Chapter 3312: Difficult Climb

Not to mention the disciples, the elders themselves thought that reaching the top was impossible.

They were aware of Li Qiye’s devilish and mysterious abilities. However, this climb required one’s own power. Treasures and other means were of no use here.

“No way.” An elder directly denied. Not even Ping Wuoweng with his current cultivation could do this.

A disciple like Li Qiye had no chance regardless of how mysterious he was.

“I doubt he can get up three hundred steps.” Even the humans didn’t buy it, let alone the demons.

“He’ll embarrass himself soon enough.” Another sneered.

Huang Ning and Zhan Nu naturally liked this development. In actuality, Huang Ning was worried that Li Qiye might come up with something to surpass him and go up farther.

But now, the guy said that he wanted to climb all the steps. This puts them in an advantageous position.

He could beat them but there was no way he could carry out his claim. He would turn into a clown laughed at by all.

“So ambitious, can’t wait to see you try.” Huang Ning said sarcastically.

The elders and Zhang Yue didn’t mock Li Qiye but still found the task impossible.

“Three hundred steps, that’s a miracle for the ages. Just don’t force it because given your current cultivation, thirty steps would be amazing enough. Sixty steps would be a miracle.” The elder in charge shook his head, trying to help Li Qiye.

He extended a ladder for the guy to step down without facing humiliating scrutiny. He discretely suggested for Li Qiye to stop boasting before it’s too late.

“He’s right, just pick a smaller goal. Focus on thirty then try to challenge sixty. Your points are already enough to go to the fifth trial.” A human elder said, wishing to protect Li Qiye.

“A miracle for the ages? Fine, I’ll create one for more points. Getting up there is no big deal anyway.” Li Qiye declared with a wide smile.

The two elders didn’t expect him to ignore their suggestion and kept on showing off. They glanced at each other and smiled wryly. The words have come out of the guy’s mouth and they couldn’t push them back in.

“Three hundred steps? He doesn’t know his own limits, we’ll see what he is gonna do then.” A disciple snorted.

Just think about it, the most talented dao lord of their sect only made it past one hundred steps. How could an Iron Skin disciple go all the way? What a joke.

“Girl, do you think I can do it?” Li Qiye smiled and asked Gong Qianyue.

She stared at him and found his smile to be confident and natural with no sign of arrogance. His eyes looked deep and firm. This was unshakable confidence stemming from the bones.

“I do. You will stay true to your words, Young Master.” She eventually nodded, being won over by his confidence.

She looked like a maid right now to the astonishment and chagrin of the crowd. Normally, she wasn’t an arrogant person but still maintained a distance from everyone else.

Now, she seemed so docile and obedient when around Li Qiye. This came unexpected and incited plenty of jealousy. Many disciples wanted to be in Li Qiye’s shoes.

“Ahem.” Zhang Yue ordered: “We’ll start now in order.”

The examinees shifted their focus and took a deep breath in order to assume their best mental state.

“Liu Xingyan.” The first disciple was called and he stood before Heaven Climb Steps.

He felt great pressure despite being an excellent member of Divine Black. This wasn’t his first time either.

The previous experience of the difficulties here made him more nervous. He eventually took a deep breath.

“Buzz.” He channeled his merit laws and started pulsing brightly as he took the first step up.

Others didn’t notice anything but he could feel his shoulders being pushed down as if he was holding a carrying pole with two loads weighing a thousand pounds.

His chaos true energy started their rotation and stabilized his stance. He took the next step forward.

On the second step, the invisible weight on his shoulder instantly doubled. He could still withstand this and aimed for the next.

“Five, six, seven…” He quietly counted, the same with the many spectators below.

“Thirty…” Some started cheering.

“Senior Brother Liu, you’re making our Thousand Demons Peak proud!” A demon shouted.

Unfortunately, his speed and recovery rate became slower at this point.

“Forty…” The spectators were still shouting, especially those coming from Thousand Demons.

This disciple could hear his bones grinding together by the pressure at the fortieth step. It wished to crush him down.

“Boom!” He turned ablaze. A great bull appeared in the fire and boosted his power.

“Mad Fiery Bull! A mid-level black mantra.” The crowd called out. Some were very envious due to the high level of this mantra.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” His power surged after activating the mantra and he climbed up ten steps in no time at all.

“Fifty!” He seemed to be out of strength at this point, completely stopping and gasping for air.

He tried to use his mantra again but it didn’t have a strong effect. The pressure was too great at this point.

He tried to step on the fifty-fifth step but his legs felt as heavy as a mountain. He still persevered.

“Fifty-eighth!” He gritted his teeth. The bones all over his body were issuing noises now.

“No need to force it if you can’t.” An elder below reminded.

Nonetheless, he didn’t want to give up and used his mantra again. The flame around him ignited only to be extinguished by the pressure.

“Six-sixty!” The disciple made it to the sixtieth step and vomited a mouthful of blood. He fell down the stairs and was caught by an examiner.

The spectators were moved. Those who haven’t done this before thought that it would be very easy.

However, this powerful disciple only barely made it that high. He was one of the best in Thousand Demons.

“Bai Hangkong.” The elder named the next.

He took the first step but unfortunately, this was his first time here. His cultivation was also shallow so he stopped after nine steps.

He couldn’t help but cry after getting down because he had lost the opportunity to move on.

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