Chapter 3263: Nine Primeval Laws

Huang Jie heard that Li Qiye had fixed Fuyou’s problem and taught the children how to cultivate.

This meant that the guy would have a special view of the grand dao. If this was truly the case, then he wouldn’t have a problem activating the runes, at least five of them. That’s why Huang Jie made this suggestion.

“Fine, might as well.” Li Qiye casually said.

“Very well, please bring an ancestral stone here.” The examiner immediately agreed. He himself didn’t buy it. 

In essence, activating one section meant connecting the runes together into a mantra - something extremely difficult and requiring great comprehension not seen in the average new cultivator.

By this point, a disciple brought out the ancestral stone. It fit snugly in one’s palm with an ashen color. It also had ancient profound runes carved on it and was made from an unknown material. It felt heavy at first then a cool feeling would come.

A few disciples became serious because using this stone was normally reserved for the special geniuses. Ordinary newcomers wouldn’t experience this test.

The examiner wouldn’t have done so without Huang Jie’s suggestion.

Of course, they didn’t object to this either. In their eyes, Li Qiye was no different from a piece of trash, nearly twenty yet still stuck at intermediate Mortal Shell.

The whole thing was a joke. He had no chance of success and would have to roll down the mountain soon enough.

Yang Si gloated with a sneer, thinking that this ant was about to learn a lesson for acting haughty in front of him.

Fuyou didn’t say anything since he was completely confident in Li Qiye regardless of the test.

Huang Jie, on the other hand, remained tense with a touch of anticipation. Was this man as mysterious as described by Fuyou?

“What if I activate all thirteen?” Li Qiye glanced at the stone and casually told Fuyou.

“All thirteen?!” Yang Si burst out laughing: “Do you know what you’re saying? Not to mention you, who knows if anyone in Divine Black can actually do so, ignorant fool!”

“How many have done so in the course of history? I can’t believe the gall on this guy.” Another joined in.

“Yes, even Senior Sister Qianyue only lit up five sections, that’s amazing enough.” One more said with a serious tone.

“Don’t compare him with Senior Sister Qianyue. She has an inborn true fate and is already an Enlightened Being. Him? Mere trash.” Another sneered.

Most disciples from Divine Black viewed Li Qiye as a clown by this point.

“You just need to light up five runes in the first section, that’s enough.” The examiner also felt the same way and even pointed at the first section for him.

Activating all thirteen was nothing short of impossible. Those in the sects capable of doing so were extremely powerful.

Fuyou smiled wryly. This was indeed a tough task but he believed in Li Qiye and nodded: “Go for it.”

“Very well, then I’ll do all thirteen, don’t be stingy after.” Li Qiye casually tossed the stone towards the statue.

The examiner frowned in response. There was no way this would hit the right rune. Gong Qianyue back then contemplated for a long time before making her first move.

Nonetheless, he felt better because this was Li Qiye’s fault for failing the examination. Liu Fuyou and Huang Jie couldn’t blame him for this since he had tried his best.

“The brat won’t even get a single one.” One disciple said with disdain.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The stone actually bounced up from the statue and started leaping from one spot to another.

People couldn’t keep up with its amazing speed.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Runes lit up from every single impact then the first section, the second section, the next…

Everyone was stunned including Fuyou’s group.

“One, two, three…” A disciple started counting.

“Five, five!!” Another shouted after the fifth section lit up.

“Impossible!” No one could believe it. Among the first generation of Divine Black, only Gong Qianyue managed to activate five sections.

“Seven, eight, nine…” The previous disciple was still counting.

The leaping stone didn’t stop at all, activating one rune after another. Nine sections have been fully lit.

A turtle shell had a maximum of thirteen sections. This was also the case for a Black Tortoise.

“Am I seeing things?” The other examiners came to watch the show earlier. They were simply astounded by this illogical development.

“Ten!” The spectators shouted.

“He’s a monster…” Huang Jie quietly murmured. Though he was prepared for some outlandish events, this still fully stunned him.

He thought that lighting up just five sections would have been amazing, let alone ten.

“It’ll be thirteen.” Fuyou sighed. He didn’t need to watch to know the outcome since he was Li Qiye’s biggest believer.

“Eleven… twelve… thirteen, he got thirteen!” One disciple started shrieking towards the end.

“No way, just no way, there must be something wrong.” The seniors of the sect couldn’t accept this.

The entire crowd was stunned because no one could remember the last time this happened.

“Does our sect have anyone who has done this before?” One expert quietly asked his peers.

“Not when they’re young, no.” His friend mused before answering: “Only after they became accomplished but that’s two different matters.”

“Buzz.” The statue itself became radiant.

“The reward!” One disciple cried out.

All eyes were on the turtle’s mouth, wanting to know what the reward would be for thirteen sections.

“Buzz.” A plume of light flew out with a scroll inside. It issued a roar that made everyone’s legs go weak.

“That’s, that’s the nine immortal Primeval Laws!” Huang Jie recognized the roar and became startled.

“... That’s one of our strongest merit laws… I, I don’t know what to think.” The first examiner became speechless.

These supreme merit laws were passed down from the great Black Tortoise to the sect.

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