Chapter 3315: My Turn

One thirty was one of the best records in Divine Black. She had surpassed many before her.

This was virtually unbeatable for those present. They could become stronger later and might not be able to beat this number.

Gong Qianyue was pale, clearly unable to go on. Nonetheless, both the juniors and seniors were convinced by her prowess. 

She still didn’t give up and gritted her teeth, wanting to move forward.

The elders exchanged glances and understood why. This was her last examination so she wanted an even better record.

It would be meaningless to try again after her cultivation became better in the future. Thus, this attempt had great significance for her.

“Buzz.” Her true fate flew out of a fate palace. It looked like a miniature copy of hers - cold and distant. 

It was resplendent with rotating halos. An archaic aura existed along with the power of the dao. It seemed to be one with heaven and earth.

“An inborn true fate…” This archaic aura and bright radiance were different from everyone else’s true fate.

Being born with this true fate meant boundless potential. This was the case for Qianyue.

Others needed to learn merit laws in the right order. On the other hand, she was completely free from this rule.

She could still cultivate a high-level heaven law while being a Mortal Shell. This was the best thing about having this inborn true fate.

Just imagine, being at the lowest realm and cultivating the best merit laws - this was a higher starting point than anyone else.

Her true fate combined with the imperial law allowed her to enter her strongest state. She became spirited again and took several more steps.

“136, 137, 138…” The spectators counted every time she took a step. 

Zhang Yue and the elders became anxious while watching this.

“139…” She was staggering back and forth at this point.

Everyone watched with bated breath; no one dared to rush her.

“140…” This step was extremely difficult but she persevered and attempted to gather more strength.

“141!” The crowd shouted.

She mustered more power at this point. Her foot was only a little bit off from the next step. Alas, the suppressive affinity at this point was too much for her.

“I give up.” She had no choice.

“141st step!” The ancestral peak became filled with shouts and cheers.

“141…” The seniors exchanged glances and became emotional.

“Congratulations, Senior Sister. You’re really the number one of our sect.” Everyone rushed over and gathered around her.

She simply nodded as an expression of gratitude, not showing arrogance and pride.

“Simply amazing.” The elder in charge walked over and told her: “Only South Conch Forefather has done better than you in the history of our sect, you are in second place. This will be recorded in the sect’s annals.”

Everyone thought that this achievement was worthy of pride.

“You’ll definitely surpass the sect master.” An older elder stroked his beard, looking quite pleased.

“In my opinion, you’ll be at the sacred level in less than a century.” Another elder added.

The entire sect had high hopes for her. It was only a matter of time before she surpassed Ping Suoweng.

The elders from the five peaks rarely agreed on one thing but this time, it was unanimous. Having another cultivator at the sacred level was a big deal for Divine Black.

She remained calm and came over to Li Qiye who didn’t have a big reaction to her achievement.

“Your turn, Young Master.” She wanted to see a miracle. Intuition told her that he would definitely beat her record despite being an Iron Skin. He would beat the dao lord’s record as well.

“Sure.” Li Qiye smiled and walked over to the steps.

The crowd wasn’t as nice to him as they were to Gong Qianyue.

“Junior Brother Li, I’m waiting for you to make it to the final step and become the number one of our sect.” One Senior Brother sarcastically said with a sneer.

“Yes, the number one in history.” Others started laughing.

Zhang Yue and the elders didn’t say anything. They stared intensely at Li Qiye and held onto a sliver of hope for a miracle. Perhaps this inscrutable youth would surprise everyone again.

“I’m waiting for you to beat me. If you can’t make it past one hundred, get the hell out of Divine Black.” Huang Ning snorted.

“Senior Brother, you’re making it hard for him.” A good friend of his added: “I think he can make it past ten steps but one hundred? That’s harder than reaching heaven itself.”

“Right, I would bet on ten being the max.” One more looked down on Li Qiye.

“Good dogs don’t block the way.” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t bat an eye from the offensive comments.

Huang Ning’s expression became ugly. He still walked away and watched with both hands in front of his chest from a distance.

When the guy lost, he would need to leave Divine Black. That’s when Huang Ning would make mincemeat out of him.

“Hmm, wonder how hard this will be.” Li Qiye stretched and decided to play with the crowd for a bit.

He took his time taking each step and faked the difficulty.

“One, two, three, four…” He seriously counted each step, struggling to get the word out.

Once he got to the fifth step, he shook back and forth, nearly tumbling over.

“Watch out now, don’t lose to the sixth step.” Some below burst out in laughter.

“Six…” Li Qiye finally made it here.

“Hmph, his limit is ten. I’ll eat a rock if he can get eleven.” One disciple sneered.

“Young Master, you can do it, get to three hundred!” Only the children from Liu Village actively cheered for him.

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