Chapter 3242: Final Fight

The world broke down along with the grand dao from this apocalyptic world. The destruction far exceeded anyone’s imagination.

If this battle occurred in any of the three thousand worlds, that world would instantly turn to ashes.

The actual battlefield existed above the firmament and far away from the three thousand worlds. It wasn’t a part of the five elements and the regular cycle, only a mere empty shell.

Explosions detonated but no real damage was being done. There was no time and space here in the first place. No living beings could survive here outside of the great creatures.

Li Qiye stood there, bloodied from top to bottom as if he had just gotten out from a pool of blood.

His body was mangled and lacerated. His rib cage was smashed to pieces; his forehead was forced open; crushed arms and shoulders…

His wounds would terrify anyone right now. It seemed that just a slight touch would make him crumble.

Nonetheless, he acted as if they were no big deal, still standing upright.

Unfortunately, there was no recovery from these wounds, not even with a full-body rebuild.

Broken weapons and top artifacts scattered on the ground. Spirit stones had their essences extracted, becoming useless in the process.

The expenditure of these resources and weapons was a sign of the great battle. It didn’t only belong to Li Qiye but also from these dark entities.

Some corpses were there as well. After dying, their corpses needed to be refined or they would fall into the three thousand worlds. They couldn’t linger in this area outside of the high heaven.

That’s the reason why the lower worlds kept on experiencing the calamity caused by their descend.

Li Qiye had killed numerous by this point. Of course, he needed to pay a heavy price during this fierce battle.

By this point, he was completely surrounded by gigantic figures. Naturally, the ones still alive paid a heavy price as well.

One had its head split open; another lost half of its body; the last was almost torn apart…

These beings were colossal, able to touch the sun and moon with their hand. Li Qiye looked like an ant in comparison. Nonetheless, he could still take on ten of them alone.

Among them was a being around the same size as Li Qiye. He was the only one with a humanoid form - an old man.

He wore a hemp robe, old and tattered. One would mistake him for a street beggar. He was skinny down to the bones, clearly lacking food and nutrition over the years. His eyes sank deep into their sockets, similar to a corpse.

However, his two eyes would occasionally flash with an all-devouring light. Emperors and progenitors would be devoured down to their last bits right away.

The other gigantic beings didn’t dare to overstep their bounds in his presence.

“Chomp!” One of these giants was chewing on a bloody piece of flesh then said: “Tastes really good!” It then glared at Li Qiye.

Yes, it was eating Li Qiye’s flesh.

However, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn and only focused on the old man.

This old man was the strongest among them. He didn’t have a name and Li Qiye didn’t ask either.

The others simply referred to him as “old geezer”. He’s the one who left the most wounds on Li Qiye. The faint voice at the beginning of the fight was his.

“Time does not flow here. Who knows how long it has been since I’ve been injured?” The old man said.

Despite his dreadful nature, his left shoulder has been the victim of a saber thrust with blood gushing out.

Nonetheless, this little wound didn’t matter compared to Li Qiye’s current state.

“Don’t worry about the injury, I’ll kill you soon enough.” Li Qiye didn’t grimace once, still looking confident.

“You do have the power to do so.” The old man had a feeble tone, seemingly on the verge of dying at any moment. One wouldn’t believe that he was capable of swallowing three thousand worlds in one gulp.

“I’m afraid you won’t have the chance though. We won’t only kill you, we’ll divide your everything afterward, not wasting even one scrap of bone.” The old man continued.

One could imagine this weak old man chewing on Li Qiye’s bones after hearing his threat.

“Say this again after you take me down.” Li Qiye smiled.

“We’re starving!” One colossal existence shouted and interrupted their conversation.

The others also focused their glare and salivated.

“I want his dao heart!” Another asserted.

“His true fate is mine!” One more swallowed his saliva.

“I only want the primordial will.” A different one tried to restrain its hunger.

The old man raised his hand and all of these existences immediately stopped speaking. He clearly possessed great authority among them.

“I respect a worthy foe. Say your last words.” The old man stared at Li Qiye as if he was already a dead man.

“No need for that. But it’s a shame that I didn’t get to see that person.” Li Qiye remained nonchalant.

All the existences here became silent right away, slightly raising their brows.

They didn’t know fear given their power but that person was special. Even the old man changed his expression.

“Don’t be surprised now. I thought he would be here.” Li Qiye gazed around this massive world but there was no sign of this person at all.

“Perhaps.” The old man wasn’t very certain. His expression was rather strange.

“Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you saw him?” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

The beings exchanged glances after hearing this, no longer as careless as before. Prudence was necessary when it came to talking about this person.

Nonetheless, it seemed that they didn’t remember the previous meeting.

“Too long ago, not sure.” The old man shook his head.

“Hmm, he didn’t appear when that traitor fled, or at least I didn’t see him. What about you guys?” One existence looked at the others.

These beings rarely interacted despite living in the same world.

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