Chapter 3224: Power Of The Tribulation

This horn might be the most gorgeous thing people have ever seen. They were fully captivated by its beauty.

This horn was the dark existence’s source and possessed unfathomable power, impressing all spectators as a result.

“Is this the source of the power of light?” One progenitor praised while looking at the horn in Li Qiye’s hand.

The masters at the expanse have seen plenty of treasures. Alas, none could compare to this horn today.

A few of them sighed, still having a hard time accepting reality. In their mind, a unicorn was a peerless divine beast - a symbol of luck, peace, hope, and most importantly, the light.

Who would have thought that this beast would become the embodiment of darkness, or perhaps even a source of darkness? It brought nothing but disaster to the inhabitants of Three Immortals.

This cruel reality shook people to the core. This light beast still chose the darkness, then what else could they believe? What else could they place their faith in?

“Buzz.” While these masters were occupied with thoughts, Li Qiye’s body started healing.

The damages from the tribulation disappeared, akin to a broken statue being rebuilt. Not even a tiny wound could be seen. His hair looked the same as before.

“Clank!” Immortal rays in the form of chains emanated from him and became supreme laws, too many to count.

These chains surrounded him, resulting in an indestructible and immortal body.

“My turn, Villainous Heaven.” Li Qiye looked up in the sky after assuming this new state. His eyes pierced through the ages to look at the deepest part of the azure, perhaps the location of the high heaven.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The crystal needles still pinned on him became larger and long enough to connect to the azure.

A flood of liquid lightning flowed through these needle tubes and entered his body again. This happened extremely quickly.

The resulting explosions scared the hell out of the inhabitants. They felt as if thousands of stars and all other affinities have been destroyed.

The same fear emerged - the breaking of Li Qiye would end the worlds.

“Survive! You must!” One progenitor prayed.

For many years, these progenitors never prayed or placed their hope in someone else. They trusted in their strength. As long as they were strong enough, there was no point in praying.

Unfortunately, praying was the only thing they could do right now for this world.

“Clank!” Explosions detonated continuously inside. One could see flashing lights and his body swelling, even cracks appeared.

However, because of the sealing dao outside, his body had enough time to refine the tribulations within.

A repetition of explosion, swelling, and contracting occurred. Li Qiye seemed to be doing just fine so the progenitors let out a sigh of relief.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The tribulation above didn’t stop sending more liquid lighting into his body.

It became a battlefield inside. The heaven wouldn’t relent until Li Qiye was blown to smithereens.

“Wait a minute…, something’s off.” A brilliant progenitor suddenly noticed something during this process.

“The, the tribulation isn’t coming down on its own accord.” He took a deep breath and said with shock: “It’s being forcefully dragged down by a monstrous power.”

“What?!” His peers couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I’m sure of it.” The progenitor confirmed.

The rest looked up towards the depth of the azure and focused on the tribulations pouring into Li Qiye.

Upon closer inspection, they found that this progenitor was right. Both the crystal needles and liquid tribulations were attracted and led by something. The man behind this seemed obvious - Li Qiye.

The high heaven wasn’t sending these tribulations down. The guy was the one forcing it down in order to absorb all of its power before stopping.

This made them stare at each other, bewildered and aghast.

Just a single drop of lightning liquid inside those needles was enough to instantly destroy a progenitor. However, Li Qiye swallowed all of them without a problem. He clearly viewed them as nutrition.

“That’s so fierce.” One progenitor couldn’t believe it.

They wanted nothing more than to get away from the tribulation or for it to pass as soon as possible. On the other hand, Li Qiye was crazily devouring the tribulation.

Moreover, his tribulation was a thousand, a million times stronger than anything they have seen previously. This still didn’t deter him in the slightest.

“How can anyone view these tribulations as food?” Another amazing progenitor said with admiration.

The majority of the group had a wry smile or a strange expression while looking at the sky. They wondered that if the high heaven had a humanoid form, what kind of expression would it have right now?

“I see why people called him Fiercest now.” Another master commented.

They have done crazy things before but these deeds were not worth mentioning compared to Li Qiye’s current feat.

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