Chapter 328: Blood Stains The Academy

Chapter 328: Blood Stains The Academy

“Kill!” Many elders, protectors, and high elders began to fight against the shadows from the sky in order to protect the academy’s treasures!

In just an instant, blood splashed in the air along with shrill screams. Treasures flew around in the air to slay their enemies; blood stained the ground red as corpses fell from the sky.

“It's the same as with the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” Seeing this scene, the escaping cultivators quietly whispered.

In the past, when the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was defeated by the Heavenly God Sect, outside of the rumors of its own decline, there were signs that other Immortal Emperor lineages had a hand in this matter.

Rumor has it that at that time, someone covered the heaven’s divination so no one knew which Immortal Emperor lineages took part in the conquest of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“I’m afraid the academy will repeat the tragedy that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect experienced!” Seeing this scene, someone couldn’t help but lament with a sigh. Some people graduated from the academy, but they couldn’t do anything in this situation. Against the suppression of several Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and more than one True Treasure, and not to mention the numerous old undyings hiding in the shadows, even if a Heavenly King were to rush in, it would be equivalent to suicide.

“Stop struggling with your last breath!” An ancient voice came from the divine altar. Suddenly, an Emperor Light slashed down and destroyed the defense of one of the divine halls.

“Boom!” Dozens of protectors and even the Grand Era Hall Master, who were protecting the divine hall, died on the spot.

“Hall Master!” Seeing as how the hall master was instantly killed, many Grand Era students cried out with grief and hatred.

The Grand Era Hall Master was very friendly; he taught the dao and dispelled all of their questions, but today, he died in the hands of the enemy.

Some students hated themselves for not being able to pounce forward to exact their vengeance. Under the suppression of the floating divine altar, those with a weak cultivation like them could not even stand up. They were completely immobilized by its invincible aura.

“Boom!” The divine altar slashed down with another supreme blow to a sacred peak, revealing an old temple.

“The Ancient Desolate Temple! It truly is here!” Seeing this old temple, a gigantic hand reached out from the divine altar, wanting to grab it.

The divine altar consisted of more than just one Life and True Treasure, and it was personally controlled by a group of undyings. Another supreme slash soared out from the altar towards the academy’s peak.

Inside this peak, a tiger that towered more than one hundred meters jumped out; it was a beast protector tasked to guard the academy’s treasures.

“Graooo!” This gigantic tiger jumped out with a roar as it pounced towards the divine altar. However, the blow from the altar came down and immediately killed the tiger after it let out a miserable scream.

The crack in the peak revealed a mine that exuded blinding divine lights. This was a divine steel ore — extremely precious. It could even be considered priceless!

“Cloud Immortal Steel, take all of it!” The command came from the altar. Then, more shadows jumped down from the sky to rush to the ore in order to steal the items.

“Boom!” A True Treasure attacked a huge river. A Flood Dragon rushed up, but it was still killed. This huge river was split apart, and inside was an ancient sacred monolith.

“I’ll fight till my last breath!” The elders and protectors from the academy defended their ancestral ground with determination, but they still could not stop the altar from above. Who knew how many old undyings — with their Emperor Weapons — were inside? At this moment, the academy could not hold back the enemy’s offense.

In a short period of time, the academy’s force kept on retreating deeper and deeper inside. The enemy, with their divine altar opening the way, had many shadows running out to seize treasures.

“Don’t go too far!” While the elders of the academy were retreating, a roar emanated from the deepest part of the academy.

An old man trod on the air as his body was surrounded by lightning. Thunderous crackles appeared as these lightning bolts intertwined together; it was as if he was the God of Thunder.

The cultivators who stood outside, with hearts that yearned to help the academy but were powerless, became ecstatic when they saw this old man.

“Ancestor Lei!” [1. Lei means thunder, surprise.]

A cultivator couldn’t help but happily murmur after they saw this old man: “Ancestor Lei and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong were from the same generation. Maybe the academy can still be saved!”

“Kill!” Ancestor Lei appeared and opened a realm of lightning; countless lightning bolts struck down towards the divine altar.

“Old Man Lei, you are not enough!” The divine altar exuded three waves of invincible Emperor Power. No one knew the origin of these three Immortal Emperor Life Treasures, and no one knew which old undyings were controlling them.

“Boom!” The three invincible waves annihilated the realm of lightning, and Ancestor Lei spewed out blood as he was knocked back into the academy’s depths.

“This land should change owners. Your Heavenly Dao Academy has occupied this land for too long. This Heavenly Ancestral Vein no longer belongs to your academy!” A domineering and vicious voice came from the divine altar.

No one knew who this was because the divine altar hid all the heaven’s divination.

“The academy is done for!” A few cultivators who came from the academy couldn’t help but turn deathly pale.

Outside of the academy, eyes were rolling with varying intents. Before, most of the students from the five great halls had left the academy. Some of them were flashing with anger while others were deep in thought; there were all kinds of different feelings.

When the academy’s ground fissured, even the Grand Era students who were staying behind had to evacuate; only Li Qiye was left. Under his order, the group of Chi Xiaodie quickly left; only Sikong Toutian and Little Autumn remained by his side.

The truth was that even if Li Qiye wanted to leave the academy, his enemies would not let him. Many indiscernible shadows dressed in black left the altar and surrounded Li Qiye.

“Kill them!” Li Qiye, Sikong Toutian, and Little Autumn boldly met them. With the two Emperor Weapons in his hands, Li Qiye was like a furious Fiendgod. The sweeping of these Life Treasures signaled the start of a downpour of blood.

“Oh grandma, it feels so good to kill!” Little Autumn loudly cried. Its mud cannon opened, and it had the Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk on its body. This disk greatly increased the power of the cannon. It shelled out a shot and a group of black-clad men disappeared.

Sikong Toutian was also quite amazing. His wooden puppets crazily rushed into the group of enemies without any fear.

While the trio was massacring indiscriminately, the divine altar shot out many invincible Emperor Weapons that could cross time itself and annihilated all things. No one could stop its advance, and a voice came from above: “Junior, don’t be arrogant!”

“Boom!” A deafening explosion appeared. Li Qiye used his two Emperor Weapons to block the strike, but he was still blown away while spraying out blood.

“An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he gazed towards the altar, slowly uttering these words.

“Junior, surrender the Emperor Weapons and all of your techniques, including the Immortal Physique Law. Only then shall your life be spared!” A voice descended from the altar.

“Go!” Li Qiye called out the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot and escaped with Little Autumn and Sikong Toutian.

“There is no place for you to hide even at the ends of the earth!” A chill-inducing voice came from the altar. Then, an invincible Immortal Emperor Life Treasure flew forward with an unstoppable momentum.

“Activate!” Li Qiye screamed. The two Emperor Weapons blocked the front of Li Qiye to ward off the Life Treasure, but they couldn’t stop him from spurting out even more blood.

“Senior Li!” The Grand Era students who already withdrew couldn’t help but gasp and scream after seeing this scene. The more capable ones wanted to rush up to help, but the academy was already sealed by the divine altar — outsiders could not enter.

“Junior, be smart. It is not too late to surrender. Otherwise, you will suffer a fate worse than death!” The voice from the altar emanated across the entire academy. The opponent did not wish to instantly kill Li Qiye since they desired his secret techniques.

No one knew how many Life and True Treasures there were. Outside of the one that suppressed Li Qiye, another one swept across the academy and pushed towards the deepest part of its ancestral ground.

Li Qiye wielded his Emperor Weapons and activated his techniques to fight while retreating at the same time. In just the blink of an eye, Li Qiye retreated to the academy’s entrance where the stone tablet that was engraved with the names of countless wise sages was located.

This was the stone tablet that symbolized the academy’s glory. All the powerful existences who graduated from the academy left their names on this tablet. Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, the Martial God, Lion Monarch Ba Xian…

Li Qiye fled to this tablet and then suddenly stopped. Although he was bloody, his spirit remained radiant with high hopes!

After seeing the divine altar reaching the deepest part of the academy, Li Qiye smirked and slowly said: “Old Farts, it is time for me to massacre all of you!”

“Strong words. Junior, I shall ruin you first and then take your techniques!” Although the altar was very deep into the academy’s ground, this distance to them was still within reach!

“It is time to close the gate to beat the dogs!” Li Qiye loudly screamed.

“Omm—” At this moment, waves of immortal light shot out from the academy’s deepest area. Each of these immortal light streaks was like a divine sword that was capable of slaying the heavens itself! They were filled with murderous breath. The moment these lights turned into swords, others felt that this was a grisly scene; it was as if these immortal swords had once drunk the blood of immortals.

“Ommm—” The hymn of these swords resounded to the nine heavens. In this second, a monstrous sword formation appeared inside the deepest area, and it sealed the ancestral ground’s core. Even the altar that was powerfully forcing its way in was trapped by this sword formation.

“The God Punishing Formation! You all still have this formation!?” An emotional cry came out from the altar.

Then, a different emotionless voice appeared as well: “Even the God Punishing Formation is not enough!”

“Boom!” One moment later, the seven Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and two True Treasures combined together into one unit in an instant.

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