Chapter 3310: Heaven Climb Steps

“It's just a treasure, I can take it back later!” Huang Ning glared at Li Qiye and declared.

“It’s on, why would I be afraid of rubbish?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Others viewed Li Qiye with disdain and didn’t try to hide in the slightest. NOw, Li Qiye returned the favor.

Huang Ning naturally didn’t like this but he kept his cool despite not being able to hide a clandestine murderous flash in his eyes.

If Li Qiye were to lose and get kicked out, it wouldn’t just end there. The guy would no longer be a disciple of Divine Black. The moment he left Divine Black, that would be his last day.

“What do you want to bet? I had no choice but to take in your crap earlier so don’t use the same thing again.” Li Qiye stared at Zhan Hu and asked.

“You!” Zhan Hu became red and glared at him. He was still mourning about losing the precious treasure earlier. This guy now chose to make fun of it too.

He would definitely make a chamber pot out of Li Qiye’s head if the elders weren’t present.

He took a deep breath to calm down and snorted: “Wait until you beat Brother Huang Ning before challenging me. I’ll be waiting and ready at the fifth trial.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll lose for sure so go ahead, state the conditions.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Just wait, I’ll show you, brat.” Huang Ning trembled with rage.

Li Qiye shrugged in response, not giving a care.

“If I lose, my life is yours. If you lose, I’ll take your dog life!” Zhan Hu didn’t hold back.

The disciples nearby took a deep breath. Zhan Hu was not playing around and wanted to kill Li Qiye.

“No! Fellow brothers can compete and fight, no senseless killing.” The elder in charge shouted and said seriously.

The elders naturally didn’t accept this bet. This was supposed to be a trial, not a fight to the death over some feud. They would need to come up with something else.

“Hmph, consider yourself lucky. If you lose, get on your knees and lick my foot.” Zhan Hu aggressively demanded.

“That’s much better, no one will be injured in that case.” One disciple shouted.

“There’s no need for this.” An elder shook his head but didn’t stop it this time.

“Very well, make sure you get every spot on my foot in a little bit.” Li Qiye smiled.

“So many shows today.” Some disciples saw another contest and became excited.

“Hmph, that Li guy has some incredible stuff up his sleeve but the difference in power level is impossible to overcome. There’s no way he can beat both Senior Brother Huang Ning and Senior Brother Zhan Hu.” One disciple who didn’t like Li Qiye said.

“It’s unlikely.” Many shook their head, thinking that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to win.

“These scrap metals take up too much space.” Li Qiye turned his attention towards the treasures and said: “Little ones, take it and distribute it however you want.” He then gave them to the children from Liu.

“This, this is for us?” The children became stunned, especially the freckled young lady.

“Does your Young Master ever take back his words? All yours.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve.

The children jumped up and down to celebrate before bowing towards him: “Thank you, Young Master!”

Li Qiye’s generosity certainly surprised the elders. Some of these treasures weren’t bad at all, especially Zhan Hu’s. How could he just give them away without leaving a single one for himself?

Even the greatest genius at the Iron Skin realm would desire a good treasure for various reasons. No one would say no to having more items.

Alas, he acted as if they were too low quality to enter his eyes. This certainly confused the elders.

“How eccentric.” One elder murmured. They couldn’t predict anything when it came to Li Qiye. The strangest things kept on happening around him.

The other disciples couldn’t believe it either. Li Qiye gave so many treasures away without batting an eye. They haven’t seen such a generous soul before, not even the seniors or the elders.

They stared at the young children with jealousy and envy. The ones who lost felt even more annoyed. Their treasures were given away to someone else. Li Qiye should have at least kept them…

“Ahem, the fourth trial, let’s go.” Zhang Yue interrupted the strange atmosphere and ordered.

Everyone regained their wits and started walking towards the next trial.

During this walk, Qianyue had her eyes on Li Qiye the entire time. This has been the case ever since he derived ten dao laws out of those bones.

She didn’t have an answer to this puzzle. Remember, she was the first from Divine Black to see him. He came out of the pond at that point. Now, he was a member of Divine Black while carrying out all these strange things.

This made her question the possible scenarios. Was it really a coincidence or was there something else going on behind the scene?

They climbed the stairs and made it to the gate of the fourth trial. After the gate was a platform situated between the ancestral peak and the school.

One could see stairs leading all the way up to the clouds.

“Heaven Climb Steps.” An elder said while looking at the examinees.

Many have heard of these steps before and began talking among themselves.

“I heard that the suppression up there is insanely powerful. No one has made it to the top.” One said.

“Really, no one?” A new disciple found this surprising.

“Yes, I heard that the first one hundred steps are for the trial, the next two hundred steps are for the seniors to train. No person during their youth has ever made it up there. Why? It’s because only someone at the sacred level or stronger can withstand the pressure. One needed to rely on themselves. Treasures and other schemes were useless. Thus, these steps became a good measurement for one’s strength. Making it one hundred steps meant that the person was a supreme genius.” The first speaker responded.

“One needs to be at the Yin Yang level for the next two hundred steps. Otherwise, they won’t be able to take a single step. In fact, very few members of our sect can reach the two-hundredth step.” A different member joined. He has been in Divine Black long enough to know more.

“Only those with thirty points are eligible to embark on these steps. There are three hundred steps in total. Our examination will take place within the first hundred. Making it up thirty steps will earn you ten points, sixty steps will be twenty points…” The elder paused at this point.

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