Chapter 331: Aftermath Of The Battle

Chapter 331: Aftermath Of The Battle

Many people thought that Li Qiye and the academy had plotted together to sweep through the entire alliance, but no one knew that this battle was actually conducted by Li Qiye alone. This scheme of baiting and trapping them was single-handedly set up by Li Qiye.

The academy was indeed splitting apart, but the rumors about it completely sundering were naturally fake. This was deliberately spread by the academy in order to bait out the alliance.

The alliance assumed that the academy was no longer able to bear the burden and would eventually turn into dust, thus they fell into the trap.

Li Qiye personally presided over this battle while the academy changed from defense to offense in order to kill all the old undyings, allowing them to reverse the tide and grasp the initiative.

At this moment, even if the academy was completely divided, other people with schemes would have to think twice, lest they repeat the tragedy of the alliance.

After the battle, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord was very respectful when he met Li Qiye again. Before, he really wanted to recruit Li Qiye, but afterward, there was only awe in his mind. At this very second, he understood why his daughter was willing to stay by Li Qiye’s side as a servant.

He secretly felt a cold chill and praised his fortune that the Lion’s Roar Gate did not offend Li Qiye. Otherwise, they would have suffered an untimely doom. He also recalled when his daughter told him to not provoke Li Qiye, lest they wanted to end up with an unimaginable outcome.

After the battle, Bing Yuxia came to him a while later and asked: “Little Demon, this plan was probably concocted by you, wasn’t it?”

Li Qiye scanned her up and down, then he said: “Little Girl, it is midnight right now. You running here must be because you want to offer your body to me tonight, correct? However, your cross-dressing style is making me lose all interest. If you want to climb up my bed, then change to a lady-like style. Then, I might be in the mood for lovemaking.” Having teased her, he revealed a devilish smirk.

“Go to hell!” Bing Yuxia suddenly turned red from anger and tried to kick Li Qiye, but he easily dodged it, causing her to indignantly shiver.

“Little Girl, my disaster is approaching, but I don’t know where to hide. Your loyalty will need to be tested yah. Later on, if there are any matters that will result in benefits, I will consider about giving you a share.” Li Qiye ignored her flustered appearance and leisurely said.

“Bah, what disaster? Even a fool can see that you are plotting against someone else. Only those knuckleheads think that they can handle everything. I’m not interested in joining your muddy waters.” Bing Yuxia opened her fan and said in a cool manner.

“Okay, Little Girl, if there is nothing else, then you may go.” Li Qiye nonchalantly replied.

“Why do you want me gone so badly? Are you hiding girls here in your golden palace?” Bing Yuxia smilingly said: “Speaking of which, I will introduce you to someone. The princess of the Pure Lotus School — not bad, right? You are very famous right now, and I noticed that she is a bit interested in you. I will pull the strings for you. No need to thank me, just keep this matchmaker in mind when you get something good in the future.” [1. The phrase here is basically ‘a golden house to hide one’s mistress’. It just means a sexualized lifestyle with a lot of mistresses. I changed house/building to palace to make it more in tune with the genre.]

“My golden palace? Little Girl, this matter is not urgent. It is not hard if you want to pull the strings for me. How about we try it first? You can warm my bed for me, then I can take my time to think about this offer.” Li Qiye glanced at her and said.

“Bah!” Bing Yuxia snappily exclaimed: “If you don’t want to, then nevermind. I didn’t want to introduce such a good girl to you anyway! I will take my sweet time in courting her myself!”

“Pop!” Li Qiye patted her sweet buttocks, causing the infuriated Bing Yuxia to glare at him.

“Always talking about courting girls while pretending to be a man...” Li Qiye leisurely continued on: “Go back to being a girl.”

Bing Yuxia glared at him and turned away to leave, but she heard Li Qiye’s lazy voice chasing after her: “Little Girl, don’t be so irresponsible like this. Try your best and put in more effort later on. Then, maybe I will take you in. Being my maid will not be a shameful matter for you.”

Bing Yuxia angrily stomped her foot after she heard this, then she ignored Li Qiye and rushed outside.

The day after the battle concluded, Old Daoist Peng appeared at Li Qiye’s dwelling. Seeing Li Qiye, the old daoist handed an old box to him and softly sighed.

“What, it was a complete victory yet you are still sighing? Would you be crying for your mother if it was a defeat?” Li Qiye gave him a look and said.

The seldom proper Old Daoist Peng gave a rare serious look as he wryly smiled: “Even though our academy won, it was a pyrrhic victory. We suffered heavy losses; the casualties include many elders, protectors, and a hefty portion of the main disciple force. Last night, two out of the seven Ancient Ancestors passed away, and one of them was my junior brother.”

The seven Ancient Ancestors had lived for a very long time and should have already been dead with their depleted lifespan. However, they were sealed in the Blood Era Stones underground and lived a borrowed life in this world. The reason for this was so that they could exist just to protect the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Once existences like them came out, the consequences would be grave as they would have to pay an unimaginable price. After the battle, two of them couldn’t handle the passage of time and died last night.

“In this world, in order to gain, one must also sacrifice something.” Li Qiye calmly said: “It is easier said than done to not lose a single soldier in such a grand scale battle. Either way, after this battle, no great powers will dare to touch your academy for some time. Not to mention, your academy also obtained three Immortal Emperor Life Treasures!”

“Reversing defense to offense is better than waiting for the enemies to attack. In the end, everyone will die… Your academy cannot always rely on those who went to tread on the road first. Regarding this matter, your academy is a bit similar to the War God Temple. Old existences might have powerful reserves, but without continual effort, they will still rot.”

“I know this, but…” Old Daoist Peng couldn’t help but smile as he shook his head.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “If you can understand this, then just let it go. You all did not lose this battle. Instead of relying on your enemy’s mercy, it is better to take the initiative. After all, offense is the best form of defense!”

“We want to use this as payment for the battle.” In the end, Old Daoist Peng regained his liveliness and smilingly said.

This battle was personally led by Li Qiye. Old Daoist Peng had lived for so long, and the elders of the academy all lamented that this was a world for the younger generation. Against such a calamity, the elders of the academy wanted to avoid dealing with it as long as possible. For example, the seven Ancient Ancestors normally would never actively attack, because once they did so, the price would be extremely heavy.

However, Li Qiye personally led the battle and went against all obstacles, allowing a good opportunity to emerge for the seven Ancient Ancestors to take action. Although they suffered heavy losses, the elders of the academy couldn’t not admit that they — at such an old age — lacked this courage and hot-blooded boldness!

Li Qiye took the old box, opened it, and carefully inspected the contents before closing and putting it away. He then slowly spoke: “There is always a price. Besides, this thing had stayed in your academy for too long. Rather than let it become moldy, it is better for me to take it away and actually utilize its true effect.”

“How do you intend to use it?” Old Daoist Peng couldn’t help but ask since he was filled with curiosity.

“It’s a secret. Maybe you will find out later.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

This treasure affected too many matters, and Li Qiye would not easily let others in on his plans.

“Just like the secret of the stone tablet at the entrance?” Old Daoist Peng asked: “The Wise Sages’ Perimeter!”

Outside of existences on the same level as the seven Ancient Ancestors, very few people knew the secret of the stone tablet. However, as an outsider, Li Qiye knew about it and even went as far as actually activating it — this was too incredible.

“Yes! That is also a secret.” Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said. No one from the academy understood the Wise Sages’ Perimeter more than Li Qiye.

Although this perimeter was erected during the Desolate Era, it was improved several times in later generations. Especially after the bloody battles during the dark era, the perimeter was improved immensely and its power became even stronger. If it exerted its true power, then the defense of the academy would be extremely fortified.

The improvement and fixes were ideas from Li Qiye. He also oversaw its implementation.

Old Daoist Peng only smiled and didn’t inquire further. Li Qiye was too mysterious, so even though the old daoist wanted to get to the roots, he also knew that Li Qiye had his boundary. Anyone who crossed this boundary would not have a good end.

“There is one more thing, maybe you will be able to solve it.” Old Daoist Peng eventually said.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and said: “The Realm God, right?”

Old Daoist Peng took a deep breath and seriously nodded his head, then he said: “Yes! The matter of the Realm God. The situation became even more serious, and at this moment, we have no way of communicating with it. We lost contact with it after something happened to it. Its state is deteriorating, and if this continues, the academy will truly be destroyed.”

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