Chapter 3318: Help Me Relax

The disciples present couldn’t believe it. Some thought that they had misheard him.

Who was Gong Qianyue? She was none other than their strongest genius, a candidate to be their sect’s successor and their prettiest member.

She was unmatched in terms of status and power. Now, Li Qiye wanted her to massage his legs? This request was out of line and illogical.

“Who do you think you are?!” One of her fans erupted.

“Take a look at yourself first before spewing this crap!” A demon added before Qianyue could answer.

“You’re way out of line, purposely insulting our Senior Sister! No one will accept this!” Many began criticizing and yelling at him.

“Why not?” On the other hand, Qianyue stared at him and nodded. She began climbing the steps.

Some thought they were hearing things again. Was there something wrong with their ears?

Others would be elated to have a chance to serve her. Now, she wanted to serve Li Qiye. This whole thing was inconceivable.

Once they calmed down, they saw him sitting there with his legs relaxed. Gong Qianyue crouched down and began massaging him.

Her movement was amateurish and borderline clumsy. This was made up by her sincerity.

The spectators became frozen at this sight; their mouth wide open while their words were stuck.

Those who criticized Li Qiye earlier were speechless as if there was an invisible hand clutching their throat.

They thought that he was being arrogant and nonsensical for demanding this. Alas, she was willing to do so on her own accord. No one was forcing her.

Her fans became overwhelmed with various negative emotions. In the past, they would be elated to have any interaction with her. Just earning a split second of her attention would make the rest of their day brighter - an honor of sorts.

The goddess in their mind was currently massaging Li Qiye’s legs. No one dared to dream about such a thing.

Li Qiye sat there and enjoyed it without a care. He didn’t show any happiness as if this was how it should be, truly no big deal.

The truth was that she was just a regular disciple. He wouldn’t find it special to have an emperor or a dao lord serving him.

Qianyue finished in no time and left. Li Qiye stretched out his legs and said: “Ah, so much better, looks like three hundred steps won’t be a problem.” 

He stood up afterward to Huang Ning’s chagrin. The latter’s heart skipped a beat. He clenched his fists, more nervous than anyone present.

He wanted nothing more than for Li Qiye to stop but since the guy stood up so easily, he had a bad feeling about it.

“One hundred.” Some shouted after seeing Li Qiye’s next step. They then instinctively turned towards Huang Ning. Though they didn’t make fun of him, they still thought about the bet.

Huang Ning lost! It was that simple. Reasons, explanations, and excuses didn’t matter.

He was full of confidence after getting ninety-nine steps, believing that there was no way an Iron Skin cultivator could defeat him. 

But now, the reality was that Li Qiye was standing on the one-hundredth step. He could feel his face burning as if he had just been slapped.

It wasn’t just one treasure but all of his reputation. He also lost the chance to impress Gong Qianyue. No, even worse than that, he looked like a clown right now. His complexion kept on changing color, from white to green.

Li Qiye stood on top of the one-hundredth step and looked down below: “Incurable idiots.”

His tone was casual and nonchalant yet it mercilessly struck the crowd. They all became embarrassed with their face hot.

Huang Ning felt the worst since the comment was aimed at him the most. Embarrassment turned to anger as he glared at Li Qiye. His expression became twisted.

The elders only smiled wryly. Li Qiye won the right to pay back after reaching that checkpoint.

The humiliated crowd was obviously livid but had to keep their mouth shut and swallow their anger. They couldn’t retort without having a better record than him. 

“Okay, two hundred more are waiting for me. Not gonna play with you all anymore, time to finish this.” Li Qiye stretched again and moved forward.

“103, 104, 105…” He was so many times faster than before, almost like running up the steps. People had a hard time keeping up.

A while back, he heaved and struggled after each step then needed to rest after every ten. Now, he showed no signs of struggling, no rapid breathing nor back pain.

The crowd became astounded again. They knew that the higher up, the more difficult and stronger the pressure. Li Qiye seemed completely unaffected by the suppression, moving faster and faster.

It became apparent that he was only playing around the first one hundred steps - merely faking his fatigue. They viewed him as a clown or a piece of trash a while ago. Now, it appeared that they were the clowns. This sudden shift left them in an uncomfortable position.

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