Chapter 3257: Make Tea For Me

This naturally confused her. Li Qiye looked as ordinary as can be. His lazy manner showed a lack of aspiration.

However, her wondrous talent and bloodline told her that he was as extraordinary as can be. That’s all she knew, unable to figure out the actual details.

Could it be that her bloodline was incorrect? No, they were too special to be incorrect.

She continued her observation but nothing changed. One could find someone like him anywhere on the street. It’s just that her intuition told her otherwise.

During this process, she gradually found him very familiar as if she had seen him before. This was impossible because of her impeccable memories.

She racked her brains and still couldn’t come up with a previous meeting with this new cultivator.

“May I ask for your name, Young Noble?” She slightly bowed towards him, showing ample respect.

She seldom performed this act, not even to sect masters, let alone a new cultivator. In fact, People wouldn’t dare to accept this gesture from her.

Normally, they would be the ones kneeling in her presence. For her to initiate a conversation? This was a peerless honor.

Li Qiye, on the other hand, still didn’t open his eyes. He simply asked: “How’s the water?”

The girl became surprised. This was her first time experiencing something like this. Even the sect master of Divine Black would need to tread carefully in her presence.

The great geniuses of West King would be lost in elation and pride right now if they were in this man’s shoes.

Unfortunately, he didn’t even stand up to return the gesture, not bothering to talk to her eye-to-eye. Perhaps he didn’t give a damn about her beauty or status - this was something new to her.

“Don’t just stand there, make the tea.” Li Qiye interrupted her stupor.

She naturally became astounded, thinking that she had misheard. She looked around and there was no one else here besides the two of them.

“You’re, you’re talking to me?” She pointed at her nose, astonished. She has grown used to being treated as a jewel wherever she went.

Others would be offering the finest tea to her. They would find it an honor for her to take a sip.

Now, this nobody was telling her to make tea like a maid?

“Who else but you?” Li Qiye nonchalantly responded.

“You!” She became angry right away. No way would she play the part of a servant for anyone!

Alas, he ignored her outburst and seemed to be asleep. Maybe he didn’t care about whether she would agree or not.

She took a deep breath to calm down and kept on staring at him. Only a man of high status would act this way. No, a madman would too. He didn’t look insane though.

If anyone dared to talk to her in this manner, she would have taught them a lesson. In this case, her talents and bloodline told her to not mess with Li Qiye. She wasn’t angry enough to the point of losing her reason.

Putting her annoyance to the side, she ended up making tea for him.

Fetching the water, rinsing the tea leaves, shaking the tea, checking the color… These procedures must be carried out correctly.

She rarely made tea before in the past since others have always served her. Thus, this whole thing was truly unbelievable.

She herself thought that it was ridiculous but ultimately, she needed to listen to her innate gifts.

Finally, a tea aroma lingered in the air after she finished making the green tea. She begrudgingly carried a plate with the tea over to him.

“Drink.” She spoke up, still unhappy.

“Call me young master.” He casually demanded.

The fire in her mind ignited again. She had already acquiesced once by making tea. This was giving him plenty of face. 

Now, he wanted her to call her “Young Master”? This was a case of win an inch and want a foot.

Once again, she restrained her anger in accordance with her intuition.

The other party paid no attention to her feelings. The reality was that he wouldn’t even mind her being angry enough to try and kill him.

He finally stood up and raised a cup for a few sips. He put it down then leaned back on his chair once more.

She stared at him, clearly wanting to hear an evaluation since this was her first time making tea for someone.

She suddenly realized this and found it ridiculous. Was she going crazy? Why would she care about his opinion? He should be thanking her for having this honor.

“If your teamaking ability was half as good as your cultivation, you would have boundless potential.” Li Qiye finally spoke, clearly being sarcastic.

“...” The fire returned again. She gritted her teeth while having the urge to wring his head off. This was her first time seeing someone so arrogant and insensitive.

Who do you think you are? A Dao Lord? A god? Completely unbeatable?

Nonetheless, she still had enough sense to not do anything about it.

“Boundless potential from making tea?” She uttered coldly.

“Being able to make tea for me means boundless potential.” He replied.

She thought that it would be awfully difficult to find another person like him in this world.

“Is that so?” She didn’t buy it. He was only a new cultivator while she was far more prestigious than most young lords and geniuses from the big sects.

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