Chapter 326: Stealing Emperor Weapons

Chapter 326: Stealing Emperor Weapons

However, at the last minute, Li Qiye still managed to survive.

“The minor completion Immortal Physique!” At this time, no matter who they were, they could only mumble this in astonishment. The Immortal Physique had become a nightmare for all the spectators; it was truly the most dreadful technique.

“Without forming one’s own heavenly dao, who in the younger generation could compete against his minor completion Immortal Physique?” Even royal lords and sect masters from the great powers were astounded. Today, they all finally learned just how terrifying an Immortal Physique was.

Until now, the world had always preached the horrifying properties of Immortal Physiques, but very few people saw it with their own eyes. Today, everyone personally spectated its horrifying nature!

“Yes! Come on, Brother Li! Defeat them! Tonight, all the girls will warm your bed!” At this moment, an unknown student from the Grand Era Hall loudly shouted.

“Yes! This is my Brother Li!” Suddenly, the Grand Era students erupted with applause. They came from humble origins and since they were also part of the Grand Era Hall, Li Qiye’s time of honor was also theirs, and same with his moments of disgrace!

“Yeah! Brother Li, defeat them! Then, you can pick any sister in the academy tonight. No, you can pick eight or ten of them!” The Grand Era students were roaring with cheers.

Meanwhile, those from the Sacred Era Hall and Zenith Era Hall were silent, especially the Zenith Era students from the great powers who were just shouting at the top of their lungs. Those who showed great arrogance were now as pale as paper.

After suppressing the Zenith Era students’ smugness, the Grand Era students finally heaved a sigh of relief and let go of the exasperation in their hearts.

“It's great that he is okay, truly wonderful…” Chi Xiaodie cried from happiness as her eyes were filled with tears.

The group of Chi Xiaodao was also at ease. Li Qiye actually managed to perform a miracle and survived the attack of two Emperor Weapons.

“Even a minor completion Immortal Physique is destined to perish today!” Zu Huangwu took a deep breath and solemnly declared.

“Even a great divine immortal would not be able to save you today!” Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan added with a cold intonation.

At this point, the two — once again — took out their Emperor Weapons with a serious expression. Once basked in the emperor’s aura, they became invincible gods.

“Oh mother, they are about to attack with Emperor Weapons again, run!” A great character from a powerful country realized that both sides were about to go at it again, so he suddenly had a bad feeling and left with his disciples.

Everyone understood that both sides were about to unleash their killing moves. Everyone was afraid of the two Emperor Weapons, so in just a moment, countless people escaped from the battleground and the academy to watch the fight from afar in order to avoid becoming collateral damage from the sky-shattering battle.

“Let us finish this!” Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan roared with determination. Their Life Wheels rose as their Emperor Weapons exuded a blinding brilliance. The Black Tortoise Rod unleashed a supreme and sacred Black Tortoise. It proudly stood on top of the earth; a beast that had once suppressed the devils and gods!

The Imperial Violet Hammer’s purple energy filled the sky as runes began to move to form a sacred scripture. The immortal hymns opened an entrance to an immortal world, and it was about to use the power of this world to destroy its enemy.

At this moment, the two weapons frantically sucked on the blood energy from Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince. They turned pale and felt their strength being sapped from them.

Immortal Emperor Life Treasures were much more powerful than Emperor Possessions. Life Treasures were also called Emperor Weapons. Although they were not as powerful as True Treasures, but outside of True Treasures, there was nothing else in this world more powerful than them.

Both Life Treasures and True Treasures were everlasting; they could be used and passed down for many generations. However, controlling a Life Treasure was not an easy matter. In order to unleash a strike with Emperor Power, one must expend a great amount of blood energy, so ordinary people couldn’t control Immortal Emperor Life Treasures.

“This ends now!” Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan screamed. They even spewed out their most valuable Longevity Blood without a care in order to channel the most powerful strike from their weapons.

“Boom!” A blow descended, one that was much more powerful than the earlier attack. Countless universal laws rushed up from the academy’s ground, but they were destroyed by this attack as this piece of earth was completely annihilated!

Countless people started to quiver in the Eastern Hundred Cities.

“This… Are they trying to sink the academy?” An old undying stared at the academy from afar and murmured.

Things began to quiet down on the battlefield, but all the spectators who were watching from the horizon were still holding onto their breaths. Their eyes opened wide in disbelief since they could no longer trust the scene displayed before them.

Eventually, a person rubbed his eyes and incredulously murmured: “This is… Impossible!”

At this moment, everyone witnessed an incredible sight. The two Emperor Weapons’ descent had been stopped. Li Qiye was holding a stone box; once he opened this box, an immortal light filled the sky, and it stopped the Imperial Violet Hammer and the Black Tortoise Rod.

This stone box was the great treasure of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom, a supreme treasure that he traded for and obtained from the hands of Middle Continent Princess.

Even Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan greatly changed their expressions. Two Emperor Weapons were stopped completely; what kind of treasure was this!?

“My turn!” Li Qiye loudly laughed and said: “Just like you said, it is time for this to end.”

A treasure then flew out from the stone box.

It was a mirror. It was not bronze nor gold, not silver nor steel; the material was unknown. One half Yin and one half Yang, and this Yin and Yang combined together into two Yin Yang Fish that were swimming around nonstop. It was an immortal light that was shot from these fishes' eyes that stopped the two Emperor Weapons.

“Go!” Li Qiye was not conservative with his Longevity Blood as he spewed it into the mirror.

“Omm----” The Yin Yang Fish flew out from the mirror with an aura capable of sweeping through the heaven and earth.

“Boom!” A deafening explosion occurred. Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince, while wielding their Emperor Weapons, were struck flying away as their bones shattered. Both of them sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

“Ommm--” Another unbelievable thing happened! The Yin Yang Fish turned into a Yin Yang whirlpool and sucked up the Imperial Violet Hammer and the Black Tortoise Rod.

In an instant, the two treasures fell into Li Qiye’s hands, changing owners.

In the deepest darkness in the sky, an old undying exclaimed in disbelief: “Impossible! This… this… is a treasure that had been lost for millions of years! How could it be in the hand of this Little Demon?”

“The Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror! The bulwark treasure of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom!” Even some old undyings who had always been hiding in the darkness took a deep breath and said in amazement.

Today, there were not only old undyings from the alliance who wanted to seize the academy, there were also a few undyings hiding outside just to spectate.

To them, Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan taking out Emperor Weapons was nothing surprising because they had seen many storms and waves before. However, when Li Qiye took out the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror, they were met with shock!

This mirror had an extremely mysterious origin, and no one knew the exact details. It was the bulwark treasure of the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom — one of the strongest Ancient Kingdoms during the Desolace Expansion Era!

There was a saying during this era: If there were immortals in the heavens, then the mirror shall refine them. So one could already imagine how frightening this mirror was.

Unfortunately, during the era of Immortal Emperor Tian Tu, he destroyed the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom. Ever since then, the mirror was lost. Immortal Emperor Tian Tu himself had always been searching for this mirror during his era. [1. Tian Tu = Heaven Massacre, a very cool title.]

“Return!” Seeing Li Qiye snatch away the two Emperor Weapons, the gravely wounded Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan were horrified. They then spouted out mantras in order to call them back.

They used a supreme chant in order to summon the Immortal Emperor Life Treasures in order to seize them back.

“Ommmm—” The hammer and rod were vibrating as they struggled to fly out from Li Qiye’s hands. Li Qiye’s expression sank as he used a great technique to suppress the two Emperor Weapons as the Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror floated above his head.

“Poof!” The Yin Yang Fishes' eyes shot out immortal lights, one Yin and one Yang, into the two weapons and suddenly locked them. Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince couldn’t summon the weapons back because their treasures were completely sealed.

“Now that they have fallen into my hands, don’t even think about resummoning them.” Li Qiye slowly spoke after he finished suppressing the two weapons.

Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan were both furious and aghast. They couldn’t believe that Li Qiye’s mirror could suppress Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Unless it was an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, nothing else in this world could suppress Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Could it be that Li Qiye’s mirror was comparable to an Immortal Emperor True Treasure?

“Even if you took them, it will only be temporary. Emperor Weapons have Emperor Locks; even if the Imperial Violet Hammer is in your grasp, you are still unable to use it!”

Every Emperor Weapon had an Emperor Lock. This meant that the weapon was tied down to the Immortal Emperor’s bloodline — their descendants. Outside of the Emperor’s offspring or inheritor, no one else could use the weapon even if they had it in their grasp unless they had a heaven-defying method of bypassing the Emperor Lock, or if this Emperor’s heritage was destroyed. Otherwise, they were nothing more than scrap metal in the hands of outsiders.

“An Emperor Lock cannot cause trouble for me!” Li Qiye revealed a cheerful smile and said. All of a sudden, he solemnly took out a bottle, then he dripped two drops of Longevity Blood onto the hammer and rod.

“Snap!” At this moment, everyone heard the opening of a lock. The Immortal Emperor Universal Laws that were used to lock the weapons were suddenly released.

The two Emperor Weapons emitted a bright light in Li Qiye’s hands as their Emperor Power became even more powerful!

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