Chapter 325: Emperor Weapons Appearing

Chapter 325: Emperor Weapons Appearing

The two flew in the sky while their blood dyed the blue sky. All the spectators were quite shocked and speechless, including devilish geniuses and previous generation experts.

These two were the contemporary heaven’s proud sons. Coming from Ancient Kingdoms with dual emperor arts, countless people thought very highly of them. Some even thought that they could open their own heavenly dao to eventually aspire for the Heaven’s Will! But today, their combined efforts were still no match for this boy.

“Good, good strike!” The applause of the Grand Era students erupted like a raging geyser. At this moment, they felt quite proud.

Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan were amongst the strongest in the Sacred Era Hall; even other devilish geniuses would feel pressured when in their presence. But today, both of them were constantly being suppressed by Li Qiye. This was a great honor and glory for the Grand Era Hall!

“Hoh!” They exhaled. Even though Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince suffered a severe blow, they quickly soared back in a flash. With a sizzling sound, their pierced chests started to recover at an unbelievable speed. In the blink of an eye, the hole in their chests disappeared. If it wasn’t for the tattered and bloody spots on their robes, no one would believe that their chests were completely penetrated just a moment ago.

“Truly dual emperor arts wielders, it is like they are unkillable!” Spectators took a deep breath after seeing this scene.

Once a cultivator reached the Heaven’s Primal realm, they could refine their True Fates into a Heaven’s Will Primal Soul, allowing their True Fates to escape from their bodies. This way, even if their bodies get destroyed, they could still build a new one.

However, the actual application of this was very difficult. Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints would have a hard time repairing their destroyed bodies. This was even truer for Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince since their chests were pierced by an Inner Physique.

This could be considered a mortal wound since the divine power of an Immortal Physique would leave behind permanent damage to the body.

Yet, the penetrated chests of these two were able to completely heal as if they were never hurt in the first place. If it was someone else who was wounded by an Immortal Physique, then not only would their body be hurt, their True Fate would also not remain unscathed.

“Everything ends now!” At this point, Zu Huangwu crazily cried out like a furious dragon. This battle was extremely shameful to both of them. They were the heaven’s proud sons, the highest existences amongst geniuses. Today, despite their joint efforts, they were still trampled by Li Qiye, so what face was left for them? There would be no place in this world for them to stand unless they killed Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” At this moment, the nine heavens and ten earths shook as all existences prostrated themselves on the ground. Countless experts were suppressed, and even Ancient Saints couldn’t stand straight.

“An Emperor’s Weapon!” An Ancient Saint that had lived for more than ten thousand years exclaimed with a horrified and pale expression. Royal Nobles and Named Heroes soon bowed on the ground due to the invincible emperor’s aura.

Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan both took out Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Zu Huangwu had a battle rod that was capable of sweeping through everything in this world. The moment he swung it, the cry of a Black Tortoise resounded like a divine beast. The battle rod turned into a Black Tortoise, and then it seemed as if Immortal Emperor Fu Ma was sitting on top of this tortoise to suppress all gods and demon kings in this world.

Black Tortoise Rod — this was the Life Treasure left behind by Immortal Emperor Fu Ma for the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. Rumor has it that he went into an immortal ground and slayed a divine beast, the Black Tortoise. Then, he used its dao bone to craft this imperial rod.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, on the other hand, took out a very familiar weapon that had once appeared in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, the Imperial Violet Hammer.

The appearance of the two Emperor Weapons brought everything back to the primordial chaos.

“Open!” Li Qiye screamed and unleashed all of his supreme arts to their utmost limit. At this moment, Li Qiye’s Life Wheel exploded with an endless ocean of blood. There was a sanguine moon and a golden sun in the middle, spinning around like the Taijitu. [1. Taijitu — Yin Yang circular symbol.]

The boundless divine blood inside the Yin Yang Sea of Blood poured into Li Qiye’s dao foundation, causing it to radiate with a blinding glow. A Kun Peng blotted out the sky as Li Qiye’s nine divine rings increased to thirty-six rings to block the unstoppable attack from the two Emperor Weapons.


The heaven and earth shattered, the void was destroyed, and the stars started to fall. This one blow caused the Eastern Hundred Cities to tremble. Countless universal laws as gigantic as stars soared up from under the academy’s ground to prevent the earth from sinking due to this blow.


Despite Li Qiye’s heaven-defying abilities, all was meaningless in the face of this attack. The sword and saber’s brilliance was annihilated, his Thousand Hands were broken, the grass sword moldered, and the nine suns plunged down.

All became meaningless before this blow because they could not block an attack from Immortal Emperor Life Treasures.

“Bang!” Li Qiye’s body slammed into the earth, creating a huge pit that was stained with his own blood as cracks began to split from the epicenter.

The aura of the Immortal Emperors swept through the heaven and earth and suppressed all four directions as all the beings in the Eastern Hundred Cities became alarmed. At this very second, countless people from afar gazed towards the academy. Even the old undyings shivered in fear after they felt the supreme presence of Immortal Emperors.

“Are they attacking the Heavenly Dao Academy right now?” One old undying shivered at the thought of someone using an Emperor Weapon to attack the academy.

At this moment, the plains shattered and the earth became silent; everyone stood still in a daze.

“This is impossible! Impossible!” Chi Xiaodie became pale as her legs went weak. Everything happened way too fast; Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan suddenly attacked with Emperor Weapons. It was already too late before anyone could react.

The Grand Era students were exhausted. The aura of the emperors did not allow for them to stand straight. Many of them sat down on the ground while others lied flat.

It shocked them that Li Qiye, who was easily fending off those two, couldn’t stop the unbeatable Emperor Weapons. Li Qiye was their pride, the symbol and star of the common cultivators. In the end, it was not his cultivation that lost to Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan. Instead, he was killed by Emperor Weapons.

“Hahahahaha! He was just an ant yet he still dared to challenge the Tiger’s Howl School. What a foolish thing, an insignificant mayfly that tried to shake a giant tree!”

“Look, this is your hero, this is all that he could do.” A prince from a powerful country laughed and mocked the Grand Era students.

The Grand Era students could only glance at each other, holding onto their anger. Before the invincible aura of Emperor Weapons, all was powerless and they simply could not resist.

“It is all over!” Zu Huangwu said with a deep tone. Both Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince heaved a sigh of relief. Li Qiye’s existence caused them to feel a great amount of pressure and unease. But now, after killing him, they were finally able to relax with the weight off their backs.

“Over? This is only the beginning.” At a time when everyone thought the matter was settled, all of a sudden, a calm voice filled with an influential charm appeared.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye got up from the ground; he was covered in blood with his flesh torn apart. He was like a broken vase with cracks everywhere. It was as if his body would instantly shatter into small pieces from just a slight touch.

There was a terrifying crack on his head. However, he was still alive.

“Clank!” The Inner Physique in Li Qiye’s chest once again exuded an immortal radiance. Divine chains, that appeared to be like needles, started to sew together the cracks on his body. Eventually, after a ding sound, the giant lock made from refined flames once again covered Li Qiye’s entire body as these strings of universal laws wrapped around his wounds.

The Kun Peng inside his dao foundation spread its wings as the heavenly essence entered his body and treated his wounds. The ocean of blood in his Life Wheel poured Longevity Blood back inside as well to accelerate the healing process!

An immortal light that was connected to the Heaven’s Will descended from the sky, and it illuminated his entire body without any signs of dimming. The Daylight Sky Secret Law was able to communicate with the heavenly grand dao, and he used its power to heal his wounds.

“Aizz, although this physique is not as invincible as the Indestructible Diamond Physique, it can still endure this much. Healing one’s body is not something limited to people with dual emperor arts.” Li Qiye calmly spoke with confidence: “Unfortunately, your cultivations are too shallow. If you both actually had the power of Heavenly Sovereigns or were able to use twenty percent of the Emperor Weapons, then it might have been possible to defeat me. Only ten percent of the weapons’ power is not enough to kill me!”

“The Immortal Physique!” At this point, both Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince lost their colors as they took a step back. With the Emperor Weapons, as long as they could unleash ten to twenty percent of its power, they could massacre all things! All Fate Laws, Longevity Laws, techniques... Everything became insignificant in the presence of Emperor Weapons.

Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds, Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law, Heaven Traversing Eight Saber… In the end, all of these arts could not stop an attack from the Emperor Weapons and were rendered into dust!

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