Chapter 3323: Scrap Metals

Everyone stared at Li Qiye, whether it be the regular disciples or spectating experts. Even the peak lords and Ping Suoweng took note of this.

He was still lying on his chair with Gong Qianyue waiting nearby. The young ones were as jealous as can be, wanting nothing more than to kick the guy out of Divine Black.

They didn’t dare to voice their opinion towards him after what he had done. Nonetheless, aggressive glares remained.

Only a few were eagerly waiting to see what he could do. After all, he performed wonderfully during the previous trials. Perhaps a repetition was in order?

The upper echelons thought the same thing. They waited to see what amazing weapons Li Qiye would get.

“A dao lord weapon, maybe?” One disciple said while staring at him.

“That would be a miracle indeed given his talents and current cultivation. It’ll break another record.” Someone else replied.

“What if he gets two dao lord weapons?” A human said with anticipation.

This made people exchange glances. Getting two dao lord weapons would shatter all previous records.

“No one in all of Eight Desolaces can do something like this. Remember, Iron Skin and three mortal aptitudes.” Another quietly said.

“Well, he just got up three hundred steps. No one thought he could do that either.” The human replied.

Huang Ning and Zhan Hu listened to the whole thing to their chagrin. In the past, they would be in the spotlight as the topic of conversations. Li Qiye had replaced them now.

“Two dao lord weapons would be milking us dry.” The elder in charge smiled wryly.

This would be quite a blow to the grave of weapons. South Conch Dao Lord only left a few behind for the sect.

Nevertheless, these elders still wanted to see him do something shocking. In the case of success, he would further solidify himself as a devilish disciple. Other geniuses wouldn’t be worth mentioning.

“Just a bunch of scrap metals, not interested.” Li Qiye lazily looked down at the weapons and said flatly.

Many took a deep breath, even the ones with high hopes for him.

Lu Daowei and the others became worried as a result. Remember, these weapons were left behind by the wise sages of Divine Black for future generations. Thus, everyone, more or less, had reverence towards this place. Li Qiye’s comment could be construed as sacrilegious.

“The audacity!” One demon immediately scolded: “Daring to disrespect the ancestors and the sect like this, we must punish him!”

Those who hated him took advantage of this opportunity and wanted to assign this crime to him.

“Yes, heavy punishments are necessary!” Other demons chimed in.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye and the seniors didn’t bother responding to them. They had no choice but to stop eventually.

It was a waste of time to do this without the backing of the seniors. The conversation eventually shifted into curiosity.

“The grave contains dao lord and heavenly sovereigns’ weapons. If you consider them to be scrap metals, what are treasures in his eyes?” One disciple asked.

“He’s pushing it too much, he’ll offend everyone from the peak lords to the elders.” A human disciple added.

Only a few in Divine Black had access to these weapons. Now, Li Qiye called them scrap metals.

This was akin to making fun of the elders and peak lords. They naturally wouldn’t appreciate the comment.

Sure enough, they had a strange smile on their face. Some protectors didn’t have anything of that level. Were they not qualified to have even “scrap metals” then?

“Virtuous Nephew, what is considered okay in your eyes?” The elder in charge smiled wryly.

He wasn’t angry at all since he had grown used to Li Qiye’s ridiculously overbearing style. 

“In Divine Black, only one or two are usable. For example, that legacy weapon.” Li Qiye smiled and glanced over at South Conch Peak.

Regular disciples didn’t know, only the older ones valued by their seniors understood what he was talking about.

The elders became tense, also aware of this particular weapon.

“Legacy weapon?” A new disciple became curious.

“Left behind by the dao lord.” An older one answered with a serious tone.

“So just a dao lord weapon? How is it different from the ones found here?” The new disciple asked again.

Unfortunately, no one elaborated.

“This brat is finished, too ambitious and greedy.” A First Disciple couldn’t help but say.

“Why?” His peer didn’t get it.

“It belongs to South Conch Peak. Not many in our sect have seen it since it belongs to the sect master. He is breaching the seniority ranking, wanting to usurp that sect master’s position.” The First Disciple answered.

The ones nearby shuddered and fell into silence. This topic was rather taboo. One mistake could result in being branded as a traitor, resulting in banishment.

The elders didn’t comment at all. They knew that Li Qiye was qualified to get that weapon because he had refined the sword seal. Thus, that sword on South Conch Peak could be wielded by him too.

However, Ping Suoweng has always coveted it. How would the two settle this? 

“Disrespectful brat! That weapon is the symbol of our sect, the representation of the sect master’s authority. Are you trying to rebel!?” Zhan Hu uttered.

He had a general knowledge of this sword thanks to his father. That’s why he jumped on this opportunity to frame Li Qiye.

“Still so idiotic.” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him.

“You!” Zhan Hu turned red and shouted: “A disrespectful traitor like you should be thrown in prison!”

“Drop this.” The elder in charge interrupted Zhan Hu.

They haven’t discussed the matter of this sword yet. It wouldn’t be good for the disciples to spread rumors.

“The fifth trial begins now. What you get depends on your own abilities.” He told the examinees.

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