Chapter 3260: Divine Black

Divine Black definitely looked the part of a first-rate sect given its majestic landscape.

While observing with a panoramic view from the distance, this sect would look like a massive turtle.

There were too many mountains and peaks to count here. Their ancestral peak was the tallest one, looking like the head of a tortoise roaring at the heaven. A great river circled the area as if it was a spirit snake of the great tortoise.

Outside of the ancestral peak, there were five more clearly taller than the rest. These were the five main peaks of Divine Black, extremely renowned.

The five peaks represented the main branches of Divine Black. There were many entrances that could lead to the main sect but the official gate lies in the south - a place that resembles the tail of the tortoise.

This entrance had a twisty road leading to what seems to be the back of the turtle. It eventually led to its head, or the ancestral peak. This was the general terrain of Divine Black.

Liu Fuyou and the children finally made it to the southern gate. They stood at the base and looked up; some children gasped in admiration.

The peaks were hidden among the clouds, decorated by the stone paths leading upward. They also saw experts flying around or riding their beasts and treasures… They had imagined the land of immortals to be exactly such.

“Wow, Divine Black is so pretty.” An older child praised and the rest nodded in agreement.

“See, our sect resembled the divine beast, Black Tortoise.” Fuyou said.

“Our patriarch turned into the land?” They became curious.

“I’m not sure, but according to the legends, the great patriarch reformed the land by moving oceans and mountains. This resulted in the sect having a peerless momentum.” Fuyou smiled and said.

The children were lost in admiration, thinking that this patriarch was a supreme immortal who could do anything. Well, such an amazing feat of changing the landscape could only be done by immortals, at least in their mind.

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes, still drowsy. He took a gander at Divine Black and saw the tortoise shape.

“Looks about right, how unexpected.” Li Qiye had a faint smile.

“Okay, let’s go faster, let’s not be late.” Fuyou looked ahead before telling the kids to move on.

They followed behind him. It was good that he was here since they would be lost right now.

In fact, the recruitment process had started several days ago. There was a long line below the entrance.

These people all wanted to join Divine Black, ranging from ordinary mortals to strange demons and beasts.

There were young children around the group’s age as well; their eyes brimming with curiosity. The majority came from this area under the direct rule of Divine Black.

Some older children came from distant territories. They came for the sake of pursuing cultivation.

Young cultivators were among them as well, either vagrant cultivators or coming from the smaller sects. The latter could be considered outer disciples of Divine Black since some sects were created by its members. This group could enter Divine Black as long as they satisfy the requirements.

Strangely enough, even gray-haired men came to seek immortality. One of them looked around the age of eighty with unstable footsteps. His family helped him stay in line for a prolonged period.

This naturally attracted ample attention. One Divine Black disciple took note and shook his head: “Uncle, this is your 35th attempt already, please just give up.”

So it turned out that he was from a nearby town, born in a wealthy merchant family. As he aged, he started wanting to cultivate. Alas, Divine Black didn’t accept him.

“Little Brother, I have entered the beginning state in accordance with the sect’s rules. An intermediate Mortal Shell should be able to join, right?” The old man revealed a friendly smile.

This disciple didn’t know what to do and gave up: “It’s not up to me, wait for the senior brothers to decide.”

The lowest entry requirement for vagabonds was intermediate Mortal Shell. Of course, this was the bare minimum. Divine Black could still refuse for other reasons.

There was no lack of demons lining up either. Some came from smaller clans or weaker sects. Some have cultivated for a while; others have just gained intelligence.

One was a demon with branches and leaves growing on his body - a treant. Another was a snake demon with the obvious snake tongue and tail. A humanoid tiger could be seen as well…

These existences naturally wanted to be a part of this Divine Black, a famous demon lineage.

The young ones became afraid after seeing so many demons in one place. Of course, nothing bad would happen here. Fear turned into curiosity soon enough.

Those from Liu had a big advantage thanks to Fuyou’s lead. Huang Jie himself came out to greet the group and hugged Fuyou.

“Senior Brother, you’re finally here. Welcome back.” Huang Jie said.

Meanwhile, Fuyou became sentimental after returning to his sect once more.

Huang Jie then told the children: “These kids are really not bad at all, they’ll be the pillars of our Eight Zhang soon enough.”

“It’s too early to say.” Fuyou smiled wryly.

“He is…” Huang Jie eventually spotted Li Qiye on the carriage carried by several children. The guy seemed to be sleeping, looking just like a spoiled young master.

“What’s going on here?” Huang Jie’s expression soured.

Entering Divine Black meant experiencing numerous tests and trials later on for the sake of improving. This guy, on the other hand, looked to be enjoying himself. Making the children carry him was utterly ridiculous.

Fuyou pulled him to the side while shaking his head, telling Huang Jie to be quiet.

“Senior Brother, what is happening here?” Huang Jie found this bizarre after seeing Fuyou’s serious expression.

He had seen Li Qiye during the previous visits at the village. However, Li Qiye was too ordinary on top of being too old. The guy would have been an intermediate Mortal Shell at best given his late start.

His haughty showing was the complete opposite of his actual abilities.

“That’s Young Master.” Fuyou whispered.

“Young Master? What?” Huang Jie didn’t understand. His senior brother never acted in this manner before.

“Be respectful.” Fuyou added.

“I’m a little confused, Senior Brother.” Huang Jie said. His senior brother had experienced many things and wasn’t one to be intimidated.

“My problem is fixed, I am a grand completion conqueror now and will be preparing to reach the manifestation realm soon.” Fuyou revealed. [1]

“Really?!” Huang Jie became ecstatic for the guy.

“This is thanks to the young master. He taught me the way to fix it.” Fuyou seriously said.

“Him?” Huang Jie stared at Li Qiye and remained skeptical.

1. Mortal Shell, Iron Skin, Bronze Tendon, Silver Carapace, Violet Marquis Corpus, Conqueror Vessel, Enlightened Being Manifestation, Samadhi Materialization, Yin Yang Celestial, Myriad-form Sanctity, Grand Dao Sacred Physique, and Dao Lord Golden Avatar.

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