Chapter 3254: Dao Instruction

Blessed Dao Lord was a great paragon in history. Liu Fuyou wasn’t the only one who thought this. Many wise sages and masters had this evaluation of Blessed. The Dao Lords in future generations felt the same way.

It’s true - Fuyou thought. Even their great ancestor, South Conch Dao Lord, was far inferior in comparison.

Blessed Dao Lord clearly valued the seven mantras. This wouldn’t be the case if they were inadequate. 

“Hmm… So how is All-things magical?” Fuyou finally asked.

“Terrible teachers erroneously taught future generations.” Li Qiye said: “One mantra can have a million solutions and paths, some just assumed that they had the correct one.”

Fuyou had no response since he was one of them, thinking that All-things was inferior to South Fence. This might not be the case.

Nonetheless, he knew that given his abilities, he wouldn’t be able to truly understand All-things, unable to grasp its essences.

Of course, he didn’t know that the All-things engraving in their village wasn’t the original copy. It had been changed by numerous cultivators, no longer containing the same principles.

Only those on the same level as Li Qiye could derive the source from the numerous mistakes.

Fuyou could see how easy cultivation was for Li Qiye, unlike beginners who usually had troubles.

That’s why Fuyou knew that Li Qiye was a real master with peerless comprehension of the dao and cultivation. He naturally became envious as a result.

Others called him a young genius once. Alas, he was far from being as carefree and leisurely as Li Qiye right now. Some people were meant to cultivate since birth. 

He thought about something but didn’t dare to say it; his mouth opened several times but he eventually swallowed his words.

“Spill it.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

He turned red and rubbed his palms awkwardly before speaking: “Young Master, well, the truth is that the children in our village all yearn for the dao but they lack a capable teacher. I am foolish and can’t educate them well. The truth, the truth is that I hope when you have time, you can teach them a little bit?” 

Fuyou was tempted because he saw Li Qiye meditating and showing off his abilities earlier.

Li Qiye had only started but it wouldn’t be long until the guy surpasses him. Plus, nothing was better for new cultivators than having a good teacher. Li Qiye would do a far better job at teaching the children than him.

Li Qiye gave him a stern glare.

“Of course, let’s pretend I didn’t say, say anything if you don’t have time, Young Master.” Fuyou became afraid.

“I don’t like teaching. Educating them is your responsibility, I’ll just give them a few pointers when I have time.” Li Qiye said while shaking his head.

“Thank you, Young Master, thank you. The entire village will be grateful.” Fuyou got on his knees and bowed.

Li Qiye sat there, accepting the grand gesture.


The next morning, Liu Fuyou started his lecture with Li Qiye sitting nearby.

The field was filled with children sitting down in an orderly fashion. Their black, innocent eyes were fixated on Li Qiye.

The village was just an ordinary one with members who usually relied on farming and hunting for subsistence. However, a few managed to become disciples of Divine Black.

Unfortunately, they had limited achievements and eventually died from old age. Not many returned to the village. Fuyou’s case was unheard of.

In fact, he wouldn’t have stayed in the village if it wasn’t for the prior issue. It’s a sad fact that many cultivators would eventually leave the mortal world, forever separated from their previous life.

This was especially true after their parents passed. There was nothing else worth remembering for them, no point in returning to their home. They would cut all ties afterward.

Fuyou was quite influential in Divine Black. The villagers didn’t know what happened but were willing to send their children to him for instruction.

Cultivation gave these children a chance to rise, becoming dragons instead of ordinary.

“Instructor, is he learning with us?” A young girl with little freckles curiously asked while staring at Li Qiye. She was the one who was there when he first woke up. 

“From today on, Young Master is your teacher. Whoever doesn’t listen will have to talk to the whip.” Fuyou said with a stern expression.

The children saw the long whip in his hand and shuddered. No one dared to say anything despite being very curious.

“Nice to meet you, Teacher.” The rest then bowed towards him under the order of Fuyou. They respected Fuyou and would always listen to him.

Li Qiye nodded in response. He didn’t start teaching them right away, only quietly listening to the side during Fuyou’s lecture.

The children focused on their lesson and forgot about Li Qiye.

Fuyou finished the lecture eventually and looked over at Li Qiye then asked politely: “Young Master, do you have anything to add?”

“Your South Fence Mantra is derived from All-things, it’s not a bad introductory method and quite suitable for them. However, there is one mistake in the lecture today. Gaze at the western moon and scale the sun…

He had a soothing voice with profound yet accessible explanations, succinct yet penetrative to the core.

Fuyou was talented enough to be frightened by the explanations. The way he taught was in accordance with his sect’s standard interpretation. He thought that this was the best way to teach South Fence. Now, the disparity between his teaching and Li Qiye’s was as clear as day.

Though Li Qiye had never seen South Fence before, it was derived from All-things which he had mastered. Thus, South Fence couldn’t be simpler for him.

“Memorize what he is telling you guys.” Fuyou understood that Li Qiye was many steps above his sect in terms of dao interpretation. He began correcting the children.

“Her dao foundation is fine, just too soft.” Li Qiye then pointed at the talkative girl prior: “Recite the mantra faster and add a higher concentration of chaos true energy.”

“You’re too eager for success, the dao flame is in your heart already, resulting in a potential disaster.” He told an older one: “I’m sure you train hard at night too.”

The older child lowered his head.

“Working hard is good but you have to do it the right away, doing less but gaining more. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of effort. It’s fine to train at night, just start at midnight and absorb energy from the moon.”

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