Chapter 3243: To Ashes

That person was rumored to be the strongest and most terrifying - the one who has gotten the furthest.

They would naturally be the happiest when that person was no longer around.

The person appeared a very long time ago, longer than they could remember, and stopped showing up. He disappeared without leaving any clue behind, seemingly vanishing from thin air. [1]

“Be honest now, is he still in this world?” Li Qiye looked at the old man and asked.

“Hard to say, at least I’m not certain.” The old man carefully pondered about this tough question before answering.

“No one can cross it, he should still be here. It’s just that we don’t know.” Another being joined in.

They have tried just now to scout the entire world and couldn’t find traces of him.

That person had disappeared before they knew it. Perhaps he was still around or maybe he was already gone to some other world.

His whereabouts were a mystery since they didn’t pay that much attention during the long period.

“What a shame, I came wanting to fight him. Looks like it won’t be possible.” Li Qiye shook his head.

No existences laughed at him for being so calm despite his precarious situation. Some of them actually wanted to witness such a fight in order to see how far that person had gone.

“A shame indeed, I want to see him fight too but no chance. No chance for you either.” The old man nodded.

“If he’s finished with his last words, let’s get started. We want to eat.” One existence’s chilling voice was goosebump-inducing.

Their eyes were full of bloodlust, ready to devour Li Qiye in entirety.

“I’m sorry to say that it’s my time to harvest.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Your impressive power won’t save you today. Struggling is useless; you’re doomed to be divided by us. Of course, feel free to struggle more, it’ll only make you taste better.” The old man licked his lips.

“Really now? Fine, time to end this, here’s a gift. I’m sure you’ll like it.” Li Qiye smirked and took out an item - a crystal pillar with a bronze cover.

This was Li Qiye’s ace card. He expended untold efforts just to get it. The crystal fowl back then immediately conceded after seeing it.

“A primordial light.” The old man narrowed his eyes.

The other existences instinctively staggered backward with their gaze fixed on the pillar.

“Indeed, the first light of the world and also the last, the light of creation and destruction. Call it whatever you want.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I thought it had exploded.” The old man said.

“Life just finds a way to surprise people, no?” Li Qiye said.

“You’ll die too.” One existence said while slowly retreating.

“Not just anyone can make it explode but one thing is for sure, no one will survive.” Li Qiye said.

“Not necessarily, I doubt it can kill all of us.” The old man remained cautious.

“Well, that doesn’t matter as much. The point is to destroy everything here without hurting what’s below. That’s my real goal.” Li Qiye revealed.

The other existences understood. This guy was here to destroy this dead world; killing them was secondary.

“You’ll be the first to die.” The old man said.

Li Qiye would suffer the full brunt of the explosion first. Turning to ashes would be his result.

“So what? Just death, no big deal.” Li Qiye let out a natural smile.

“Crack!” Suddenly, cracks appeared all over the pillar.

“No!!” The ones there became frightened as Li Qiye added his grand dao power and vitality after crushing the pillar.

“It’s too late.” Li Qiye didn’t care about his fate, evident by his nonchalant and natural smile.

“Boom!” The primordial light exploded, releasing an unprecedented flood of brightness and power.

The overlords back in the three thousand worlds immediately looked up at this second.

“He has the primordial light!” One in a redemption ground gasped in response.

Everyone could hear the deafening blast and became paralyzed and pale.

“Boom!” The boundless light broke through the azure above them.

This was akin to hearing a sudden thunder outside the window during the night rain. It illuminated the area on top of frightening any light sleeper. In this case, even the overlords were frightened.

Everything above the firmaments blew up as a result. The shockwaves of the explosions even struck the worlds below.

“Rumble!” The damaged framework of the nine worlds and the thirteen continents shattered. The two worlds became displaced as a result. Their continents crumbled while oceans churned violently.

One landmass was blown out of the nine worlds; some continents slammed into each other.

Mortal King, Sacred Nether, Heaven Spirit World… Their framework and barriers broke down so they started squeezing together.

“Boom!” One burial ground was blown out of the nine worlds as well.

Explosions and shock waves brought monumental changes to the three thousand worlds. The lucky survivors found that nothing was the same anymore. 

They got up and gazed around, speechless.

The ocean of tribulation above and the primordial tree were nowhere to be found. This was a new beginning.

“The start of a new epoch.” One person murmured.

In the nine worlds, many lineages turned to ashes overnight. Chaos and ominous disasters took over.

Alas, after destruction came creation. New lives and races appeared next. This was the order of life.

Dao Lords proved themselves during this lost era. They modeled the eight desolaces and rebuilt the world barriers…

Dragon Emperor and Spear Ancestor among others dominated the chaotic regions. Great masters fought all over the land and adventured into forbidden zones. One heroic woman rampaged and reigned over the four directions, beating anyone with the last name Li.

A new prosperous era started with so-called immortals preaching the grand dao. The new epoch was in full swing.

Alas, no one knew about a feeble light flashing somewhere in this new world. It required a billion years of gestation, quietly attempting to return… [2]

1. I might have made a note about this before but the sex is unknown. The current pronoun is usually male but can also be female. I don’t want to use “that person” repeatedly and “they” wouldn’t work either

2. Might not be literally one billion, just a long period of time

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