Chapter 324: Invincible Sword and Saber

Chapter 324: Invincible Sword and Saber

“Daylight Sky Immortal Secret! This is Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s Secret Law, the person who started the Emperors Era, the very first Emperor of his era!” A person emotionally sighed after seeing the divine flames soaring around Li Qiye.

Although the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect no longer had any fame, Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s prestige still rang like thunder next to one’s ear. Many people were moved from seeing the Daylight Sky Immortal Secret.

“Open!” Li Qiye’s scream was followed by a loud explosion. The three thousand small worlds and the Nine Worlds that were supported by his Thousand Hands behind him suddenly opened. Li Qiye — at this moment — was like a True God, accepting the worship from billions of existences. The blood energy of his followers was for his usage, and their beliefs strengthened his body. After becoming a True God, his cold gaze looked at the far distance and everything within his vision became supreme universal laws. As the Myriad Images True God’s defining technique, the Thousand Hands were not a joke. Li Qiye exuded the air of a True God and freely accepted the veneration from a myriad of beings!

At this moment, Li Qiye’s Godly Physique ramped up to its maximum potential as his Inner Physique exuded an immortal light as if it was opening up a mythical world!

All were shocked from Li Qiye using his Heaven’s Will Secret Law along with the heaven’s power to open the mysterious treasure of his Inner Physique. What was even more terrifying was that Li Qiye had pushed his Thousand Hands to a whole new level.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan and Zu Huangwu looked at each other, and their killing intent became even stronger. Li Qiye’s Immortal Physique alone was already abhorrent enough, not to mention his mysterious True God technique. Since they considered Li Qiye to be their lifelong rival, they understood that since Li Qiye had shown his Heaven’s Will Secret Law, if they didn’t kill him now, then they would never have a carefree day again!

“Kill!” Both of them screamed and soared forward to kill. Zu Huangwu utilized the arts of Immortal Emperor Fu Ma and Immortal Emperor Yao Guang with increasing mastery — one hand Yao Guang and the other Fu Ma. Fu Ma was able to suppress all things while Yao Guang putrefied all existences. The dual rods came together, breaking Yin and Yang and reversing the six dao. The two Heaven’s Will Secret Laws appeared to be so simple in the hands of Zu Huangwu.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, with his murderous intent, caused spectators to shudder when he activated Qing Xuan’s Secret Law that appeared to be an endless world. San Dao’s Secret Law became a sharp brilliance and combined with an actual divine blade that assumed the form of a life-and-death blade. One blade to slash down, turning everything into nothingness; even True Gods would be decapitated.

“Much better!” Li Qiye crazily laughed and said while he stood proudly against two geniuses with dual emperor arts. He raised his sword and saber; suddenly, the sword turned white and saber turned black. In this instant, the gods were created — one black and one white in harmony. They generated an endless amount of life energy like a lotus in a muddy pond. Under the creation of the two gods, endless existences were created and formed a grand world.

One sword creating one world — this was one of Li Qiye’s Trinity Swords, the Mortal Sword.

Once this world — that was formed from the sword — lined up with the Thousand Hands’ Nine Worlds, they became a perfect and complete ten worlds. Under the ten worlds, all became insignificant as the ten worlds surrounded the offensive path of Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

“Dual Imperial Summon!” Li Qiye’s attack shocked Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince, so both of them screamed out as they exerted the maximum power their Secret Laws could unleash.

“Boom!” After a loud explosion, it was as if four Immortal Emperors had graced the world with their presence. Immortal Emperor Fu Ma and Immortal Emperor Yao Guang stood by Zu Huangwu’s shoulders. Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan placed his hands on Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s shoulders and used his invincible immortal power to protect him. As for Immortal Emperor San Dao, he personally wielded his divine saber to open the way for the prince.

Countless legs turned weak with the appearance of four Immortal Emperors. Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings were shivering uncontrollably with a primal fear since the aura of the Emperors suppressed their ability to breathe.

“How could there be Immortal Emperors here?” This scene was too shocking; the appearance of four Immortal Emperors frightened even devilish geniuses.

“No, they are only illusions created by the Secret Laws. They are not even Immortal Emperor wills.”

Although they were only illusions, their divine powers still exceeded the three thousand worlds and suppressed the six dao.

Li Qiye’s ten worlds could not suppress the four Immortal Emperors, but he gave a wide smile and declared: “Unfortunately, you all are mere illusions!”

“Clangg clankk!” In just a second, an extremely heavy lock made from refined sunfire fell onto Li Qiye’s body.

The moment this sunfire locked Li Qiye’s body, nine suns rose behind the nine worlds to his back; the sunlight illuminated the nine heavens and boiled the oceans.


The real sun in the sky poured down an endless stream of refined sunfire. This extremely refined sunfire could incinerate all things and scorch the earth.

The nine suns behind Li Qiye devoured this endless sunfire. The moment they absorbed enough, they started to float around Li Qiye’s body.

Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law — a supreme technique that was considered to be one of the strongest offensive techniques, and its true potential was revealed in the hands of Li Qiye.

Seeing Li Qiye’s momentum becoming more and more powerful, the Heavenly Prince and Zu Huangwu shouted: “Go!”

Their radiant Life Wheels and Longevity Treasures pushed their blood energies much higher as their arts became increasingly formidable.

“Boom!” The two of them rushed out of Li Qiye’s ten worlds.

“You want to run? There is no door for you to escape from!” The hovering nine suns and nine worlds were parallel and intertwined together. The power of the nine worlds and the endlessly refined sunfire entered Li Qiye’s body, causing his cultivation to soar.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” After three loud blasts, Li Qiye’s cultivation went from Royal Noble to Enlightened Being, then Ancient Saint, and finally Heavenly Sovereign. At this moment, a divine ring only found around Heavenly Sovereigns appeared around Li Qiye’s body.

The Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law caused Li Qiye to temporarily enter the Heavenly Sovereign realm.

Li Qiye slashed down his long sword like a descending meteor — an emotionless sword with unsparing murderous intent. One of the Trinity Swords, the Heavenly Sword. This unsympathetic sword pierced straight towards the Heavenly Prince.

Then, the hymn of a saber filled the sky as a saber slashed horizontally. This saber slash gave birth to eight intents, and the eight intents turned into one dao, and one dao turned into eight dao that all appeared at the same time. Heaven, earth, True Gods, all existences… Everything appeared in this single blade.

The Heaven Traversing Eight Saber was given to Chen Baojiao by Li Qiye. However, she had questions for him before, so he also conveniently practiced it.

Rumor has it that the Martial Ancestor created the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique, an unbeatable saber technique from the Martial Ancestor’s era. However, the truth was that it had a different origin; it shared the same origin as the Tyrannical Immortal Saber. [1. Clarification, Martial Ancestor is also the Martial God back in the burial ground, one of the two people swindled by Li Qiye.]

“Kenggg—” The Heaven Traversing Eight Saber and the Trinity Sword sliced down together. Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan used the protection of the two Immortal Emperors and brought forth his strongest blade technique to stop Li Qiye’s supreme blow.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye used his Thousand Hands to pull the Nine Words True Bow.

“Buzzz!” An arrow with the word “fighter” shot out. This arrow was a bow of the heaven and earth, and it carried the heavenly dao alongside its trajectory. Universal Laws began to form in front of the arrow tip — this arrow was surely unblockable. [2. The last arrow was the word soldier, and fighter is the next word.]

Li Qiye spread out a different palm and small green grass quickly grew from his palm all the way up to the sky. These leaves quickly thrived into giant stars that were capable of shouldering the firmament, and they finally turned into a sword that slashed horizontally forward. Countless stars from the sky fell down as this severing sword headed straight for Zu Huangwu.

Grass Sword Attacking Immortal Law — this technique came from Immortal Dao City and was traded inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. Xu Pei had it and had studied it with Li Qiye as he taught her its mysteries.

Today, this art was performed by Li Qiye. One grass sword capable of annihilating the stars and the sky — extremely devastating.

The word “fighter” traveled in the front while the grass sword followed at the back. Both were aimed at Zu Huangwu.

Zu Huangwu didn’t dare to be careless; he used his dual rods to protect his face. Two Immortal Emperors — like an impenetrable fortress — blocked the world-destroying grass sword and the “fighter” arrow.

Everyone was sent into a daze as they watched this spectacle. Li Qiye, with his Thousand Hands, were able to display many amazing skills while still maintaining their power — this was simply too hard to believe.

However, they were also impressed by the dual emperor arts of Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan. Even under the crackdown of Li Qiye’s multiple great arts, those two were still able to hold on. If it was someone else, they surely would have been killed already.

“Rumble!” In a short period of time, both sides recklessly competed in might. The Heavenly Prince, with his two Immortal Emperors’ protection, used the best saber skill with his divine saber to stop the Trinity Sword and Heaven Traversing Eight Saber. Zu Huangwu swung his dual rods while his two emperors sealed Yin and Yang like a fortress to stop the grass sword and the “fighter” arrow.

One versus two! Li Qiye used the Daylight Sky Immortal Secret and the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law to repress his two opponents. They were not easy foes with their dual emperor arts. Although Li Qiye’s offense was fierce, Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince fought on. They were in a stalemate, and no side managed to take it a step further.

“Ommmm---” However, at this moment, an unbelievable thing happened. Li Qiye’s Inner Physique suddenly moved. Amongst all the explosions and dazzling lights, the Inner Physique left his body and suddenly flashed.

“Boom, boom!” The horizon shook twice. The Inner Physique, with its ultimate speed, bumped against the air and unleashed two instantaneous blows.

“Ahh—” Miserable screams resounded as Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan were slammed away. A terrifying bloody hole appeared on their chests.

The two of them didn’t expect that at the most crucial moment, Li Qiye’s Inner Physique would activate and use an invincible momentum to shatter their defenses. Their dual emperor arts were occupied by Li Qiye’s four supreme arts, so his Inner Physique was free to pierce through their chests.

Since their chest cavities were penetrated, the two of them retreated while their blood crazily spurted about.

“This… This is too scary!” Seeing this scene, countless people were shivering in fear. Li Qiye was originally fighting against the two strong geniuses in a stalemate, but at the most opportune moment, his Inner Physique managed to break through.

“An Immortal Physique is too formidable.” A pale, old royal lord murmured: “A person with an Immortal Physique, along with several supreme arts, is too frightening. Even dual emperor arts geniuses are still at a disadvantage!”

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