Chapter 3307: Magical Derivation

The bone sent out waves of water vapor containing its mystical source. The power of this dao rushed out like a tsunami and struck the closest dao bone.

This resulted in an interaction between the two dao sources. “Pop!” The second one lit up and entered a defensive state.

This astounded everyone here. Dao bones were not living entities since they originated from fallen chaos primal beasts. They simply contained a mystical source with dao runes.

However, the second bone was reacting to the first. The spectators have never seen or heard of anything like this before.

“Pop!” The two dao bones seemed to be mortal enemies. The activated source of the first dao bone instantly attacked the second with great accuracy, prompting a battle.

“Poof!” Flame engulfed the latter, wanting to retaliate.

“Boom!” The first dao bone finally fell; its sharpest edge aimed for the second bone’s center - the location of its source.

The impact stimulated the second bone, causing an eruption of power from its source.

The second bone started falling towards the third bone. Its flame engulfed and incinerated the latter.

The third one’s mystical source burned right away with loud pops and sizzles, akin to firewood. It looked like a dead tree capable of blotting out the sky. Just one spark of fire could burn the whole thing.

A miracle emerged during the burning process. Normally, burning meant death but in this case, a majestic life force returned to the third dao bone.

This was no longer a dead tree on fire but rather, one brimming with life with green leaves and long branches.

“Boom!” The thickest part of the second bone fell on the source of the third, releasing this majestic life force.

Normally, the power of the mystical source was sealed inside the bones. Now, they were released, ready for a rampage.

This life force manifested into a fiery tornado. Its target was the fourth bone…

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The bones were activated in just a short time and seemed to be coming back to life.

This magnificent and shocking scene captivated the spectators. They have never imagined this before, not even the most imaginative mind present.

They were stuck on the mindset that one would need to use the pillar of life in order to comprehend a dao bone.

Li Qiye didn’t do so at all. What he did could only be described as magic. He touched the first one and started a chain reaction. The activation relied on the power of previous bones.

This mysterious process only belonged in legendary tales. 

Zhang Yue and the elders were astounded. Everything about the way the bones fell was perfect, from the angle to its power. This was the result of a perfect calculation without a single mistake - an apogee taking into account even the slightest flickering of a single spark.

This precision was far beyond their station. As for the method of activating these dao bones? Completely unheard of.

The regular disciples didn’t know as much about the chain reaction but were still stunned.

“Boom!” The final dao bone activated. All ten of them formed a wondrous momentum - a single block. This great momentum then shifted into a unique domain.

What came next sounded like the eruption of a thousand volcanoes. The bones released their dao power and chaos true energy.

This combined power could pierce through the earth. Fortunately, the connected bones and their domain kept this power under control.

“Boom!” Thousands and thousands of runes oozed out like the source of a spring. They were still sealed by the unique domain or this entire treasury would have exploded.

“Buzz.” The bones became resplendent. Their individual runes began to arrange with one another, forming various mantras.

The spectators needed to shield their eyes from the blinding light. Thus, they couldn’t witness the runic derivations.

“So bright!” No one could see a thing.

It took a while before the bright flashes dissipated. They felt the power inside the domain growing stronger and stronger. They would have been sent flying by the shockwaves if it wasn’t for the domain.

This dao power finally filled the entire space inside the building.

“Merit laws…” They saw complete scriptures floating on top of the dao bones - a total of ten.

This meant that there were ten merit laws from these bones, ranging from low-level yellow to high-level earth.

Jaws dropped to the ground. Even the elders and Zhang Yue forgot to maintain their image. Their mouth was open wide enough to fit a goose egg inside.

No need for the pillar of life, no need for searching. Just one touch was enough to derive ten merit laws in such a short time. 

No one in the world should have been able to do something like this, not even in the long trek of history.

The most brilliant Dao Lords weren’t capable of this. The strongest one needed time for comprehending and deriving a merit law.

Yet, Li Qiye had performed this impossible and unprecedented feat.

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