Chapter 3241: Real Secret

The Dark Crow was as stubborn as a leech after so many years. It still had roots in the nine worlds.

Some overlords stared at the sky and started contemplating. The possibilities left them with chills.

“Clank!” The spear slowly descended into a beautiful hand. This woman stood on top of a hill, looking supreme with her fluttering golden hair. 

People couldn’t help but stare at her with admiration and awe.

“Nightyearn Butterfly Monarch!” A powerful ancestor recognized the woman and shouted. [1]

“She’s out again.” People were shaken because this title was a legend. Who would have thought that they would be able to see her again?

“Boom!” A divine light erupted around her after she grabbed the spear. Numerous halos emerged to push up the nine heavens and create countless weapons.

The emperors of the nine worlds sent their auras into the spear in the next second.

“Disintegrate!” She shouted and threw the spear straight at the armored giant.

Space crumbled along the path of the spear. Emperors and immortals would still fall to the might of this spear.

“Boom!” It instantly struck the giant’s chest and stayed there.

“No! Impossible!” The Ming were shocked at this sight and bellowed.

Remember, this giant was actually the Corporeal Zone with the Indestructible Diamond Physique activated. Nothing should have been able to break it yet the spear was obviously stuck in the giant.

Once they looked down, they found that the zone was still fine. The spear didn’t actually penetrate the giant’s chest.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Iron chains suddenly emerged from the spear and coiled around the giant. The other end of the chains pinned to the ground and started absorbing the power of the nine worlds.

“Rumble!” The giant started crouching from being dragged down by the empowered chains.

“Up!” The emperors of the Ming shouted but the giant wouldn’t move.

They turned around and saw that the man controlling the giant, Bloodhand Butcher, had been crucified.

“Ancestor!” They cried out, aghast.

“Zzz…” The body of the butcher started melting and changing. Once the light dispersed, a young face took over his.

“Dark Crow!” Even Immortal Emperor Tian Tu staggered backward in astonishment.

“It’s my body, get the hell out!” The melting figure suddenly changed back to the butcher’s initial appearance.

Alas, the law pinning him down started engulfing him so Li Qiye’s face appeared once more.

“No, this is my divine intent sculpted into you.” Li Qiye’s voice answered him.

“No!!” The butcher bellowed. The form kept shifting between the butcher’s face and Li Qiye’s.

The butcher was the real target of the spear. Due to a profound law and special circumstances, it was able to traverse through the Corporeal Zone. It served as a key to unlock the real secret behind the butcher’s body.

Finally, the butcher was completely eliminated, revealing its true form - Li Qiye.

A terrible realization dawned on the Ming. Their great ancestor was only a divine intent from Li Qiye. 

Yes, no one else knew this secret except Li Qiye. The divine intent itself had no idea.

The real butcher was killed long ago after Li Qiye took everything from him. He then carefully crafted a divine intent into the butcher then imprinted the guy’s memories and instincts into it.

Thus, the intent always thought that it was the real butcher. The only way for this secret to unravel was with the help of the spear. A peerless law contained in this weapon was the key to unlock it, instantly destroying the butcher’s essences and memories and reverting it back to Li Qiye’s divine intent.

“It’s a trap!” Immortal Emperor Tian Tu rushed over.

When the butcher returned, the emperors tried plenty of methods to figure out the crow’s scheme. However, the butcher seemed as normal as can be. There were no hidden laws or arts imprinted in him.

Moreover, millions of years have passed and the butcher was exactly the same. He was still the supreme Bloodhand Butcher, their insightful ancestor.

Now, it turned out that this was just the pinnacle of duplication. The entire ancestor was fake.

They had no idea how much effort it took for the dark crow to create this perfect copy. It required years and years before this divine intent became a perfect copy.

In fact, without the spear’s involvement, the divine intent would go on to be the “real” butcher forever.

“It’s too late.” Li Qiye grabbed the spear as the emperors lunged forward to kill him.

“Boom!” The Corporeal Zone dissolved and was dragged down to the earth by the powerful chains.

People saw the emperors from the Ming running away. Alas, the spear manifested in the sky again and started piercing through them.

“Ahh!” They screamed as their blood gushed out from the wounds.

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, the tribulation that has been building up above finally descended.

“I’m leaving!” Old Ghost shouted before jumping back into his burial ground.

However, the tribulation still followed him and ravaged the place. Mountains there exploded in a shocking manner.

The other overlords took a deep breath, thinking that Old Ghost might have been reduced to ashes if he lingered for a bit longer.

A while later, deafening blasts erupted above the blue azure. Everything seemed to be falling apart.

The spectators became blinded by an immortal light despite the distance.

“Rumble!” Numerous gigantic corpses began falling down all over the nine worlds and thirteen continents…

“So strong. Will he really be able to kill them all and change the course of history?” One dark overlord took a deep breath and murmured.

These dark overlords certainly didn’t like this. The return of a triumphant dark crow would spell the end for them.

1. Si (to miss/to yearn) + Ye (night) + Die (butterfly)+ Huang (king). Could have been Nightwish or Nightmiss. Nightwish sounds better than Nightyearn, but the meaning isn’t quite as exact. Hmm, I think Nightwish is actually the best. I’ll read the comments and see. King here is gender-neutral

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