Chapter 3306: Ten Dao Bones

Li Qiye’s confidence astonished Zhang Yue and the elders, causing them to stare at each other in confusion.

They weren’t looking down on Li Qiye. It’s just that the feat seemed impossible.

Deriving ten merit laws wasn’t a joke. Even their sect master would need a long time to do so for low-level dao bones.

After all, each contained numerous runes. Compiling them for a full derivation required both great power and amazing comprehension.

Gong Qianyue had tried earlier and failed.

“It’s impossible.” Zhang Yue disagreed with Li Qiye. Though he had certain prejudices against the guy, he still considered Li Qiye a disciple of Jade Bird. Therefore, he wouldn’t actively push the guy down.

Cultivation aside, Li Qiye didn’t have the necessary talents to do so either. Moreover, just the time constraint alone made the seniors doubt him.

“Ten merit laws? Don’t you know that dao derivation is an attempt to understand the worldly mysteries, not some random scribblings?” Huang Ning sneered, clearly a doubter.

“If you can derive ten merit laws, then I can become an immortal. Don’t boast without being able to back it up.” Another disciple snorted.

They wouldn’t believe Gong Qianyue if she were the one making this claim.

“Yes, ten is just too high.” Even the elder in charge shook his head despite his interest in Li Qiye.

It seemed that Gong Qianyue was the only one who believed in Li Qiye.

“We don’t lose anything by letting him try.” She told Zhang Yue and the elders.

This was indeed correct. Nothing was at stake here, maybe just a little time wasted.

“Very well, if you can just derive a low-level yellow merit law, I’ll give you this dao bone.” The oldest elder smiled at Li Qiye.

“That’s what I like to hear. I have a good impression of you now. Let’s get started.” Li Qiye smiled back and picked a dao bone.

“I don’t mind the brat trying, I kinda like his audacity.” A different elder quietly told his peers.

“Hmm, it’s true that great men often have some kind of flaws. Ordinary people are simply dull.” Another responded while glancing at the other disciples.

The crowd was annoyed after Li Qiye received permission from some elders, especially Qianyue’s admirers.

Why would Qianyue and the elders care about Li Qiye? They were a thousand times better than him in all aspects. Jealousy naturally turned into hate.

“What a joke.” Not one thought that he could do it.

“He’ll humiliate himself in a little bit when he can’t do it.” Another couldn’t wait to see Li Qiye’s downfall.

Li Qiye chose various dao bones that haven’t been derived before. It was a diverse mix - high-level earth bone, low-level yellow bone, one of the fire affinity, another with the water affinity…

The spectators had no idea and looked like monks scratching their head. He seemed to be picking random bones.

Logically, he would be picking the lowest-level dao bones if he wanted to derive ten of them due to the easier difficulty.

Even an existence at the sacred level might not be able to derive a high-level heaven bone. That’s why the low-level yellow bones became the obvious choice. So, why did he pick a high-level earth bone? This just didn’t make any sense - clearly the choice of a madman.

Ping Suoweng himself would need to spend a lot of time and effort in order to derive a bone at the earth level.

Once Li Qiye picked all ten, he placed them on a table and rubbed his chin with a smile. He didn’t get started right away.

“There’s not much time left.” Zhan Hu reminded, not out of kindness.

“Trickery won’t work here.” One disciple sneered: “You just need to think about how to bar-...”

“Shut up. One more word and I’ll throw you out.” Gong Qianyue coldly interrupted with a threat.

This disciple immediately closed his mouth, not daring to retort. The rest of the crowd followed his example.

Li Qiye started by settling the dao bones in different spots with varying poses. This looked like a placing of tiles with a domino effect. Everyone felt as if they were somehow connected. 

He kept on switching their position, resulting in a peculiar form. The elders and Gong Qianyue couldn’t exactly pinpoint why it was peculiar. They felt something very unnatural, a twisting of sorts.

“Space?” The oldest elder said with uncertainty and felt that this arrangement couldn’t be duplicated. He tried to remember it to the best of his abilities but still wouldn’t be able to arrange them in the same way.

Their memories were distorted, the same with space and what they see ahead.

They had no chance of duplicating this at their current level yet Li Qiye was able to do so.

“Okay, it’s starting. Time to watch the miracle.” Li Qiye smirked and gently flicked one of the bones.

Once again, even a fool knew that dao law derivation required using the pillar of life, not one’s finger.

“Pop!” However, the grand dao power in this first bone had a slight ripple.

This was akin to a drop of water falling on the lake and causing ripples. This bone was of the water affinity. A pleasant and refreshing water wave permeated the room right after.

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