Chapter 3244: Pretty Reflection In The Pond

Verdant hills, green waters, and majestic peaks - certainly magnificent sights.

Mountain ranges filled this land. Peaks were tall enough to touch the sky with visual phenomena circling around them. Waterfalls poured down from above.

Birds and beasts played in this place; the rule of hunters and preys applied.

This territory belonged to Divine Black School, a large sect located in West King.

Its history was as deep as an abyss since its founding progenitor could be traced back to the previous epoch - Nine Worlds.

Yes, this was the new era. The legendary nine worlds were no longer around. Thus, its epoch became known as Nine Worlds.

The world was rebuilt after their collapse, leaving only behind the eight desolaces.

This became the age of the Dao Lords. Immortal Emperors and other classifications were no longer around.

The old orders of the previous epoch disappeared in the river of time. Their brilliant characters were all but forgotten.

The new epoch enjoyed prosperity and great development with waves of geniuses and rising sects.

Divine Black has been standing for so long since the last epoch, meaning that it had plenty of resources and talents.

Behind the mountains was an important training ground of the school unavailable to regular disciples.

There existed a pond with water clear enough to see the fish and shrimps. The reflection of the sunlight on the surface flashed like floating gold fragments.

A beautiful woman was bathing in the pond, enjoying its refreshingness. She had just come out of a long training session and decided to relax.

The cold water seeped into her jade skin. A pleasant feeling took over from top to bottom.

She washed with the water, cupping it with both hands. It flowed down the gaps between her jade fingers and down her gorgeous curves. The glimmers accentuated her beauty.

One could see her perfect features in the reflection on the water surface - long and thin brows, soft white-snow skin, aquiline nose, and charming red lips. However, there was a hint of free-spirited heroism in her beauty.

Her voluptuous figure commanded attention, akin to a mature grape tree with sparkling fruits filled with juice. Others couldn’t help wanting to take a bite.

Her lustrous fair skin combined with the sunlight reflecting on the water beads resembled a beautiful painting.

She gently rubbed off her sweats while enjoying the coolness.

Suddenly, water bubbles suddenly surfaced not far from her. The bubbles gradually increased in size and affected the rest of the pond.

This naturally made her stop and become cautious, thinking that it could be a water demon.

But this wasn’t right either. How could a demon be here in their sect’s guarded location?

“Splash!” A person surfaced from the water, gasping for breath as if he almost drowned.

“Ah!” The woman screamed after seeing that it was a man and quickly retreated while covering her breasts.

‘Almost drowned after this rebirth in the water.’ The man shook his head.

Meanwhile, the woman was still astounded. How could this man be here in the pond? She regained her wits and waved her hand. Her dress coiled around her right away.

“Clank!” She summoned a sword, pointing it at the man’s chest.

“Speak, who are you? Why are you here?!” She uttered with a cold glare.

He looked around twenty years of age, as common-looking as can be. No one would give him a second glance on a busy street.

Alas, there was something about his eyes after a careful look. She couldn’t pinpoint why they were special. They seemed deep enough to attract and draw someone in.

The man looked up and didn’t care about the sword pointing at him even though it was inches away from his throat, nearly pricking his skin. He remained nonchalant as if its sharpness was not a threat.

He stared at her in a rather impolite and direct manner. Remember, she only had a dress wrapping around her while still being in the water. Thus, the wet cloth stuck to her soft skin, revealing the gorgeous figure beneath.

She felt naked from top to bottom under his gaze. There was no place to hide; nothing could elude his eyes.

“Close your eyes or I’ll get rid of them for you.” Embarrassment turned into anger as she shouted and inched her sword closer.

The man still didn’t give a damn and simply asked: “Where is this place?”

“Divine Black School, who are you? Who sent you here?” The woman’s expression soured. Murderous intent rose by this point.

Not to mention an outsider, even a member of her sect wouldn’t be able to come here. Moreover, this was her pond meant for bathing.

Most importantly, she was completely seen by a stranger. This was unforgivable.

She took a closer look at him and found that he wasn’t a cultivator, just a regular mortal without any power.

How could he appear in this place? The whole thing was bizarre.

“Li Qiye, where is Divine Black? Which part of the nine worlds is this?” The man was no other than Li Qiye. His primordial light had destroyed everything above. 

He finally obtained rebirth after years and years of effort. The mysteries behind this deed would remain a secret. No one knew and he wouldn’t tell anyone either.

Nonetheless, the location was actually unexpected, not a part of his plan.

“Never heard of your nine worlds. Stop looking around and answer my question!” She asserted. However, she did find this name a little familiar. It was only a brief thought and she didn’t dwell on it.

“Where else can this be but the nine worlds?” Li Qiye looked up. The sky was still blue. Everything that should exist was there. This made him smile.

“West King of Eight Desolaces! Stop playing dumb, you obviously know where you are.” She said.

“Eight Desolaces.” Li Qiye murmured: “That’s fine, just a name change.”

“How did you get here?” She raised her voice.

“What is your name?” He didn’t answer.

“Gong Qianyue!” She blurted out without thinking. She didn’t know why she answered his nonchalant question. The whole thing felt so natural as if this was how it should be.

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