Chapter 33: Invisible Dual Blades (1)

Immortal Emperor Life Treasures were not only a priceless item to all cultivators, but they were also an integral part in the protection of an Immortal Emperor sect.

Min Ren created the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and he had left behind several Life Treasures to protect his descendants. However, after one hundred thousand years, the sect currently has zero Life Treasures.

Now Li Qiye truly understood; the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect didn’t decline for no reason at all. The Emperor merit laws were missing and the Immortal Emperor Life Treasures were gone as well. Plus, there was no wise leader to guide them. It would be against the heaven’s will if they didn’t decline.

“Senior, do you want to select a Longevity Treasure or a Life Treasure? Or maybe a True Treasure?” Seeing Li Qiye in a daze, Nan Huairen reminded him.

Although Li Qiye had made one round in the third level, there was not a single treasure that he found suitable.

Nan Huairen didn’t understand why Li Qiye didn’t like the weapons stored here. The third level was not the best, but these weapons would still make all of the disciples within the sect drool with desire.

However, Li Qiye didn’t settle for any of the weapons here, and Nan Huairen didn’t dare to say anything. He knew Li Qiye had his reasons, so he followed Li Qiye down, leaving the third level.

All of the disciples that ridiculed Li Qiye, previously, were still there. Seeing his empty hands, they sneered: “Look! Our Prime Disciple’s eyes are too high. So… Even the third level didn’t meet his needs!”

“Heh. You don’t know this, but only Immortal Emperor Life Treasures are worthy of him; he doesn’t care about the other things.” Another disciple, with a high pitched voice, commented: “Why doesn’t he look into the mirror and realize his place? A piece of trash like him being allowed to select a weapon from level three is already a great privilege given by the Elders.”

One student, that was extremely angry, said: “He is only a useless person. Even if we bring an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure before him, he would only think that it was scrapped metal. A person that has eyes but can’t see isn’t qualified to wield a Life Treasure.”

Having heard all the tauntings from the disciples, Nan Hai Ren heavily furrowed his brows while Li Qiye casually said: “It seems like all of you are very dissatisfied with me.”

A disciple harshly replied: “Hmmph! Someone like you, who isn’t qualified, shouldn’t be our Prime Disciple!”

“What a shame; I am still your Prime Disciple.” Li Qiye slowly spoke: “Continuously being disrespectful; it seems that I would be unfit for this position if I don’t break your dog legs, today.”

After hearing Li Qiye, a disciple stood out from the crowd and straightened his posture; he then coldly proclaimed: “Oh? The great Prime Disciple wants to scold all of us? As your junior, I would love to learn from your many techniques.”

Hearing these words, the other disciples clamored and laughed loudly. All of them presumptuously thought that Li Qiye, with his Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace, could be easily taken care of with just the use of one hand.

“Huairen, beat them until they crawl outside.” Li Qiye glared at them and commanded Huairen.

The other disciples didn’t know, but Huairen did; how did Du Yuanguang die? Xu Hui met his end how? Suddenly, he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. If Li Qiye truly became angry, he would dismember all of these little boys.

A command was a command; Nan Huairen sighed and stepped forward. He gazed at the disciples and calmly said: “You guys have committed the crime of being disrespectful to prime senior; I am here to carry out the sentence!”

“Nan Huairen, you…!” Seeing Nan Huairen’s interference, some of the disciples angrily yelled.

A disciple said without hesitation: “Senior Nan, you are a favorite among the Elders; to follow such a loser is to ruin your good name…”

“Bang!” This disciple, who had not finished his words, was knocked away by Nan Huairen.

In the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Huairen’s talents weren’t the best; however, as the disciple of Protector Mo, it was easy for him to deal with these average disciples.

“You said too much! Not knowing when to keep your mouth shut will bring the impending threat of death!” After punching the student away, Nan Huairen pointed his finger at the other students and said: “All of you come forward; don’t say I am bullying you!”

The other disciples were both afraid and angry. They jumped forward together, but Nan Huairen did not show mercy; he beat them all, left and right, to the floor.

It seemed as if Nan Huairen had used too much force; however, he was just saving their lives. At worst, he was just causing them physical pain without long-term complications.

If Li Qiye personally handled it, then there might be decapitated bodies on the floor, instead. Nan Huairen knew that Li Qiye, in fact, didn’t care for the disciples, or anyone, who disrespected him. Incidentally, Nan Huairen hoped that his brutal beating of them was enough to appease Li Qiye.

As for the disciples protecting the Weapon Armory, their job was to protect it; other quarrels had nothing to do with them, so they closed their eyes and ignored it.

“I want the dual blades over there.” As Nan Huairen was throwing the disciples out of the Weapon Armory, Li Qiye was talking with the protector in charge.

The protector’s brow furrowed, and he asked: “The dual blades under the Crow God’s feet?”

“That is correct.” Li Qiye replied.

“Recently, I have been practicing the Invisible Dual Blade technique, and on a second look, the dual blades are perfect for me; so, I want them.” The protector and guarding disciples all thought that Li Qiye’s request was very strange; they looked at him as if he was a mental patient.

The two blades over there were basically two normal blades that have been rusting. Don’t even compare it to the Life and True weapons on the third level; they weren’t even comparable to the common weapons in level one.

They believed that not picking a treasure from the third level was already strange, but he then picked the two rusted blades, not worth a cent, made from mortal steel. If this guy didn’t have mental problems, then he would be an idiot for not knowing good from bad.

When Nan Huairen saw Li Qiye’s choice, the first thing that came up in his mind was the Serpent Punishing Stick. His heart was excited because he remembered when Li Qiye wanted the old stick from the fire place in the Grand Chamber; all the Elders, and himself, included, thought Li Qiye was ignorant for valuing a regular stick so highly.

However, that stick had beaten a genius, like Xu Hui, as if he was defenseless. Now, Li Qiye suddenly wanted those two blades? It might not be just a coincidence. He probably had his eyes on them since they had stepped inside the Weapon Armory.

A student who was thrown out by Nan Huairen was both angry and afraid; he yelled: “Nan Huairen! You… you dare hit me? I will report this to the Elders about…”

“Slap him. Slap him until he cannot speak anymore.” Li Qiye mercilessly said.

From those simple words, Nan Huairen could feel a strand of anger building inside Li Qiye. It seemed like this senior was becoming agitated. “My apologies.”

Nan Huairen slapped the disciple three times, without hesitation. ”Slap, slap, slap.” Nan Huairen knew that this wasn’t just him saving the disciple’s life; this was also a trial that Li Qiye was using to test him.

Li Qiye left this matter alone, and he turned back to the protector: “The Elders have agreed on me picking a weapon, so I would like to choose these blades.”

The protector rolled his eyes at Li Qiye. This kid didn’t look like an idiot, so why was he so insistent on doing something so foolish?

The protector hesitated for a moment, but he then, finally, nodded his head: “This is possible!”

These were only two mortal blades; they were not a renowned treasure. Li Qiye came with the order from the Elders, and them giving him two regular blades wasn’t a big deal.

Li Qiye personally took down the two blades, so that the protector could write it down on the checkout list. Although Li Qiye’s request was strange, the protector didn’t really know what to say.

Finishing his task, Li Qiye left the Weapon Armory with his blades. Coming across the disciples who were beaten senselessly by Nan Huairen, he slowed his steps and angrily said: “You guys need to be grateful toward Nan Huairen for saving your lives. If you have any complaints about my actions, you should go and report it to the Elders. However, don’t let me personally deal with you because the result would not be preferable on your end.”

Nan Huairen’s intention was revealed by Li Qiye, and he could only smile sheepishly.

The beaten students were frozen with fear. This person, before them, was a frightening man; there was no resemblance of a thirteen-year-old boy.

Li Qiye walked back to his peak after speaking his mind.

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