Chapter 3259: Leaving Home

“You’ll be leaving too, Young Master?” Fuyou became disappointed and wondered.

Li Qiye had taught the children but had no intention of taking them in as disciples. He would leave this place soon or later, probably when the children embarked for Divine Black.

“I’ll be going too since there’s a connection between me and yourself. A visit will be fine.” Li Qiye had a faint smile while looking towards the direction of Divine Black.

“Really? You’ll join too?” Fuyou became ecstatic.

This meant that Li Qiye would stick around. Both the children and he would benefit from Li Qiye’s teaching for a little bit longer.

Li Qiye nodded and didn’t say anything else.

“I’ll be going first to see the situation.” The happy man bowed towards Li Qiye and said. He began making preparations for the children to go. 

This was indeed the best option for the children. Everyone in this territory dreamed about joining Divine Black.

On this day, Fuyou gathered the essentials and returned to the sect. An unprecedented number of children were eligible so he needed to talk to the seniors first.

He returned a few days later with good news: “Train hard because in just one month, the sect will open its door and recruit more disciples. Everyone will get a chance. Don’t blame me for being a bad teacher if you’re disqualified. You’ll need to come back and work on the farm then!”

He was only scaring them a bit. They were already at the Iron Skin realm and could join the sect.

He had talked to the seniors as well and took care of various arrangements. These children would have a great starting point compared to the other recruits.

“Yes!” The children exclaimed and started celebrating.

Their parents became happy as well. Joining Divine Black was a proud achievement, bringing honor to their family.

“This is the biggest event in our village, so many children are joining the immortal sect at once.” The old men in the village became sentimental. Some were even moved to tears.

After all, this might change the fate of their village. Perhaps it would become a part of Divine Black.

The news inspired the children to work harder in the next month, not daring to relax. Fuyou’s scare tactic actually worked. No one wanted to be sent back home.

Joining Divine Black was their biggest desire. This could allow them to become immortals; something they always saw in their dreams.

The month passed by quickly. The children woke up early this day, ready to leave. Their mothers’ eyes were red from crying; their fathers became sad.

They knew that they would rarely see their children again. In fact, maybe only once or twice for the remainder of their lives. Alas, they still chose to let them go.

It had nothing to do with the village, only so that their children could become amazing immortals.

The children also cried because this would be their first time away from home. Some kept on sobbing the entire time.

The man with the thunderous voice, Fuyou, didn’t say anything. He let them have their moment since he started vividly recalling his first time leaving home as well.

On the other hand, Li Qiye had seen this scene too many times and didn’t feel much.

“Son, go, listen to the young master and instructor there.” The parents eventually pushed their children forward towards the duo.

They knew that the kids were very lucky. In the past, only one or two in each generation made it to Divine Black. Plus, they needed to rely on themselves as well since they didn’t know anyone there.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye finally gave the order.

He got on a mobile chair, carried by the oldest children. No one had a problem with this because Li Qiye was the village’s biggest benefactor. 

He taught their children on top of giving them farming methods. He was the reason why these children could join Divine Black so early.

Fuyou had no objection either. This type of labor was good training for the children. They would face harsher trials on the path towards the dao.

Divine Black wasn’t that far from the village for cultivators. Alas, the children needed several days to get there.

Fuyou didn’t help them along the way. This was the start of their training.

Li Qiye enjoyed himself during the trip, seemingly asleep the entire way. Fuyou told them the history of Divine Black and other stories along with important rules and powerful characters there.

Divine Black might not be the strongest lineage in West King but it was certainly mighty and famous. Most importantly, it could be considered one of the oldest.

Remember, it originated from the Ancient Era back in the previous epoch. Their patriarch was an invincible divine beast, a Black Tortoise.

According to the legends, their patriarch was blessed by a great immortal and obtained incredible fortunes and a peerless bloodline. It eventually started Divine Black.

Later on, the nine worlds crumbled but its lineage still stood strong. It fell into decline until the appearance of South Conch Dao Lord. It became the strongest lineage in all of West King.

This was no longer the case but it was still very influential in this region. It was one of the two biggest demon sects; the other was Dragon Phoenix Valley. The latter didn’t actively recruit disciples.

Thus, the demons, whether born naturally or touched by the dao, would join Divine Black.

Its rich history was a great advantage. It had access to Dao Lord merit laws and ancient arts.

The merit laws from their patriarch, in particular, were suitable for demons, able to harmonize with any demonic dao. Even the demons outside of their territory would make the long journey to join.

Its territory spanned for one million miles, consisting of thousands of cities and more than a thousand sects.

The actual sect was built on a majestic mountain range. It was reclusive, unlike the big clans that prefer to stay in the cities.

The children got a better understanding of Divine Black after listening to Fuyou.

“Instructor, when can we have special moves?” One innocent kid asked.

“Special moves?” Fuyou smiled.

“Like an immortal, able to fly from one place to another or other stuff.” Another’s eyes flashed brightly.

They believed that those who can fly were immortals.

“Wait until you reach Enlightened Being Manifestation.” Fuyou said.

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