Chapter 3222: Horrendous Heavenly Tribulation

The crystal needles managed to pierce his flesh so that they could pour lightning liquid directly into his body.

No one had ever seen nor imagined this type of tribulation before, not even the three immortals or the dark existence.

The entire process was as fast and sharp as can be. The piercing wounds were uniformed and identical since all of them struck at the same time.

Keep in mind that Li Qiye’s body had reached an impervious state, virtually indestructible. Nothing could harm him once he fully activated his power. Nonetheless, the crystal needles immediately penetrated his physique.

Nothing could stop these needles, at least no one currently in the expanse. The outcome would be even worse.

The three immortals and the dark existence knew that these needles were actually the blades of the heaven, simply impossible to stop.

“Buzz.” Just one drop of the liquified lightning carried enough power to explode an entire region or instantly reduce a progenitor to dust.

The sheer amount entering Li Qiye right now was ample to destroy the three thousand worlds.

“Boom!” Everyone could hear loud detonations coming from inside him.

Yes, the real offensive potential of this tribulation came from this direct injection, not from the massive ocean earlier.

Everyone turned pale as a result after the detonations, the three immortals included. The rest of the world also heard the explosions; their soul nearly left their body in fear.

They believed that three thousand worlds would have exploded if it wasn’t for Li Qiye’s body containing the tribulation.

Rays of blood gushed out of his body. The beautiful red crossed through the sky and left behind terrible scars. They pulverized and tore a massive portion of the expanse.

The progenitors couldn’t believe it. Just his blood splashing alone embodied insane destruction. This spoke volumes about the tribulation’s power. They knew that they would have died from the shockwaves without Li Qiye’s containment.

“Crack! Crack!” His bones shattered loudly enough for the progenitors to hear.

All knew that his body encompassed the greatest mysteries and profundities of the grand dao on top of numerous dimensions.

Alas, this great physique still suffered damages from the monstrous tribulation. Cracks appeared all over him like a porcelain that had just fallen on the ground.

A piece of flesh fell off him, resulting in something terrible.

“Boom!” The liquid in that portion exploded and created a black hole.

Each inch of his flesh was engulfed by this tribulation now. When they fell down, the lightning waves in there would go out of control. Just this mini tribulation was far worse than anything others have seen before.

More were about to fall off him. This meant that the consequences would be quite disastrous. The exploding tribulations might destroy everything about him.

“No, don’t break…” One progenitor murmured. 

The frightened masters knew that Li Qiye’s body was a crucial line of defense. Some of them wanted to run. Alas, to where?

The expanse was large enough. They wouldn’t be able to fly out of it in such a short time. Thus, the only option was to pray for Li Qiye’s perseverance or it would be all over.

His body became an apocalyptic bomb. A detonation would spell absolute demise.

“Boom!” A dark slash came out of nowhere, tearing apart time and space, and struck Li Qiye’s chest.

“No!” The masters shouted but it was already too late.

The dark slash was simply too fast and powerful. It pierced through the length of the expanse in an unstoppable manner.

This was an attack stemming from the dark existence’s source - a sure-kill technique.

“That dark being!” Everyone knew who ambushed Li Qiye during his weak state.

“Crack!” The cracked chest collapsed to the horror of the crowd.

Everyone could sense a calamity coming for the expanse and Three Immortals from the released tribulations.

“You’ve lost!” The dark existence shouted after the successful ambush. He has lost numerous times over the years and ran like a pathetic dog but still waited for the right moment, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

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