Chapter 3261: Young Master

“How can this be?” Huang Jie wouldn’t believe it if he didn’t hear it from Fuyou himself.

Only a selected few knew about Fuyou’s problem, mainly the seniors. Huang Jie was another.

They two had deep ties so he knew everything about Fuyou’s circumstances. The guy with a bright future suddenly started becoming weaker. A genius was ruined just like that.

The seniors tried their best; even the sect master, Ping Suoweng, didn’t know the source of the problem.

How could a new cultivator like Li Qiye fix this issue?

“Why would I lie?” Fuyou quietly said: “Look, I didn’t do anything for the children. My teachings can’t make them improve so quickly. It’s all Young Master.” 

“I can’t believe it.” Huang Jie blurted out and glanced over at Li Qiye again.

Yes, the guy was only an intermediate Mortal Shell, the weakest cultivation level in the group. The other children have at least reached Iron Skin. 

This meant that his talent must have been rotten. Alas, he managed to teach the children well on top of curing Fuyou’s problem. No one would believe this story.

Nonetheless, Huang Jie knew that Fuyou wasn’t lying to him. There was no need to do so.

“Why is his cultivation so low?” Huang Jie asked. Such a knowledgeable master should have incredible cultivation. There was no logic in this.

“We can’t fathom the mind of a master.” Fuyou was extremely respectful towards Li Qiye.

“Okay.” Huang Jie had no choice other than accepting this. He came forward and waved at the children: “Over here, we’re going to the assessment area.”

They hurriedly followed him into the sect. Liu Fuyou had already arranged everything during his last trip back. This assessment was nothing more than a formality.

Others needed to wait in line, perhaps several days and nights. They, fortunately enough, managed to skip the wait.

Li Qiye was still sleeping the entire time, seemingly aloof about outside matters.

Those in line took note of him and pointed their fingers. Even the disciples and seniors from Divine Black had a bad impression of him.

Just think about it, cultivation was about hard work and training the mind, not pleasure. This was especially true for beginners who would taste plenty of bitterness.

Everyone in Divine Black had experienced this tough period once. Now, this new cultivator had no achievements to speak of yet he dared to act so frivolously?

Others needed to look up to see him? Utterly ridiculous.

“You’re here to be a cultivator, not a young master. Can’t even handle climbing up the mountain? Just go home already!” An older disciple on patrol saw this and shouted at Li Qiye.

He looked majestic at the Silver Carapace realm. The children naturally became frightened.

“Stop yelling, you’re scaring the kids.” Li Qiye didn’t even open his eyes to respond.

“Ignorant fool! How dare you be so disrespectful in Divine Black-” The disciple became furious.

“Yang Si, go patrol somewhere else, this place is fine.” Huang Jie standing a little far away waved his hand.

“Junior Uncle, but...” The disciple named Yang Si was still angry but didn’t dare to disobey. Huang Jie was relatively influential in the sect on top of being an Enlightened Being.

“Go.” Huang Jie left no room for negotiation.

Yang Si gritted his teeth but didn’t dare to act out in front of a senior. He glared at Li Qiye once before leaving.

Unfortunately, the guy didn’t bother to look at him anymore.

Huang Jie took careful note of this and started believing Fuyou. Remember, Yang Si shouted earlier with enough force to scare the children who were at Iron Skin. A Mortal Shell like Li Qiye shouldn’t have been able to ignore it. His mental fortitude exceeded that of a new cultivator.

The group finally made it to the assessment area where the seniors were waiting.

They saw a statue as big as a hill in the shape of a Black Tortoise. It looked like a miniature version of the sect’s geographic features.

Clear ancient runes were carved on it. No one could read these runes; not one person in Divine Black. 

This statue was placed in this place, seemingly acting as a defender. Li Qiye finally opened his eyes to take a look before chuckling and returning to his relaxed state.

The children from Liu were being examined. Both their background and cultivation level were fine.

After all, they grew up around here on top of being taught by Liu Fuyou. They were already outer disciples long ago.

“Brother Liu, you’re still as incredible as before. They’re not innately talented yet their foundation is amazing. Even some of our current disciples might not be a match for them. Yes, they have great potential.” An examiner said. He was from the same generation as Fuyou and Huang Jie.

Fuyou was no longer as dominant as before but some still remembered his friendship. 

Moreover, the sect had already agreed to take the children in. It would have been fine even if one or two were lacking. Fuyou had already brought enough this time.

That’s why the examiner was ready to let anyone go through. He didn’t expect the entire group to be so excellent.

“It’s because they’ve put in the effort.” Fuyou smiled.

It was finally Li Qiye’s turn after the children. The examiner stared at this guy who was still sitting in his carriage.

“How improper.” He grimaced and turned towards Huang Jie and Fuyou.

The two shook their head, causing the examiner to be confused. He had no choice but to keep going.

“Name and origin.” The examiner started.

“Li Qiye, Liu Village.” Li Qiye lazily answered like a young master without bothering to stand up.

“Barely at the intermediate level of Mortal Shell.” The speechless examiner frowned again after checking Li Qiye’s cultivation. 

“Not qualified to enter our sect then.” Another person spoke - Yang Si.

He was still annoyed at this disrespectful mortal. That’s why he wanted to kick the guy out. How could their sect recruit someone so useless?

Fuyou and Huang Jie naturally didn’t appreciate this interference.

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