ll do more than just make you kneel and bow, I’ll stomp on your face too.” Zhan Hu revealed a cold smile.

“Ah, so confident, aren’t you?” Li Qiye smiled.

Zhan Hu didn’t believe that Li Qiye could do anything to win due to the time constraint. It was too late for him to try and get a dao lord weapon.

“That’s right, I will be the winner today! Kneel and bow nine times and I will spare you for now.” Zhan Hu laughed heartily and demanded.

“Did you hear that? Kneel before First Brother!” His followers shouted.

“Junior Brother, there’s no shame in losing, just bow, no big deal. A man can handle losing.” Huang Ning pretended to help Li Qiye while acting kind.

“Still haven’t learned anything, idiots.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Okay, I will show you what absolute victory is.” He got off his chair afterward.

“I doubt he can get a dao lord weapon.” One spectator commented.

Even Gong Qianyue needed ample time to get a dao lord weapon. She wouldn’t be able to do it now.

Li Qiye ignored them and walked towards the pit. The entire upper echelon of the sect had their eyes on him right now.

He seemed as confident as ever so they were ready for a miracle.

“Last chance to give up before I embarrass you.” Li Qiye stared at Zhan Hu and leisurely said.

“Hmph, stop trying to bluff because that won’t work. Do whatever you want, I’ll let you have it in a little bit!” Zhan Hu’s eyes became aggressive.

“He doesn’t know what’s about to happen. Apologize now or face the consequence.” Zhan Hu’s follower shouted.

“I won’t hold back then.” Li Qiye smirked and reached forward.

“Hmph, there’s not a damn thing you can…” A disciple thought that Li Qiye was trying to be mysterious and didn’t buy it.

He needed to swallow his words.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The entire peak trembled. Loud explosions seemingly split the place open.

Sword and saber energies rampaged the area along with dao lord auras… These powerful forces rushed upward and dominated the sky.

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