Chapter 3247: The Wonderful Grand Dao

Once again, Liu Fuyou found himself perplexed. Why was he accompanying Li Qiye when the guy was only looking at this spring?

A cultivator like him was tagging behind a mortal. Strangely enough, this didn’t feel too out of place. He eventually stopped thinking about it and just went with the flow.

Li Qiye found a spot and sat down near the spring. He casually plucked a little flower that was growing there.

As his finger twirled, the flower started floating in a circular motion.

The action looked natural and fluid but Fuyou was completely enchanted by the flower. He saw it floating in accordance with the wind direction, same with the speed.

In fact, the spin of the flower was at the same speed as the flower of the water down in the spring as well. 

Before he knew it, he found this spinning motion to be in tune with all rhythms in the world - a perfect harmonization.

As the flower gradually fell down and touched the water, a carp leaped out of the water and swallowed it.

Once again, the carp didn’t spot the flower nor did it want to eat it. However, the flower fell down at the exact time when the carp leaped up with its mouth opened, perfectly inside.

It seemed that a karmic reaction had started the moment the flower started moving upward. 

Fuyou’s mind became illuminated in this split moment. He thought that he had just seen a grand dao.

He couldn’t believe his own eyes and started rubbing them. Maybe this was all a coincidence and he was overthinking it.

He looked over at Li Qiye - the guy was still sitting there with his chin resting on his palms, quietly watching the spring without a care.

Fuyou heaved a sigh of relief. Yes, he thought that he was really just overthinking it. There was no harmonization of the worldly orders just now, no karma and no grand dao.

“Your talent is not bad.” Li Qiye nonchalant said as he was relaxing.

This struck him like a lightning bolt. In fact, he had heard this phrase plenty of times before when many seniors and peers praised him.

However, this time was different.

He stood there like a silly wooden chicken, realizing that it was no coincidence earlier.

The harmonization started with a fluttering flower all started with Li Qiye’s simplest motion. This left Fuyou speechless with his mouth wide open. How could a mortal possess this ability? 

He himself had no chance of influencing the orders and rhythms of the world. Very few in his sects could actually do so.

“You…” He didn’t know what to say, finding the man to be unfathomable. Was this man a hidden master? Or was there another possibility? 

“Who are you?” This was the only question he could muster.

“I am me.” Li Qiye smiled and laid down to look at the white clouds moving across the blue sky.

“Pretty indeed.” Li Qiye sentimentally added.

Fuyou looked up and didn’t agree. He has seen this sky for dozens of years - it’s still the same as ever. He didn’t understand Li Qiye’s frame of mind but the guy didn’t look pretentious at all.

“Really?” Fuyou murmured. It wasn’t that pretty. His sect had plenty of beautiful sceneries trumping this ordinary sky.

Li Qiye only smiled because Fuyou hasn’t seen the destruction of a world or an empty shell of one. This beautiful sky was thanks to the effort of numerous sages. 

As Li Qiye was enjoying the azure, Fuyou had many thoughts in his mind that he didn’t dare to say.

“I am still me in the end, can only be the mortal for one or two days. Back to being Li Qiye then.” Li Qiye murmured and stood up.

Fuyou could see how bright his eyes were at this exact moment. Though they didn’t carry any divinity or frightening light, just this mere change of expression made Fuyou think that Li Qiye had become a different person - someone taller than the sky and thicker than the earth.

This naturally stunned Fuyou. How could a mortal give off this immense feeling?

He looked up and saw Li Qiye already far away then hurriedly caught up. He found that this Li Qiye was no longer the same as the one before. He was absolutely sure of this.

“You…” Fuyou was still at a loss for words, overwhelmed.

“Call me Young Master.” Li Qiye said without any hesitation.

“Young Master.” Fuyou answered right away and didn’t feel bad about it in the slightest.

Li Qiye didn’t care about Fuyou’s thoughts and continued forward.

“I know that you don’t want to stay in this small village because of your talents.” Li Qiye said.

“I was born here, so dying here isn’t bad at all.” Fuyou contemplated before answering while scratching his head. He had accepted this long ago.

He remembered the feelings back then when he first returned - unwillingness, humiliation, and indignation.

Alas, he matured across the years. Efforts weren’t enough to change anything so he chose acceptance instead.

This was his home so even though his dream had failed, it wasn’t bad living the rest of his life here.

Moreover, he placed his hope on the children. If one of them were to be chosen by the sect next time, it would be great for the village on top of fulfilling one of his wishes.

“Do you know what your problem is?” Li Qiye asked.

“I’m either stupid or not suitable for cultivation.” Fuyou thought about it before answering.

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