Chapter 3255: Guests From Divine Black

Li Qiye used very few words to solve the problems of the children. Liu Fuyou had never noticed them before; this made him admire Li Qiye even more.

He realized that asking Li Qiye to teach the children was the wisest thing he had done.

Though Li Qiye didn’t speak a lot, he always got straight to the point. The children were totally convinced by his abilities.

Sure enough, they could sense something changing within them in just a short time. The slow learners gradually caught up to the rest. It didn’t take long before he turned into a great teacher in their eyes.

However, he had no intention of taking in any disciple. He wasn’t their master so he told them to refer to him as “Young Master”.

He didn’t spend every day teaching the children, only occasional at best. Nonetheless, all of them and Fuyou still appreciated him.

In this period, he also brought some villagers outside to find herbs and grass. He would then help them plant these materials in the village.

The villagers stopped focusing on food herbs and more on medicinal ingredients. They initially knew very little about alchemy but under Li Qiye’s guidance, they started learning how to manufacture these ingredients successfully.

Fuyou saw the grass and herbs. They were relatively common but mortals couldn’t cultivate them. Only the sects could do so.

Alas, Li Qiye taught them the right method to plant the seeds. The latter grew at a fast pace as well.

He understood why Li Qiye did it. These materials were far more valuable than grains and provisions. This was a great development for the village.

Of course, Li Qiye only did so during his downtime. It was no big deal for him to help them out a little.

On the other hand, they didn’t feel the same way and thought that they owed him a great debt. This was changing the fate of their village. Thus, all the villagers loved and respected him like a deity.

Today, Fuyou was having another lesson. Li Qiye sat nearby and kept an eye out for the children’s development.

“Rumble!” Sudden loud noises outside the village stole their attention.

Numerous figures came out of the forest nearby. “Raa!” A howl scared the nearby animals away.

It was a large panther. Dozens of other beasts came after it - white tigers, rhinoceros, stallions…

“Members of the sects!” Many children became ecstatic.

The villagers put down their tools and stared at the entrance. They could finally see the cultivators sitting on these large beasts, not just humans but demons as well.

Some had a tiger head and a human body; one was a tree demon while another was a snake demon….

These demons might cause a disturbance at another place but the villagers were used to this scene.

They were disciples from Divine Black. This was a routine patrol.

Their sect was an influential one to the north of West King. More than half of its members were demons.

Liu Fuyou came over and the man sitting on the leopard jumped down. The latter wore a light color robe while possessing a treasure glow indicating his cultivation level - an Enlightened Being.

“Long time no see, Senior Brother.” The man laughed and gave Fuyou a hearty hug.

“Congratulations, Junior Brother, you’re at the intermediate level now.” Fuyou smiled and congratulated.

The man’s name was Huang Jie. He was from the same branch as Fuyou and purposely came to visit Fuyou during the patrol.

Divine Black’s territories were vast so these patrols were necessary. Normally, this exercise required speed and the groups wouldn’t linger for long.

However, Huang Jie came to this village specifically to see Fuyou.

The children stared at the beast riders with admiration and hope. They also wanted to join Divine Black and become capable enough to ride these fierce beasts or even the flying swords. Hell, some wanted to be able to fly themselves, traversing through the sky or magically moving through the earth.

“I barely broke through, it’s no big deal.” Huang Jie humbly shook his head.

“It’s great already, you’ll definitely be able to reach the Samadhi realm.” Fuyou smiled.

“I hope so.” Huang Jie was only a slightly above-average disciple in Divine Black. An intermediate Enlightened Being wasn’t a big deal in Divine Black.

“You would have reached Samadhi long ago, Senior Brother. Mmm, you do look better than last time though.” Huang Jie looked at him and said.

Fuyou had indeed recovered thanks to Li Qiye. However, he was just cultivating his dao foundation instead of trying to break through.

“I’m getting better.” Fuyou nodded but didn’t dare to run his mouth without Li Qiye’s permission.

“I’m happy to hear this. Given your talents, it won’t be long until you surpass me.” Huang Jie was happy for the guy.

“No one can predict the future.” Fuyou humbly responded.

“I believe in you, Senior Brother. You used to be a famous genius in our sect for a reason.” Huang Jie tapped Fuyou’s shoulder.

“Let’s not bring up the past.” Fuyou laughed. He was in a good mood.

Huang Jie then turned towards the children. He also glanced at Li Qiye but didn’t care too much. Li Qiye looked like a new cultivator, nothing special.

“The children are doing great, they’ll be qualified to enter the sect soon.” Huang Jie was pleasantly surprised: “Looks like you really know how to teach. A good cultivator and a great teacher all in one.”

The children naturally loved to hear this since joining Divine Black was their dream.

“I can’t claim the credit since I’ve gotten help from some amazing men.” Fuyou didn’t act complacent.

“It has been a while since your last return. When will you come back to the sect? Little Qianyue is an Enlightened Being now.” Huang Jie’s expression became serious.

“Wow.” Fuyou couldn’t help but praise: “I remember when she first joined, just a little girl. Only a few years and she’s an Enlightened Being already? Putting all of us to shame.”

“An inborn true fate is not something we can compare to. She’s definitely the most brilliant one now. I think she’s on the same level as Senior Brother Su back then.” Huang Jie said before ending with a sentimental sigh.

“Yes, the young will surpass us in time. It’s a shame that he’s no longer around.” Fuyou became sad as well.

“After he was gone, we all thought that you would…” Huang Jie didn’t finish the sentence.

“I’m too foolish and lack talents.” Fuyou shook his head.

“That’s a little insensitive, don’t you think? We cultivated together so I know your talents. You might not be on the same level as Senior Brother Su but definitely not weaker than anyone else.” Huang Jie smiled wryly.

Fuyou smiled back, not wanting to bring up the past.

“Eight Zhang Peak is still doing well?” He changed the topic.

“Relatively.” Huang Jie showed hesitation and only let out a forced smile: “It’s just missing a pillar.”

Fuyou pondered a bit before answering: “My presence there wouldn’t change anything.”

“The Peak Lord is doing well but our generation is one person short.” Huang Jie said.

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