Chapter 3239: Ancient Ming’s Appearance

“Bang!” The fifth corpse carried an enormous level of dark energy, ready to engulf the nine worlds.

As it drew closer, the continents and the bottom of the oceans started deforming with cracks.

Meanwhile, the tribulation was preoccupied with the primordial tree, unable to destroy the fifth corpse.

The miasma of the corpse began defiling the ground even before it touched the ground.

“Splash!” A blue tide gushed out of nowhere and swept away the fifth corpse.

“Dead Immortal Lake!” An overlord looked over yonder. Sure enough, this tide came from one of the twelve burial grounds - Death Immortal Lake.

“Boom!” The tide dragged the massive corpse back into the lake.

The water turned dark right away with chaotic currents. However, bright radiance and a mighty force stabilized the area, stopping the invading darkness.

The ocean of tribulations above sent down a barrage of lightning bolts. They looked like lighting serpents attacking the lake.

By this point, the lake had activated a great formation capable of concealing everything. The lightning bolts managed to pierce through it only to find that the lake was nowhere in sight.

The tribulations being preoccupied by the primordial tree gave this burial ground a chance to steal one of the corpses.

“They actually did it.” The other overlords became shaken and jealous.

These heavenly corpses were priceless, to say the least. Of course, they were nefarious and unlucky but obtaining them meant having an ace card for the future.

“Boom!” Down came the sixth corpse from above.

“One more?!” The inhabitants and cultivators in the nine worlds couldn’t believe it. They desperately prayed for the calamity to end.

All eyes were on this next corpse. The overlords were tempted to make a move but they were still wary of the tribulations.

“Buzz.” A dao portal emerged, looking like the gate of hell due to its deathly aura.

A colossal figure walked out of the portal. His imperial aura could crush the firmaments.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The nine heavens and ten earths were forced to become his armor plates.

“Who is that?!” Everyone could tell that he was an Immortal Emperor. However, his aura was strange due to the abundance of death energy within.

Ordinary cultivators couldn’t recognize this extraordinary emperor.

“The Ancient Ming!” However, the overlords in the burial ground became serious. Their eyes could pierce through the dao portal to see the other side.

This was unnecessary because the portal itself opened up more. A supreme kingdom emerged with a strange piece of floating block there. This block seemed capable of turning into anything in the universe.

“The Corporeal Zone!” One overlord recognized this artifact.

“They want the corpse.” The goal of this newcomer became obvious.

“Tian Tu, don’t even think about it!” A man flew out of Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. His divinity swept through the realms, looking quite invincible.

He stood tall and straight with sharp features. His armors were pulsing with boundless light containing the celestials and other ancient images.

He was an Earth Immortal who had a conversation with Li Qiye in the past. Now, the wound in front of his chest was nowhere to be seen.

He was far stronger now because Li Qiye had put in a good word for him with the old ghost, completely changing his fortune.

“Long time no see, Lin Shaoxuan.” The emperor in the sky took a look and furrowed his brows.

He raised his hand and unleashed enough death energy to kill all living beings.

“Die!” Shaoxuan roared and thrust his spear forward, releasing a draconic energy that can burn the sky and kill the gods.

“Rumble!” The fight between these two made the world tremble.

“No time to play with you!” The emperor turned around and the kingdom behind him shot out a death ray heading straight for the enemy.

“Boom!” Shaoxuan used his spear to block the ray but since it contained the power of the Ancient Ming, he was continuously pushed back.

“Begin!” The emperor commanded. Numerous figures came out of the portal; many among them were Immortal Emperors.

The overlords in the burial grounds became interested. It looked like this race wasn’t fully exterminated. They finally showed up to obtain this heavenly corpse.

“Start.” An old man appeared on top of the Corporeal Zone with a conspicuous pair of hands that were stained with blood.

“Buzz.” Bloodhand Butcher activated the artifact. It sent out a light connecting their team.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A third party joined the fray - Worldguard True God! He fired the Netherlord Hexagear Launcher straight at Immortal Emperor Tian Tu.

“Stop it!” The emperor was blown away from the formation. However, the rest of his team worked together to use their artifact.

A corner of the zone melted and rushed over like a tornado. It turned into a shield to stop the incoming shots from the launcher.

“Boom!” Next, the entire zone melted and encompassed the kingdom along with the masters of the Ancient Ming.

An armored giant materialized instead. Its head touched the high heaven; just one swing was enough to sweep away the stars.

It immediately caught the falling corpse.

“Up!” Bloodhand Butcher commanded. All the Ming members gathered their vitality together, allowing the Immortal Emperors to use the zone.

This armored giant was divine and extremely powerful - the manifestation of the Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique.

The Immortal Emperors wouldn’t have been able to catch the corpse due to its weight and invasive miasma. However, the Corporeal Zone in this form had no issue doing so.

After the successful catch, it turned in order to leave.

“Don’t even think about it.” A man appeared above heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, looking like the master of the cosmo. 

Even someone as powerful as Lin Shaoxuan paled before him. They weren’t on the same level at all.

Old Ghost, here in person! He took one step forward and swung his hatchet, opening the heaven and earth in the process.

“Boom!” The armored giant retaliated with a punch consisting of three affinities - power, speed, and weight.

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