Chapter 327: Great Calamity

Chapter 327: Great Calamity

“Dummm—” At this time, the Imperial Violet Hammer and the Black Tortoise Rod rang in resonance in Li Qiye’s hands. Their Emperor Power surged higher and higher; they were even more powerful than when Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan poured in their Longevity Blood.

“Preposterous!” Seeing this scene, Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan became frightened and shouted.

“Not good!” An old undying hiding in the darkness in the sky lost his colors and exclaimed.

The group of undyings was alarmed when the two Emperor Weapons fell into Li Qiye’s hands. Initially, the Emperor Locks would have allowed for them to take the weapons back from Li Qiye whenever they wished. However, the situation had changed; Li Qiye was able to unlock the seals. This meant that the connection between the weapons and the emperors’ descendants and lineages was severed!

An Emperor Lock served to tie the weapons to their respective lineages. As long as the lineages continued to exist, then no matter where the weapons went, there was a chance for the lineages to get it back.

However, once the lock was released, this meant that from then on, the weapon belonged to someone else, and the lineages and descendants were no longer able to control them.

The evacuees from the academy, who were spectating from a far away location, exclaimed in shock: “Impossible!”

Even a Virtuous Paragon would not be able to open an Emperor Lock, let alone a junior like Li Qiye using only his Longevity Blood. This was simply a fantasy — an impossible thing.

However, this impossible thing happened right before everyone’s eyes. Li Qiye used two drops of Longevity Blood to open two Emperor Locks and easily took over the Imperial Violet Hammer and the Black Tortoise Rod.

Amidst the crowd’s astonishment and horror, they didn’t know that there was something hidden in the two drops of Longevity Blood. The two drops appeared to just be Li Qiye’s blood, but a bit before he took action, he used a sliver of Myriad Star Water and mixed it with his blood. It was just a little amount, not even a drop.

However, a single drop of Myriad Star Water was a thing that even Immortal Emperors craved, thus it was not a difficult matter for it to unlock the seals when combined with Li Qiye’s two drops of Longevity Blood. The result flabbergasted everyone present.

“Like you said, it is time to end this!” Li Qiye pointed his unsealed weapons towards Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince recovered from their daze and quickly turned around to run in horror after seeing Li Qiye’s pose.

“Boom!” A vast amount of Emperor Power from the two weapons slashed down. Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan used all of their merit laws and treasures, but they couldn’t stop the onslaught.

“Junior, you dare!?” At this moment, an enraged roar descended from the sky. A monstrous hand reached down, giving shivers to all the spectating cultivators; they felt like they were ants under its might. One could only imagine how frightening and powerful this hand’s owner must be.

“Boom!” This monstrous hand that slammed down could not reach the academy because multiple defensive layers rose to stop this hand in the sky.

“Ahh!” Miserable screams suddenly bellowed. They were from Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince. They were very unwilling to accept their fate of being rendered into ashes by the Emperor Weapons since they had no chance of blocking this attack.

This result was outside of everyone’s predictions. Zu Huangwu and Qing Xuan were proud geniuses of this generation with dual emperor arts, but they actually died to their own weapons.

“Rumble!” The heaven and earth shook, followed by a collapsing sound. The academy’s vast territory started to crack as the mountains and rivers began to split apart. The divine halls and ancient temples began to fall. In just a split second, it was as if a cataclysm had befallen this place.

“Is this due to the attack from the Emperor Weapons?” The spectators, who were perplexed due to the deaths of Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, suddenly screamed in fear.

“No, the academy’s catastrophe is approaching. Everything finally split apart.”

“It is time!” In the deepest and darkest part of the horizon, an ancient and cold voice declared.

“Boom!” The sky suddenly split apart as an invincible aura approached. It was as if True Gods were tearing the firmaments apart in order to descend to the mortal world — to put an end to the academy.

“Your Heavenly Dao Academy ignored the students, allowing them to kill and steal the Immortal Emperor Life Treasures of others — what is this offense?” An ancient and authoritative voice came from the sky.

The cultivators who escaped outside of the academy heard the thumping of their hearts. Many older cultivators glanced at each other and knew that this declaration was only an excuse. The catastrophe has arrived, and many people were finally tempted to maneuver in order to seize the academy.

Having heard this, many Grand Era students felt indignant. Everyone saw — with their own eyes — that Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan wanted to kill Li Qiye, but this character in the sky was now twisting black and white!

“Gentlemen and Fellow Daoists, please go back to where you came from.” At this point, the Sacred Era Hall Master appeared and said in a serious manner: “The academy will handle its own matters.”

“Handle? This is your way of handling things?” The voice from the sky rang again: “If your academy does not give an acceptable explanation today, then this matter will not be waived!”

“If Fellow Daoists do not leave, then don’t blame our academy for raising our blades!” The Sacred Era Hall Master gravely replied.

In the Eastern Hundred Cities, the academy’s status was no less than that of the Eternal River School. It had surpassed countless winds and waves; since when had it ever been threatened by others?

“So your Heavenly Dao Academy has indeed succumbed to the evil path.” An emotionless and vindictive voice spoke: “Today, we will erase this evil for the Eastern Hundred Cities!”

“Boom!” At this moment, the sky was torn apart. A divine altar appeared above the Heavenly Dao Academy. It was extremely mystical and blocked even the heavenly divination. Even the strongest experts who opened their heavenly eyes could only faintly see people standing above the altar, and it was not just one person. The most terrifying thing was that they were all wielding invincible weapons with the most murderous kind of air.

“Emperor Weapons!” Even though the divine altar eluded the heaven’s eyes, they couldn’t completely hide their auras when all the old powerful undyings held invincible weapons.

“No, there are not only Emperor Weapons but also Immortal Emperor True Treasures!” The escapees turned pale as they all fled as far away as possible from this battlefield.

“Rumble!!” The divine altar unleashed an endless amount of sacred aura like the waves from the stomp of an Immortal Emperor.

“Slam! Slam! Boom!” The defensive layers of the academy could not stop the sacred power from the divine altar and started to collapse.

At this minute, even those far away were suppressed by the altar’s invincible aura. Ancient Saints, Heavenly Sovereigns, and even Heavenly Kings were oppressed down to the ground for this unrivaled presence was unstoppable. Its power was explosive like the return of an Immortal Emperor or a True God. The academy’s defensive layers that had withstood numerous attacks in the past shattered like pieces of paper.

“Boom!” In the end, one last attack fiercely slammed into the academy’s ground. One hundred thousand miles were instantly annihilated. Even countless gigantic universal laws and locks from the ground beneath the academy were destroyed by this unbeatable attack.

These attacks not only rendered the academy helpless, but even the entire Eastern Hundred Cities were shaken. Under this peerless offense, the Eastern Hundred Cities was like a tiny boat amidst a torrential storm and could capsize at any second!

Today, countless existences cowered in fear and prostrated on the ground. Several Immortal Emperor Life Treasures flew out, and not just one Immortal Emperor True Treasure was summoned. This was a sign of the destruction of the heaven and earth.

“Is this the end of the Heavenly Dao Academy?” An undying in the Eastern Hundred Cities who was reluctant to enter these muddy waters exclaimed in horror with his eyes wide open.

“Not just one Life Treasure, and not just one True Treasure!” Seeing this scene, many cultivators that had pulled out of the academy were frightened into a stupor.

This was too horrifying; one Life Treasure was already powerful enough, but True Treasures were even more terrorizing. This was a fate weapon capable of exerting an Immortal Emperor’s battle prowess.

However, these weapons had always been the sect-protecting treasures of Immortal Emperor lineages; they would not be easily summoned. Today, there was more than one here, clearly indicating that someone wanted to destroy the academy!

“Ommm—” A door opened on the altar that was floating in the sky as shadows jumped down into the academy. These shadows hid from the heaven’s divination so no one could see their true appearances nor backgrounds. [1. I used heaven’s divination a couple of times in this chapter. Basically, fortunetellers or prophets are able to see the future or see through many things using divination by reading the heavens/sky/stars. However, the altar blocked all of that.]

When they descended to the ground, they immediately ran to the deepest corners of the academy where the greatest amount of treasures and manuals were hidden.

“Defend!” The elders, high elders, and the hall masters that had been keeping silent suddenly appeared to protect the divine halls of the academy’s ancestral ground.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Explosions came in waves as the halls that contained the most precious manuals and treasures of the academy erected their own defensive lines and universal laws to seal the sky.

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