Chapter 3324: Treasures

“Wait for me, my little treasures!” Those qualified to enter jumped into the pit, hoping for the best.

As for the unfortunate ones, they could only stare enviously and wait for the next examination.

It didn’t take long before they crowded the area. A few experienced examinees started by channeling their energy and vitality through their merit laws before entering the pit.

Sure enough, one could hear buzzing noises right away. The hasty ones who went in without preparing were hurt by the auras of the weapons below.

They bellowed and bled before running back up. The latter group was protected by their arts so they continued downward.

They also had a target already so they moved with purpose in order to save time and energy.

After all, the offensive energies from these weapons grew stronger the farther down. At a certain level, their barriers built from chaos true energy would falter, resulting in injuries.

“Junior Sister, my goal is Feather and yours is probably a dao lord weapon too. We should work together in order to reach the depth of this place.” Huang Ning invited Qianyue. 

He found this to be another potential chance to work with Gong Qianyue and earn her favor.

She didn’t answer him and stared at Li Qiye instead: “Young Master, which weapon do you want?”

Huang Ning became uncomfortable and continued: “Junior Sister, the sword energies below are extremely powerful. Bringing baggage along will be disadvanta…” 

He had to stop speaking because he saw her unfriendly glare.

“Not interested, you can go.” Li Qiye smiled and told her.

“Very well, I’ll be back in a little bit.” She found it odd but didn’t pry any further.

“Junior Sister, we can definitely work together for two dao lord weapons.” Huang Ning’s eyes lit up after hearing this. [1]

“No need.” She answered flatly before walking forward.

“Poof.” She roared and a samadhi flame surrounded her for protection. She descended with meteoric speed.

“Bam!” A noise alerted everyone and let them know that she had reached the bottom.

The elders smiled, thinking that the number one genius of their sect was fierce indeed.

Huang Ning didn’t know what to do because he couldn’t do the same thing as her, lacking the same strength.

He eventually activated his physique in order to enter the grave. His pace was solid and smooth, looking like a gallant warrior. The female disciples couldn’t get enough of him.

“How are you going to beat me without entering the grave of weapons?” Zhan Hu asked Li Qiye.

“Beating you will be as easy as pie.” Li Qiye glanced dismissively at him.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting to see how you’ll get out of this then, hmph!” Zhan Hu uttered coldly before entering the grave.

Those ineligible to enter stared curiously at Li Qiye. Everyone knew about the ongoing bet between the two.

How could Li Qiye win without actually entering the grave? However, he looked so calm right now as if everything was within his calculation.

“Just wait and see.” A demon snorted: “So what if he actually goes in? Senior Brother Zhan Hu will obtain the horn of the heavenly demon. The only way for him to win is to get a dao lord weapon or it’ll be a waste of time.”

Li Qiye closed his eyes and let these guys say whatever they wanted, seemingly asleep.

The experts, elders, and even the peak lords high in the clouds were surprised to see this.

They were ready for another miracle from him but he chose not to take any action. A few became disappointed as a result.

“Are you really not trying?” The elder in charge came over and quietly asked him. He actually felt that if Li Qiye were to go inside, the guy would be able to get a dao lord weapon.

He wanted to see the extent of Li Qiye’s devilishness. This was another opportunity for that. Thus, he came to urge the guy to give it a shot.

“What’s the point, just a bunch of crap.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

Some experts nearby didn’t like this. One protector scowled and said: “Ridiculous, there are dao lord weapons in there!”

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t defend himself. This only made the experts more annoyed. Their own weapons were being looked down upon by a third-generation disciple.

“Can you win? How? I believe Zhan Hu will be able to grab the heavenly demon’s horn.” An elder became skeptical.

This elder wasn’t trying to look down on Li Qiye. He only found it strange because Li Qiye wasn’t participating in the bet. What was he trying to do?

Unfortunately, Li Qiye didn’t answer.

The elders felt itchy inside out of curiosity but there was nothing they could do outside of waiting.

“Buzz.” Some disciples have obtained weapons in the grave.

“I got a high-level black weapon!” One disciple rushed out to show off what he considered a good result.

“I got one too.” Many excitedly returned and reported back to their seniors.

“Buzz.” A rainbow originated from the pit and soared above.

“Low-level heaven.” An elder slightly raised his brow. That’s the first heaven level weapon.

“It’s Junior Brother Jun Qi from Thousand Demons. He got a sword.” This news traveled quickly.

“Jun Qi? What cultivation realm?” Many seniors haven’t heard of this disciple.

“Silver Carapace.” One guy in the know revealed.

“What? A Silver Caparace got a low-level heaven sword?” Everyone found this astonishing.

“So, so lucky…” Envy and jealousy came next.

Peak lords used weapons of this level. Now, a Silver Carapace cultivator got one too?

In the grave, lower cultivation didn’t doom one to a bad result. Fate played a big role here. Jun Qi was a good example.

“Master, I got an incredible weapon.” A disciple with a huge frame and a pair of ox horns rushed out of the pit.

He was wounded and bloodied, clearly hurt by the sharp energies in there. He didn’t give a damn though.

“Good job. You need to work hard from now on to not let down this weapon.” The master was happy for him. In fact, this weapon was better than anything the master had.

He didn’t highly value this disciple in the past. This must change from now on.

“Poof!” Suddenly, samadhi flames and the aura of a dao lord rushed upward.

“A dao lord weapon!” The crowd became stirred.

“It’s Senior Sister Qianyue.” Everyone knew who it was right away. They speculated on the weapon itself and thought that she had a high chance of success.

1. I rarely comment on the plot itself but this Huang Ning guy is ridiculous and unbearable. Can’t wait till he dies…

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