Chapter 3325: Feather

The grand aura of a dao lord made people feel as if one was here in person. Numerous weaker disciples sat down on their butt, shaken.

This wasn’t even the eruption of its aura, only its natural form. It was still more than dominating enough - a testament to its might.

Many became frightened because this weapon could render them to ashes without a direct hit.

“Would be so nice if I have one.” One disciple quietly said.

“You can’t control or use it anyway.” His friend immediately snorted.

The first naturally shut up and stopped dreaming about the cruel reality.

A dao lord weapon was classified as a high-level heaven weapon. Thus, only the top cultivators could control them.

One exception was those with special innate constitution such as an inborn dao physique. Otherwise, the starting point was Myriad-form Sanctity.

Only the peak lords and their peers in Divine Black were at this level, allowing them to wield dao lord weapons. However, Zhang Yue in his yin yang realm still wasn’t strong enough.

“Senior Sister Qianyue can’t control it, right?” Another murmured.

“She’ll reach the myriad form realm soon enough, then the higher realms too.” A First Brother glared at him in response.

Both the young and old in this sect knew that it was only a matter of time. Qianyue had the potential to become a sovereign or even a dao lord in the future.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for the majority here. That’s why they weren’t surprised to see her obtaining a dao lord weapon. Her reputation was well-deserved.

“Ooooo-” A horn suddenly blared and frightened everyone. Some thought that their soul was leaving the body.

“Mama!” Someone with a weak dao heart felt their legs giving in; their complexion turned pale.

“The horn of the heavenly demon!” An elder knew what it was right away.

“Raa!” One could see the image of a White Tiger appearing. It looked imposing, capable of crushing mountains and rivers.

“That’s Senior Brother Zhan Hu’s bloodline power.” The spectators’ eyes were wide open.

Zhan Hu’s clan had produced many great demons. His bloodline was a noble one so he had many advantages.

This went on for a bit at the grave. Numerous bright lights and visual phenomena emerged - draconic serpents flying, blasting sword hymns and saber slashes…

Many came out of the grave with great results. They got what they wanted or even higher-level weapons, far exceeding expectations.

Unfortunately, some returned empty-handed as well, dejected and didn’t want to see anyone. They were injured and got nothing to show for it. The energies in the grave were too strong so they had to leave.

The spectators kept an eye out, wanting to know who got the best weapon.

“Senior Brother Huang Ning is coming out.” They saw a top candidate.

Huang Ning still looked cool despite visible injuries and cuts on his robe. He had a smile, albeit a forced one.

“A treasure disk.” A keen-eyed disciple saw the weapon on his back.

It looked like the combination of a sun and moon in a magical manner with lights radiating outward.

The rest of the crowd saw this since it was quite conspicuous.

“Sun Moon Disk, left behind by Sun Moon Heavenly Sovereign.” An elder nodded: “It’s definitely not easy to get.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Huang Ning tried his best to smile naturally.

After all, he declared his intent on getting Feather but ultimately failed. This put him in a difficult position.

“Wonderful, Senior Brother. This disk is one of our sect’s strongest weapons. Obtaining it shows your future potential.” A demon tried to help him.

“Yes, it’s a high-level heaven artifact.” One female disciple admiringly said.

“He’s handsome and talented, strong too.” She quietly told her friends next.

“This is a low-level heaven artifact.” Someone nearby corrected her: “It’s not the sovereign’s strongest weapon.”

“Oh, only low-level heaven, right? Then what the hell did you get? A high-level heaven artifact? No? Then shut the hell up!” The girl immediately retorted.

Others nearby gave him the death stare since he had violated their biggest taboo - insulting Huang Ning. He was perfect in their eyes. No one was allowed to criticize him.

The guy turned red and had no response while the girls came over and surrounded Huang Ning.

The guys naturally didn’t like this but there was nothing they could do since Huang Ning was stronger.

Being the star of the show made Huang Ning feel much better, no longer as awkward as before.

“Clank!” A while later, someone landed on the ground and exuded dao lord energy strands.

“That weapon!” Everyone could feel the pressure emanating from it and backed off.

It was none other than Gong Qianyue. However, she didn’t wear her weapon on her back to parade her win like Huang Ning.

However, everyone could tell that she got a dao lord weapon judging by her current aura.

“Qianyue, which one did you get?” The elder in charge wasn’t overly surprised.

All the elders stared at her, waiting for a response.

“Feather.” Gong Qianyue took out a sword with an incredible aura. It instilled chills into the spectators while still sheathed. They felt as if the sword was aiming at their heart already. She put it away before some got a good look.

This gave them a better idea of a dao lord weapon’s strength. They thought that they couldn’t even hold it, let alone controlling it.

“That’s our number one genius for you.” Many praised her unmatched result in this trial.

Huang Ning didn’t know what to do since the situation became awkward for him again. He tried to obtain this sword to no avail. Eventually, he couldn’t handle its pressure and chose a low-level heaven disk instead.

“Congratulations, Junior Sister. It’s a shame that I’m not at the samadhi realm.” Huang Ning came over, implying that if he was at the samadhi realm, he would be able to get Feather as well. 

She simply nodded in response.

“Senior Brother Zhan Hu is out too.” A spectator saved Huang Ning from further embarrassment.

They looked over and saw Zhan Hu confidently walking out of the pit, almost like a tiger descending from the mountain. His beastly aura still remained.

“The horn!” Someone saw the horn tied to his back and shouted.

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