Chapter 3223: Dark Existence’s True Form

He became the biggest winner of this match. Li Qiye still died because of him despite being more powerful.

He stared at Li Qiye with neither excitement nor gloat. This victory didn’t come easy. Plus, it wasn’t his first either; he had grown used to the taste of victory.

Li Qiye’s broken body couldn’t handle the ambush. He was bound to fall.

The progenitors and other masters at the expanse couldn’t say a word. It was as if there was an invisible hand grabbing their throat. They didn’t have a plan to deal with this.

Who knows if they were stunned because of Li Qiye’s death or the world’s destruction? Perhaps both.

The strongest being was about to die, leaving them speechless.

However, Li Qiye’s eyes that have been closed the entire time suddenly open.

“Boom! Boom!” Everyone heard two loud thunderous explosions.

His eyes were filled with lighting bolts of various forms - golden bolts and exterminating red arcs… This accumulation was enough to frighten anyone.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that just one gaze from him was enough to destroy virtually everything.

“Damn!” The dark existence realized that something was amiss and instantly had a single thought in his mind - run! As far away as possible!

Unfortunately, he couldn't move right now because the dark slash used earlier included his source and essences. This fatal slash and he were one.

“Buzz.” The cracks on Li Qiye’s body suddenly melted together, the same with the dark blade in front of his chest. This made it impossible for the dark existence to escape.

“Ahhh!” Li Qiye’s hand pierced through his indestructibility.

Remember, he had lived for numerous years, even older than this world. His indestructible form had been polished and refined countless times.

Alas, Li Qiye still penetrated this form without a problem. The dark existence thought that he was dead for sure, realizing that he had fallen into a trap.

Li Qiye had dug a pit for him to jump in and he did exactly just that. The guy was clearly capable of withstanding this tribulation but purposely feigned weakness.

“Pop!” Li Qiye closed his palm and extinguished the dark affinity from the existence, revealing his true form.

A wondrous light illuminated the expanse and shocked the crowd. They couldn’t believe their own eyes.

They saw a magnificent unicorn with holy radiance, brimming with the light affinity. [1]

The academy back in Three Immortals was also bright and illuminated the world. However, this unicorn’s light was far superior.

In other words, the unicorn’s light was the sun above while the light back in the academy was only a spark. The two weren’t on the same level.

Even the three immortals were astonished. They have calculated this numerous times but didn’t expect this result.

The unicorn was immaculate and marvelous. These words were created solely to describe it.

Everything about it contained the grand dao. The runes encompassed peerless mysteries.

It wore a five-colored crest, not made from wood or gold. It seemed to be the crown of the grand dao. Wearing it would turn the user into the ruler of the dao.

The most conspicuous thing about it was its horn. Calling it “perfect” was an understatement, to say the least.

It held the purest light in the world. One would think that this holy affinity originated from this horn.

“How can this be?” The progenitors were still astounded.

Darkness was destructive and evil. It and the light were eternal enemies. However, this supreme creature of the light belonged to the darkness right now. Beneath the shroud of darkness was actually the light.

“Why is the light wearing a cloak of darkness?” One progenitor shuddered at this horrifying revelation.

The defenders of the light among the audience felt their conviction crumbling.

“How can this be?” One blurted out.

“There’s no light or darkness in this world. They’re merely classifications assigned by others.” one progenitor said.

So which affinity was in charge here? Was the light actually gathering darkness? 

Thinking about this made the progenitors shudder. They were powerful and experienced enough to draw further conclusions. 

“It’s my defeat.” The dark existence stared at Li Qiye, looking quite nonchalant. It had completely lost with no chance of reversing the tides.

“Yes. The winner takes all.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I was careless.” It had no regrets and accepted its mistake.

“This was the only way to obtain your source. Destroying something this good instead would have been a shame.” Li Qiye said.

He then placed his palms together. “Buzz.” The perfect unicorn started melting as a result. He was refining this creature, wanting to take all of its power.

Light particles and countless majestic visual phenomena appeared, many of which have never been seen by the progenitors.

These phenomena were the marks of this existence’s life. It had lived through countless eras so these marks were wonderful. The spectators became immersed in this scene.

“Pop!” Li Qiye finally finished refining the unicorn and obtained its power.

The dark existence only had one thing left behind - its horn still stuck on Li Qiye’s chest.

He got a good grip and slowly pulled it out.

“Pop!” The moment he pulled it out, its light reached all corners of the expanse and Three Immortals.


1. Note, the pronoun used for this being was gender-neutral or masculine, but definitely human. The characters referred to it as “him”, thus I used “him”. Now we know that it’s a unicorn, “it” should have been the right word for the narrative. The problem is that the characters probably didn’t know this, the narrative didn’t expose this either. This creates an inconsistency between “he” and “it”, but “he” made sense previously. I couldn’t use “him” in the conversation and “it” in the narrative. In short, I will probably leave this inconsistency here. Well, another thing to note is that this unicorn can also be “it” and “he” in the cultivation world. Maybe it’s no big deal. This could have been a problem with the tree demon and the black bull as well. On another hand, when there's another edit, I might just ignore the raw and translate how it would make the most sense in English. In this case, letting the characters and the narrative use "it" since it's a dark entity anyway.

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