Chapter 329: A Scheme To Bury All Enemies

Chapter 329: A Scheme To Bury All Enemies

Two True Treasures and seven Life Treasures… In a split moment, everyone knew exactly how many Emperor Weapons the enemies on the altar brought.

Once these weapons combined their power into one, countless strange images appeared in the sky. There was an Immortal Emperor punishing the heavens and True Gods breaking the universal laws, causing the heavens to fall…

The appearances of these images caused the Mortal Emperor World to tremble. Many old undyings opened their eyes inside their coffins; even the sealed ones were stirred awake.

“Is this the end of the Heavenly Dao Academy?” After sensing this invincible power, an old undying that had lived for many years couldn’t help but murmur.

Could the academy actually withstand such an attack? No matter how powerful it was, surely it would become ashes after this strike!

There were more than ten undyings with two True Treasures and seven Life Treasures — this was an unbeatable offense, so what could actually stop this?

“Clang clank clank...” The sword hymns resonated throughout the entire sky as the God Punishing Formation unleashed its maximum potential. One sword swept by and rendered countless stars into dust. The opening of this sword formation could even refine the nine heavens and ten earths. Before this formation, any expert, no matter how powerful they were, would still be wiped out.

“Rumble!” The two sides collided as the Emperor Power tried to shake the sword formation that took the form of one sword. The towering sword began to dim down. Even though it was an incomparably powerful formation, it could not garner any advantage against the offense of so many Emperor Weapons.

“The Heavenly Dao Academy is not a place for all of you to trespass as you please!” While the divine altar side — with the Emperor Weapons — was winning, a loud cry came from the sky.

“Ommm—” Near the nine firmaments, everything suddenly turned red by the academy as if the heavens itself was being boiled. In the deepest part of the academy’s ancestral ground, an extremely gigantic whirlpool appeared and immediately incinerated the sky.

At this time, everyone clearly saw seven old men appear on the horizon. These old men were extremely withered and old; it was apparent with a single glance that they were ancestors who were sealed for many years. Their lifespan had already dried out, and they were on the verge of death. But even so, their remaining blood energy was still enough for them to traverse this world; they were able to chase after the mysterious underworld below and the jade heaven above. Each of these old men had the ability to catch the stars, refine the six dao, and rule over the eight desolaces.

The seven old men all held onto a gigantic cauldron that was capable of refining the heaven and earth. The moment this cauldron opened its mouth, not to mention all existences, but even time and space were refined. Under the control of the seven ancestors, the cauldron emitted a boundless amount of divine power. Even True Gods would have to retreat against such might.

“Seven Ancient Ancestors, shouldn’t you all be trapped by the Realm God!?” Seeing these old men, a decrepit voice exclaimed from the altar.

“Refine!” However, the seven old men ignored this inquiry. The great cauldron poured down an endless stream of divine flames to refine the altar. These flames even suppressed the combined might of the Emperor Weapons.

“Clank!” Once the divine altar was suppressed, the God Punishing Formation’s sword light became brighter and more powerful, and it went on to counter attack the altar.

“Chaos Cauldron!” It was not just the mysterious opponents on the altar, even several old undyings who were hiding in the darkness to spectate were left aghast the moment they saw the cauldron that was controlled by the seven old men.

“Chaos Cauldron!” Many old undyings buried beneath the Eastern Hundred Cities woke up and escaped from their seal after feeling the divine power of the endless flames. One of them emotionally said: “Rumor has it that the academy had lost the Chaos Cauldron many generations ago.”

The Chaos Cauldron was the sect-protecting treasure of the academy, and its origin was very primitive and mysterious. Some guessed that it came from the Legendary Era and it held an unfathomable power. In the Mortal Emperor World, during the darkest and most arduous era, the Chaos Cauldron was the reason why the academy managed to persevere.

But later on, there were reports stating that the academy had lost the cauldron. Since then, it never appeared again and the world no longer witnessed its shadow.

Today, the Chaos Cauldron suddenly appeared once more. The undyings, whether they were participating in this battle or not, all felt an uneasy sensation.

“Seven Ancient Ancestors, this is a trap!” A spectating old undying coldly said.

The Heavenly Dao Academy had many older generations, like Ancestor Lei, someone who was an old undying of the same era as Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. However, existences like him were not the most frightening ancestors of the academy.

Legends say that the academy sealed seven extremely terrifying existences. Their lifespan had depleted and they could die at any moment; they were known as the Seven Ancient Ancestors.

Before the academy faces absolute destruction, they would not appear due to their depleted lifespan. It was very likely that they would meet their ends.

Not long ago, the old undyings in the anti-academy alliance had spied on the academy. They found that the academy was splitting apart because of the Realm God turning mad. In order to stabilize the Realm God, all seven Ancient Ancestors couldn’t afford not to appear. However, not only did they fail, they also became trapped by the Realm God in a different dimension!

Because of this, the alliance then mustered up the courage to take action the moment the academy had finally split in order to destroy and steal the academy’s resources.

However, after seeing the seven ancestors’ appearance today, along with the long-lost Chaos Cauldron, even the most foolish person would understand that this was a trap planned by academy to bring in those with malice.

“Old Man Zhongli, you tricked us!?” The hoarse voice appeared once again from the divine altar, and it was angrily directed at Zhongli, one of the seven Ancient Ancestors.

“Go!!!” Another voice shouted. The divine altar was no longer dominant against the God Punishing Formation and the Chaos Cauldron. Because of the heaven’s ancestral vein of the academy along with its extremely dense worldly essence fueling the God Punishing Formation and the cauldron, the divine altar was now at a disadvantage.

“Bang!” The seven Life Treasures and two True Treasures — with their combined power — no longer attacked the depths of the academy; instead, they tried to escape. At this point, they ignored those who were dressed in black, the ones who were trapped in the sword formation.

“Boom!” Once the nine Emperor Weapons that were controlled by the old undyings wanted to escape, even the God Punishing Formation could not stop them — it was just a matter of time.

“Since you have arrived, don’t even think about leaving.” Seeing the divine altar breaking the formation to escape, Li Qiye’s words suddenly appeared.

“Pluff Pluff Pluff!” At this moment, an endless amount of sacred light covered the entire academy like a shell encompassing the world.

At this time, an unbelievable thing happened. Li Qiye carried a huge tablet behind him.

At the academy’s entrance, there was a huge stone tablet engraved with the names of many wise sages. Graduates from the academy, once renowned throughout the world would come back to leave behind their names. This stone tablet was the symbol of the academy’s glory!

Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, the Martial God, Lion Monarch Ba Xian… All of these names reverberated throughout the world, and a few names were too ancient to even be traced.

For generations, many cultivators only knew that this stone tablet was a symbol of glory, but today, an extremely strange matter occurred.

The stone tablet that was carried on Li Qiye’s back exuded an endless amount of sacred light that contained a marvelous holiness that repelled all laws. This sacred light then caged the academy.

However, this was not the most shocking and horrifying part. The ancient names on the tablet emerged one after another… and figures came out from these names.

Each of these figures stepped out with a proud presence that contained an eternity of invincibility. Everyone saw an illusion of a Heavenly Dragon, the Sea God, Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, and many others; they were now standing in the academy’s sky. At this moment, these immemorial gods came back to life to protect the academy.

Once these figures stood in the academy’s sky, its defensive line became firm. This defense was capable of blocking a myriad of heavenly armies and trapping all the demons and devils. No matter the type of offense, none would be able to pierce the defensive line created by these figures. This was an extremely ancient defense, one that was capable of stopping both external and internal attacks.

“Impossible!” Needless to say about the dazed outsiders, even the elders and protectors of the academy were dumbfounded. They never knew that this stone tablet had such an effect; until recently, they only thought that it was just a glorious symbol.

However, today, everyone realized that this tablet was not so simple. All of these invincible beings did not only leave behind their names, but also their marks and universal laws!

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