Chapter 3245: Li Qiye, Mortal

Gong Qianyue’s embarrassment turned into anger. She had no idea why the man’s words carried so much authority and power despite being a mortal.

“Answer my questions or I won’t let you go!” She shouted.

“Splash! Splash!” The water suddenly churned as if there was a spring oozing out from the bottom of the pond.

This sudden development caught her off guard.

Li Qiye sighed and smiled wryly: “I have such bad luck with water, taking me here is one thing but coming again?”

“Boom!” A pillar of water rushed out from the bottom, causing the rest to splash upward. She herself was blown flying along with Li Qiye.

The pillar shot up high and eventually fell back down like a mini rain.

“Shit, I can’t fly.” Li Qiye lamented during the fall.

“Bam!” He broke numerous branches along the way, resulting in a deep pain knocking him out.

When he woke up again, he saw a ceiling consisting of wood and straws. This house clearly didn’t belong to a wealthy family or a cultivator, just the humble abode of a farmer.

He looked around and saw a lack of decoration, only a table and basic essential items - nothing else.

He tried to move but found himself tied up by strips of cloth. A strong medicinal fragrance hit him. He was treated with ointment then wrapped up, making it hard for him to move.

“It’s really not easy being a mortal.” He smiled wryly.

He then inspected his own body. Of course, this was unnecessary since he knew his current situation - just a mortal with nothing left.

The explosion above decimated and truly killed him. Rebirth shouldn’t have been possible.

But let’s not forget, he was the Dark Crow Li Qiye. He needed to be ready for tougher fights in the future thus he had prepared sufficiently for this.

In the nine worlds, wait, this was no longer the nine worlds. The name of this place in the new epoch was Eight Desolaces.

He left behind ace cards here that were still around regardless of any earth-shattering changes.

After years of gestation, he was reborn and became a mortal again. Of course, mortal or immortal, this didn’t matter to him. He only needed his dao heart.

As long as it was still unyielding as before, he would be able to rise again.

He seemed amused as he smacked his lips, savoring the taste of being a mortal. It has been a very long time since he experienced this feeling. He closed his eyes and enjoyed this moment of peace.

Once he opened his eyes again, he saw a girl standing next to the bed.

She wore a cheap dress with patches on them. She was tanned from being overly exposed to the sun but her eyes were full of spirit.

She was startled to see the man waking up and immediately ran out while shouting: “Instructor, Instructor! The man woke up!”

Li Qiye chuckled at this sight.

A moment later, the sunlight coming through the door was blocked as someone walked in - a middle-aged man with a tall and muscular frame, long arms and big hands.

He wore a robe made from cheap hemp just like the little girl. However, his facial features were stalwart, giving off an austere and strong appearance.

“You’re awake.” He sat on the bed and said.

“You saved me.” Li Qiye looked at him.

“You fell from the sky and landed in our village during the rain, very lucky to survive.” He had a strange stare because the whole thing was strange.

It was a sunny day yet it started pouring out of nowhere. Moreover, this mortal landed without dying. It would make more sense if he were a cultivator instead.

Li Qiye chuckled in response. Everyone mistook the water pillar exploding as rain.

“I’m afraid you need to stay in bed for a while.” The man shook his head. It was a miracle that Li Qiye had survived the fall.

“What is your name? Where’s your home?” He went on.

“Li Qiye, no idea about my home though.” Li Qiye smiled.

The man took a closer look, thinking that Li Qiye suffered enough trauma during the fall to have amnesia.

This didn’t seem to be the case after an observation. Nonetheless, he wasn’t a curious person and stopped asking.

His name was Liu Fuyou, a member of this village. He had tried to cultivate before.

“This medicine isn’t very good.” Li Qiye smelled the ointment and shook his head.

“It’s from my sect, the best type, actually.” Fuyou responded. Best here meant that it was the best available to him. He didn’t have a lot left and used it all on Li Qiye.

In theory, he shouldn’t have saved a stranger, especially a mortal. Yet, he still did it and used the ointment given by his sect on this guy. He didn’t know why he did it either.

Little did he know that Li Qiye would have been fine either way. When Li Qiye could walk, he would be able to find better medicines to heal in the shortest time.

“Okay, rest well now.” Fuyou said then left.

While Li Qiye stayed at this village named Liu, Fuyou continued to take care of him. The two of them barely talked because of Fuyou’s quiet nature.

Occasionally, Fuyou stood there in a daze. There seemed to be something on his mind.

On the other hand, Li Qiye didn’t mind this arrangement and leisurely stayed to recover.

His recovery rate far exceeded Fuyou’s expectations, truly surprising the guy.

This morning, Li Qiye could finally leave his bed. This was the first time he got out of the house. He found himself in a simple courtyard belonging to Fuyou.

He left the place and was met by a clean breath of air. This was a tiny village surrounded by mountains and fogs on all sides. The refreshing breezes came from the forest nearby.

The village consisted of only several dozen families. All of them had the last name Liu, hence the name of the village.

It was early in the morning but the villagers were already busy. Some went hunting while others fed their livestock or began farming… Voices could be heard everywhere.

Fuyou was the only cultivator in the village so he was quite influential. Everyone else knew about Li Qiye, the sick person brought back by Fuyou.

A few villagers greeted him as he walked down the stone street.

This was the ordinary life of mortals - plain and simple while needing to work hard for the sake of survival.

He had a smile on his face while strolling down the road and breathing in the refreshing air.

He was no longer the invincible Li Qiye, only another mortal. This made him feel quite carefree, able to relax.

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